The Truth Isn’t Racist

Racist trolls everywhere absolutely hate it when anti-racist blogs talk about how white people act, think, and talk when it comes to people of color (PoC). To them it’s racist to talk about whites in a negative way whether it is true or not. Yet, they think talking about PoC based on (mostly) negative stereotypes is not racist because those stereotypes are true to life. For instance, the worst among the black community is the normal representation for black people as a whole. But try and argue against that, and you will get a barrage of the usual denial, name-calling – which include racial epithets, crime statistics, stereotypes, mock-talk, and a whole lot of white racial anger and nonsense.

What PoC discuss in forums like online blogs is not meant for those who are disturbed by the white racist mindset. And what is discussed is usually based on truths, personal, historic, and social. They come from those who are victims – YES, VICTIMS of white racism…which is very real and WAY MORE devastating than black racism.

But, they are not having any of that. So, allow me to explain the overall fallacy of their claims.

The core concept of racism is based upon myths, stereotypes and lies of a certain group or groups. Those false beliefs and images are what’s needed to subjugate others to the will of the people seeking domination. Stereotypes, statistics and media references showcasing the failures and insanity of a sub-set of an oppressed group, applying them to the entire whole and enact policies against them is autocracy. That is the whole concept of racism in this society.

Explaining white racism is not racist. The reality is that whiteness is still an injustice. It’s something that must end if PoC and white people ever hope to become “human”. It restricts PoC to two dimensional figures in the eyes of the dominant group devoid of truly being seen like and treated as human beings, and it places the dominant group above humanity and grants them immunity from their sins and crimes.

Again, what is discussed in forums exploring and dissecting white racism is not racist. They are based on facts and truths, harsh truths. If there are those who can’t handle them, what makes them think they are to be trusted? To some their white skin is enough to qualify them. That is the truth.


35 thoughts on “The Truth Isn’t Racist

  1. It makes no sense. How can a blog about white racism, not be for white racists?

    And how does white racial anger not understand racism? It’s sort of like you’re saying: “Whites are racist, but they don’t know it yet. We have to twist statistics and data, rigging enough circumstances to make them believe they are racist, before we can actually prove it to them”.

    As for historical sources, you’ve yet to name even one. As for social authorities, what do you have really? Nothing.

    Life as a white person is more difficult here in Europe, than for you minorities in Achmedika. Achmedika is after all, the Miscegenation Paradise. Minorities of all types breed there, how is it you think you aren’t satisfied?

    Maybe you’re justly jealous that whites “get ahead” in Amerika, since they work more, are honorable and consciencious and fair, earning a good reputation for themselves.

    That’s your problem. So you’re not some White Mogul or Trade Magnate, boohoo for you.

    If you compare what Amerika would be without any whites, to what it would be without any PoC, this proves you are the racist ones.

    Racist against Amerika. Trying to destroy the decency and respect of dozens of nations, just because you hate the Whites.

    1. The answer is simple. Because white racists don’t want to hear about white racism as the problem.

      White racial anger comes from white resentment, the emotions white people get when they feel marginalized by the very people they hate. They have a “I have to have it my way all the time” mentality when it comes to PoC getting help or achieving something.

      Allegory, I used history to explain several issues in this blog. And you know that to be true. But you choose to ignore and deny it.

      Oh boo-hoo! Whites have it so hard, and it’s because of us lazy darkies getting something for nothing.

      White people did not work hard to get where the richest among them are at now. They got their through the backbreaking work of others, including blacks.

      I don’t hate whites. I don’t even hate white racists. Yet, you don’t know why many of you are disliked. It’s a terrible shame and seeing as how you think you’re superior, you can’t grasp that simple fact. I guess you are not as superior as you believe yourself to be, huh?

      1. You do not “use history”. I use history when I say the Negro is rapist, because it’s mixed with Indians, Latinos and whatever other subraces are present on either Amerika. Despite being the youngest race there, your rapey ways got you the most inmixing with them.

        Is this because you aren’t “racist” against women of other races that you rape them? How else do you explain the negro admixture in Amerika, unlike the whites who are almost completely unmixed, with very rare exceptions of the paupers who wanted celebrity status by breeding with lower kinds?

        And by lower kinds you are correct when you said Whites are not “human”. PoC are Human. You are the very degenerate humanity mocked in the christian faith and religion, that each prophet of White Germans has been attacking and fighting against. Christianity fights against Humanity.

        Whereas Whites seek to regain their lost attributes from whatever Utopia they dream to originate from. Each have this aspiration, whether religious or scientifical. Have you seen the enormous God Complex some of the atheists have?

        And their arguments are the same. “White people are Superior because Whites go to college and are educate better.” Blablabla. Theirs is the same “Whites are Superhuman Godlike Figures, we are above the Human Kattle”.

        Why is this you say? Because despite your arrogant desires, Whites are simply not of the Human Races. There is no proven common lineage of your kind, the Coloured Humans, and the White Arians.

        Absolutely none at all, Schlomoe.

        You must be deluded. I don’t care if whites are disliked. I only try to end White Antiwhite Racism. The Antiwhite racism of you Coloures cannot end, yours is a Pathogical Disease and Infection of your Filthy Societies.

        But, your Infection of Vulnerable Whites is what must end. You speak in English only to appeal to the White english speakers, like myself, to fool us into becoming as Antiwhite as your lost of Racist Goons and Mobsters.

  2. Can I get an Amen?

    Brothawolf, racism is a disease! and trying to educate these people into seeing it as such is a waste of breath.

    Book recommendation:

    The psychopathic racial personality
    By Bobby Wright.

    It explains a lot.

  3. White racism should be discussed, yes. You must take responsibility for White Racism.

    You are the source(s) of White Racism. Your kind indoctrinates the trash, turning them into Antiwhite Racists. Turning the idiots against their own race, against all White Races.

    Until you understand that your propaganda is being used to turns whites against each other, so you can rule them from a safe distance, you must keep talking about White Racism.

    If there were no PoC or contact with other races, there would be no White Racism. No White “antiwhite” Racism !

    Racism between whites are spread by the Coloures. You’re trying to destroy White Races from within, and this is very anarchist, and monstrous behaviour, 66.

    You should be ashamed.

    Wait, wait, wait. What exactly are you saying ? Whites are Godly and absolved of crimes and divine like? So you’re in the posture of demons, envious of White Divinity?

    You’re not really helping your case, you realize you’re supposed to be on your side …. right?

    According to you, Whites = Gods, but they must “Fall” into the state of Decay and Lowest “Humanity”. But Humanity itself is Fallen from Paradise, or Eden.

    Therefore whites cannot aspire to devolve into humans, which were cursed by God, but return to Heaven, metaphorically at least. To Ascend. Why do you think that whole Christianity thing is about? Losing the human condition, to become like the First Humans of Eden.

    Lastly, you have not even proven Whites are human, at all. Humanity is just a sick concept, created by idiots and illuminist piglets, who were trying to abolish racism, and promote communism. People with inferiority complexes who are ashamed of their Race, pretend to be “human”.

    In reality, “Human” is nothing more than a cheap umbrella term, which means whatever you think it means.

    If you build your arguments on void words, no wonder you’re having trouble convincing Whites.

    Yes, whites ARE racist against other whites. Because of blogs like this! That promote white-against-white violence, and hatred for their own kind.

    If white mentality is poisoned, you have the PoC to blame. You created Racism.
    There was no racism in Europe or the white homelands, before your kind came along…

    1. Let’s get one thing straight here, clown; white racism was created by White Europeans who were so primitive that they saw PoC as a different lifeform altogether. They were also so full of themselves that they thought they were better than everyone else and as such they have the right to dominion over the world. But I guess that’s something that gets you excited huh?

      To listen to you blame white racism on PoC for being PoC is not only low, but incredibly stupid. We have never been the cause for white people hating us. It was white people who were the cause of white people hating us. Certain members have created this hate, and like the sheep that you are, you believed it. So, you should get angry at certain white people who uphold this bullshit idea that they are “the superior race” instead of buzzing around my blog whining and complaining about how I and my people are the reasons why whites hate us.

      But you’re not going to do that are you. Of course you wouldn’t. You prefer to be among your flock of sheep with your hatred as your shepherd. Remember this, everytime you bleat your usual white supremacist rhetoric, it is always silenced by the howling of me – the big, bad wolf.

      1. White explorers were used to studying different life forms, “the Animaloids”, because they had these massive propaganda dictionaries with drawings and names in Latin. This is how they named many exotic species, including the “Afroidus Negroidus” of your sexual preference.

        You may come from places where animals ruled over you, through jungle fever and disease and rape and fear, and you hid from animals so they don’t eat you. This is what made you think you are of the same Race as them. And that you are as Human as those Animals of the Wild.

        Whites do not have the same background you PoC carry. Whites do not present those savage animal features, because they haven’t lived wildly amongst savage deadly aggressive beasts.

        They lived in White Societies. This is why their White Supremacy is ingrained deeply in their subsconscious, as hard as they try to deny it.

        They saw the PoC as merely “Barbarians of the Animal Groups, who can be hunted down”.

        You’re lucky those whites didn’t have a passion for flesh, otherwise your entire species would have been devoured by White Cannibals in less than a century’s time. You’d be Extinct, if Whites had your passion for Cannibalism.

        Fortunately, since whites are not cannibals, this means your kind survived as Inferiors or Converts (Sheep of White Industrial Markets), and I do not have Cannibalism to taint the Good Name of my White Race.

        For if I did, and my ancestors had been cannibals like your race, your race would not be “enslaved” or “raped” or whatever abuse turns you on at night …. it would be eaten.

        And since you don’t have wings like those extinct eaten bird species, that exist even in my country, to escape into the wilderness and survive as a race, you would have only existed in Boogey Man Legends, or silly folklore no one takes seriously.

        It is intensely Racist of you to assume Animals cannot learn to speak white tongues or type as you do. If anything some Pet Monkeys of the Superior White had been trained so well that they were taught to to imitate Whiteness to the point they turned against the White Master.

        This Rebellion is refered to as “The Rise of the Apes”. The Coloured Species of Ape that Whites long ago taught to behave more “humanlike”, are now your ancestors.

      1. You don’t have any rights. You just make them up as you go along.

        You say this blog is meant to criticize and discuss or expose the Racist Feelings of Whites?

        Why are you offended then, when such poor little racist feelings ‘o mine make themselves presented to you?

        If anything it should be good proof for the legitimacy of your wild claims, proving that “indeed” racists are drawn to your blog, as you intended.

        Racism is too strong to fight. Ever. This is why i never put up a fight against it, and just let it flow. But because of this, many innocent white suffer, at the hands of racist whites, who are antiwhite racists.

        Blogs like this miseducate and disinform the Whites into becoming self hating Racists !!

        You were never trying to “end racism”, you are trying to turn it around, against the Whites themselves !!

        Brilliant work, 66. Her Majesty is proud.

        You’re like those clichee idiots who try to “teach” PoC that they are criminals, rapists, murderers, good fo’ nuffin’s, worthless slaves.

        And you’re using all that hefty repertoire …. against Whites!

        What was it? Gf left you for whitey? Or she ignored you completely, to hang out with some “White Devils”? Or are you considered uninteresting because you’re not rich like the whites?

        Or just some undercover jew posing as Black, to attract eager followers and much needed attention?

        It is known that ever since Blacks killed 9 million Jews in the Holocaust, they suffer from “Black Guilt” and feel like they owe it to Jews to parrot their techniques of anti-white propaganda.

      2. Let me tell you something, stupid, I never intended to end racism. My blog can not end racism. No blog can end racism. The only people to end today’s racism are white people since they are the ones benefiting the most from it. My blog is here for two reasons: One, For me to vent and give views and opinions from a black man in a white man’s society. And two, to help educate others on what it’s like to be marginalized because of your physical appearance.

      3. So your goals: whine and bitch and moan like a sow in heat, seeking much needed attention train other groups of insurgent minorities from PoC communities into “anti white cells”, to spread antiwhite racism

        And of course: teach whites how to become Anti-White Racists.

        You know the strategy of Amerika’s Antiwhite Racism. The posters against the Irish immigrants, with propaganda drawings of irish women as hideous, as opposed to “normal looking” amerikans.

        Or their Ginger Racism against people of xanthian capilarosity.

        All of this is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to Amerika’s “War on Whites”.

        The PoC Division such as your kind, promotes those very principles.

        “Whites are the Root of All Evil!”
        “We must educate Whites to not take advantage of any priviledge they have over us!”
        “They must renounce all advantages they hold over Odda Reiceez!”

        Your core message is nothing less than Conditions of War, you Dictate unto a defeated tribe or enemy people. Sadly for you, you haven’t won any racial wars against whites. You’d never stand a chance in hell, Schlomes.

        Also, it is against Democracy and Common Sense, to dictate these capitulation terms to the Majority. You’re like the English, barking across the Channel at Europe, while Nazis utterly defeated them, and threw them into the seas, off the mainland.

        Do you truly not see what condition you are in? You are in the same condition Whites are now in Afrika.

        Like that white leader in South Afrika, murdered by a couple of Darklings in his own home, they just strolled in through the gates or fence, and butchered him to death.

        Does anyone sincerely give a fuck? No, because he’s “The White Devil”. Afrika didn’t save him or other murdered whites.

        Why should Amerika save you or other unfortunate Dark Ones?

        You’re as much a worthless minority in Amerika, as Whites are now in Afrika.

        Basically you’re the “Untouchables”, the lowest trash in the germanic Reich of India, who were beneath even the slaves. Possibly because of their coloured skin, or whatever the racist reason they deserved to have.

        While in Amerika, you obey the Majority. Just like a Christian minority has to deal with political aggression from Atheist Cunts, who manipulate and swindle and sway laws and many corrupt organizations into attacking European Religions or White Nationalism.

    1. If making a blog to hurt the White’s feelings, by accusations of racism and blindness or ignorance, then complaining why are their feelings so hurt? Or saying “who cares about the feelings of those whites, anyway?”

      Makes any sense to you … you’re clearly the racist.

      It’s like me making a blog to attack all PoC, then when you oppose my views in the comments, I say ” Who cares what a dumb N*gg*r feels anyhow? ”

      This is nothing more than retarded speech, the kind chimps don’t even stoop to.

      How can you admit you made a blog to offend Whites and their feelings, then bicker them whenever they’ve read the blog with “White cares if Whites are Offended, or their feelings get hurted?”

      Well, obviously you do. And everyone who agrees with the authour. And also the Authour. You care more about Whites possibly than Whites care about their Race in general !

      You people are like The No.1 Fans of Whitedom. HAHAHAHA

      And remember something from history. The Conquered people can never hurt the feelings of their Conquerors.

      The White Conquerors, admitted by you to be “the only ones who can fight racism” or “destroy their own race from within”, cannot have their feelings hurt so easily by a batch of slaves. Or minorities they always perceive as “inferior”.

      That’s like being offended by frogs on the street for making their animal noises. Plain senseless !

      Nonetheless you’re on a wild suicidal mission like Napoleon, who expected honour or decency or english citizenship from the English. Despite the English having been the most to suffer from Napoleon’s wars and aggression tactics against Britain.

      Of course the English imprisoned the fuck out of him, and humiliated him to death !

      Of course the Whites will imprison the fuck out of you minorities, and humiliate you all to death !

      You have not earned a single badge of honour in your long dealings with any whites, so you have made not a single “White Friend”, of your race, amongst any white populations or their histories.

      How can you expect a people you’ve never helped or aided or been allies of, in your whole history, to even tolerate you as barely equal, let alone not degrade you, considering all you’ve been doing against the White Race, so far?

      The Negroids never allied with White Europeans or their christian forces or armies. They allied with Muslims, Indians, Asians, and any other PoC they found were waging war against White Europeans in each century we know of.

      You were never “friends” of the Whites. Why expect priviledges from us, far beyond that of a “friend” or what they’d receive?

      Don’t let historical lies fool you. The South wanted to abolish slavery, and send you all back to Afrika, since you had finished the term of your employment here, and had no further reason to stay. You had worked “enough” for a life time, and you were free to go home and retire.

      Upon hearing this, the Industrial North, relying completely on the rich agricultural resources and slave’s productivity in the South, said “Nay! Us Yankees will force the Negroe to stay and work, from this generation to their deaths, unto their next generation of children, and they shall remain with us, our Slaves for eternity!”

      Just read Abe Lincoln’s words about Blacks. “Just because I do not want a Black woman as my slave, doesn’t mean I want her for a Wife. There was no reason to give Blacks the Superior Status of the Whites. They will know their place and obey Our (White) Laws here.”

      See? He had no intention or will to give you all equality. They just wanted the slaves to be kept as “Federal Property” or “Slaves of the States” to harvest the lesser field works the Yankees felt too “gentlemanly” to touch. You were the Kept “Busy Bees” they needed for their Masonic Pyramid.

      They didn’t want you to return to your homeland and prosper in freedom. They wanted you as Exploitables to be used in every niche of the States they can find for you. To give you less pay than the Whites, so Whites kept their “Superior Social Status” and you enforced their White Supremacy status by working for less pay in all the lesser chores they needed “done” by your kind.

      Just like the Mexicans are now. Cheap illegal workforce the Federal “Gubment” needs and uses, for cheap slave chores. Next you’ll see there will be divided sides. The “South” who again, will want to free the Mexicans back to their homeland in Mexico, south of the Texas border, to prevent their exploitation. And the Confederate “North” who again, will require the minorities to remain there, illegally or legally, to receive benefits (healthcare to attract more of them north), and Serve the British Communist Crown via Washington’s Confederate Crime Organizations.

      The Industry of Amerika would shrink to less than a Third of what it is now, without minorities like asians, blacks or mexicans to serve their purposes.

      Slavery never ended, it’s just veiled by commercial interests.

      1. Y’know what, sweetie? Go fuck your wolf and bitch to your mommy about the evil minorities who hurt your fee fees, because I’m done talking to you. The last thing I need is a fucking retarded twelve year old who thinks he’s the master of the universe coming to me and calling me (inaccurate, by the way) racial slurs. If you’d pulled this shit on my blog, I would have banned you. But even though this is the last time I’m going to acknowledge your existence, feel free to continue slamming your forehead into the keyboard trying to insult me. I’m not going to indulge in ripping into you, but I’ll certainly appreciate the laughs you give me.

        In case your little brain is fizzing out trying to read that many words at once; in short, fuck off, you abortion.

      2. Struck a chord, have I? Subhumans have a short fuse apparently.

        This is how your own innate stupidity separates you from humans.


        I am beyond myself, with admiration. I am literally falling ill with admiration. Collapsing on the floor, as we speak.

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