Notable Links: 8-10/12 (Black Youth Edition)

Stand With Black Youth: Take the BYP ACTION PLEDGE Today!

With “The Pledge”, we are asking individuals and organizations to close ranks around black youth and make a commitment to take action and fight with black youth as they confront a relentless crisis. We at the BYP believe that each person can make a difference by doing something!

Olympian Kellie Wells Shares Story To Empower Sex Abuse Victims

Wells was repeatedly abused, and eventually raped, by her stepfather as a youngster. Needing an escape, she left home and threw herself into athletics in high school, eventually leading to Olympic glory.

Chicago Youth Seek Alternatives To Calling the Police

Chain Reaction, a Chicago Youth-Based Organization, is seeking donations to help fund a project aimed at coming up with viable alternatives to calling the police on youth.

Celebrating “In Spite Of”

I encourage everyone to read Keith Boykin’s Anthology“For Colored Boys,” which is now available online and in stores Monday. It is another literary work that seeks to draw the intersections between sexual orientation and race.  It features poems, stories, and essays of Black Queer Men from professional football player Wade Davis to the internet personality B. Scott. The last set of these Black Gay anthologies such as Joseph Beam’s In the Life and Brother to Brother, were released just at the tail-end of the AIDS epidemic, when there were no Frank Oceans and Obamas, thus this new anthology should be a refreshing foray into the lives of contemporary Black queer men of color, one which reveals the extent of our progress, but also the new challenges we face in the 21stcentury Obama-age.

Louisiana Charter School Under Fire For Expelling Pregnant Students

Delhi Charter School in Louisiana is under fire for a policy dealing with pregnant students that the ACLU says is “in blatant violation of federal law and the US Constitution.”

Under the policy, students suspected of being pregnant are forced to take a pregnancy test; if they test positive or refuse the test, they are expelled.

9 Year-Old Joshua Smith’s Lemonade Stand Raises $3000 for Detroit

9 year-old Joshua Smith made headlines when he opened a lemonade stand in front of his home to raise money for the city of Detroit.

In less than a week, Smith raised $3,000 for his hometown.


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