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Racist trolls everywhere absolutely hate it when anti-racist blogs talk about how white people act, think, and talk when it comes to people of color (PoC). To them it’s racist to talk about whites in a negative way whether it is true or not. Yet, they think talking about PoC based on (mostly) negative stereotypes is not racist because those stereotypes are true to life. For instance, the worst among the black community is the normal representation for black people as a whole. But try and argue against that, and you will get a barrage of the usual denial, name-calling – which include racial epithets, crime statistics, stereotypes, mock-talk, and a whole lot of white racial anger and nonsense.

What PoC discuss in forums like online blogs is not meant for those who are disturbed by the white racist mindset. And what is discussed is usually based on truths, personal, historic, and social. They come from those who are victims – YES, VICTIMS of white racism…which is very real and WAY MORE devastating than black racism.

But, they are not having any of that. So, allow me to explain the overall fallacy of their claims.

The core concept of racism is based upon myths, stereotypes and lies of a certain group or groups. Those false beliefs and images are what’s needed to subjugate others to the will of the people seeking domination. Stereotypes, statistics and media references showcasing the failures and insanity of a sub-set of an oppressed group, applying them to the entire whole and enact policies against them is autocracy. That is the whole concept of racism in this society.

Explaining white racism is not racist. The reality is that whiteness is still an injustice. It’s something that must end if PoC and white people ever hope to become “human”. It restricts PoC to two dimensional figures in the eyes of the dominant group devoid of truly being seen like and treated as human beings, and it places the dominant group above humanity and grants them immunity from their sins and crimes.

Again, what is discussed in forums exploring and dissecting white racism is not racist. They are based on facts and truths, harsh truths. If there are those who can’t handle them, what makes them think they are to be trusted? To some their white skin is enough to qualify them. That is the truth.