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I’ve been thinking about the recent attack on the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as the destruction of the Mosque in Joplin, Missouri by fire (It was the second attack in one mouth). The former was done by Wade Michael Page, a man with ties to white supremacist groups including a musical band.

It was reported that Page often discussed about the supposed impending race war:

Christopher Robillard, who told CNN Page was his “closest friend” when the two were in the military, said that Page talked often about a “racial holy war.”

“He would talk about the racial holy war, like he wanted it to come,” Robillard said. “But to me, he didn’t seem like the type of person to go out and hurt people.”

Less than a few months ago, I mentioned how many far-right racist whites bring up the ‘race war’ all the time. One can only conclude that they yearn for bloodshed against nonwhites non-Christians to justify their unchecked, unsound hatred. This burning hatred stems from the illogical fear of “losing the superior white Christian race” to inferior groups and infidels.

I call it illogical because in white dominated nations all over the world, white people do have the most power and privileges above other groups. It’s not only based on economics, but also the normalization of whiteness. Plus, the stronghold of white supremacy is temporary like – everything else in this world. Even it can not last forever.

Still white racists, overt and quiet, are scared to death of the possibility of losing all of the social, economic and political advantages there are of being white. Yet, it gets more confusing as some white racists do not believe that white people are still overly privileged and powerful. Instead, they separate successful whites from poor whites. A considerable number of them are poor themselves. So, they believe the former are Jews which – in their minds – are a different race altogether.

Umm…Okay? One can only guess why this is so. My guess is that their anger is their security blanket. They want to rationality to excuse their hatred no matter how irrational it turns out in the end.

It’s normal for a successful person to be afraid of losing their status. Yet, if their high status came from immoral practices, that fear is much-less reasonable to garner any sympathy. White privilege came from the immoral actions of whites in history in their conquests over people of color. So, it’s immensely hard to fell sorry for those that are anxious about losing their privileges – even if they deny they have any. In fact it’s basically hollow.