The Fear of Losing Whiteness

I’ve been thinking about the recent attack on the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as the destruction of the Mosque in Joplin, Missouri by fire (It was the second attack in one mouth). The former was done by Wade Michael Page, a man with ties to white supremacist groups including a musical band.

It was reported that Page often discussed about the supposed impending race war:

Christopher Robillard, who told CNN Page was his “closest friend” when the two were in the military, said that Page talked often about a “racial holy war.”

“He would talk about the racial holy war, like he wanted it to come,” Robillard said. “But to me, he didn’t seem like the type of person to go out and hurt people.”

Less than a few months ago, I mentioned how many far-right racist whites bring up the ‘race war’ all the time. One can only conclude that they yearn for bloodshed against nonwhites non-Christians to justify their unchecked, unsound hatred. This burning hatred stems from the illogical fear of “losing the superior white Christian race” to inferior groups and infidels.

I call it illogical because in white dominated nations all over the world, white people do have the most power and privileges above other groups. It’s not only based on economics, but also the normalization of whiteness. Plus, the stronghold of white supremacy is temporary like – everything else in this world. Even it can not last forever.

Still white racists, overt and quiet, are scared to death of the possibility of losing all of the social, economic and political advantages there are of being white. Yet, it gets more confusing as some white racists do not believe that white people are still overly privileged and powerful. Instead, they separate successful whites from poor whites. A considerable number of them are poor themselves. So, they believe the former are Jews which – in their minds – are a different race altogether.

Umm…Okay? One can only guess why this is so. My guess is that their anger is their security blanket. They want to rationality to excuse their hatred no matter how irrational it turns out in the end.

It’s normal for a successful person to be afraid of losing their status. Yet, if their high status came from immoral practices, that fear is much-less reasonable to garner any sympathy. White privilege came from the immoral actions of whites in history in their conquests over people of color. So, it’s immensely hard to fell sorry for those that are anxious about losing their privileges – even if they deny they have any. In fact it’s basically hollow.


36 thoughts on “The Fear of Losing Whiteness

  1. I fear we are sitting on a powder keg, pressure cooker. Something is going to explode. I fear that there will be blood shed. These color aroused racist will not go down without a fight. The days of the Black Panthers needs to be resurrected. We can’t go down like punks.

  2. Louis CK once said he didn’t want to travel to the future to see what happens to white people.

    What I don’t get about other whites with similar fears is their 1 + 1 = 3 thinking. If you’re genuinely afraid of POC retaliation…why do shit to make it worse?

  3. What’s wrong with a right of conquest? Or inheriting White Priviledge from it?

    By the way, white priviledges come from Racial Superiority. The same conquests you speak of were too, results of this “White Supremacy”. White make better leaders and conquerors, because we are more socially able, or sociable, more intellectual and empathic, more organized both as people and cultures, more humane towards one another, and more inclined to help the needy and save the weak.

    This led to a higher organization of societies, philosophies, civilizations and military hierarchies, implicitly.

    Those conquests are merely a side effect. Just because a minority of whites used their White Supremacy for the wrongest reasons of invading or enslaving the Inferior Races, doesn’t mean all whites believe in, or support Slavery.

    To quote Adolf the Great: “The Whites have carried to these (colonial) people the worst that they could carry: the plagues of the world: materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism, and syphilis. Moreover, since what these people possessed on their own was superior to anything we could give them, they have remained themselves… The sole result of the activity of the colonizers is: they have everywhere aroused hatred.”
    Colonialism was intensely wrong, and immoral. The whites who did it, and still do it should be hanged publicly. By their own white families.

    A decent life is one of cohabitation with nature. Make a decent living from harvesting honey or jungle healing mushrooms, or food, or cidre. But not enslaving other races or being brutal towards them. There’s nothing honest about that, just plain cowardly.

    An ideal history of White Races, is one where no intrusion upon the soil inhabited by other races was even dreamed of. Let alone wars against them, or such unnecessary aggression.

    A pure maritime exploration and research fleet of White Europe was enough. Settling outside Europe was hardly necessary, I believe. Sailing the seas, to learn about the world was more than enough of an “Expansion”.

    Look at England and France. The British are a decrypt example of decadent criminals, much like the Russian or French Elites who promoted colonialism and exploitation of other races. This is why they have the worst reputations in all of Europe, currently. I’d put them all in jail, to make sure they don’t harm the other continents with their insane savagery ever again, if I could.

    As far as those crooks and con artists are concerned, they definately lost their Whiteness. They deserve to be burned alive by whites, not tolerated or kept equal.

    1. How can you ask what’s wrong with conquest, and then illustrate the problems colonialism have caused? You’ve just made an argument against your own stance. lol

  4. why is it that albinism – which is what whiteness of the epidermis among sapiens (humans) is, this albinism is considered inherently supperior to a melenin pigmented epidermis.

    actually in my experience whiteness/albinism is one area where things are not equal.

    Black and white color/light /abseense of ; are not only equal but interdependent – you can’t see/read without both.

    but with biology certain baises appear – like the perference of right handed more than left handedness.
    you have with epidermal albinism
    visual substandardness
    greater subceptably to age related deterioration
    as well as subordination hereditarily – i.e. if a albinic phenotype mates with a meleniniated phenotype –
    the meleniniated phenotype dominates.

    these are inherent facts and factors that albinic/white people cannot nor logically they could ever be resonpsible for.

    however when it comes to people – powerless and ignorance and therefore suffering prevail.

    instead of recognizing the inadacacy of a albinic epidermis ,the most dominant and aggresssive members of these populations repeately attack
    populations that don’t have thier afficltion and then claim its thier fault.

    Until the sapien species in general and its albinic populations in particular learn to effectly deal with thier phenotypic inadequacy the percentages of suboptimal life and experiences will continue.

    But it seems inevitable

    1. Because melanin is inferior to epidermis. Melanin is only a poison, a pigment. Paint!

      Where the epidermis which is pale, protect the whole body from infection, death, injury or bleeding to death. Or your internal organs pouring out. Or air pressure crushing your internal organs and pressing your veins until you die of circulation loss.

      This is why the pale epidermis is superior.

      Albinism does not make a PoC white. There are Jews, Semites and Turks, who have hazelnutty skin, or olive or yellow skin naturally. And spots of white, or specks of white from Lupus (I think it’s called medically).

      This does not mean White Races have the same skin as the PoC. Whites do not have those melanin naturally, since the pigments are only an exception.

      Such as cancer. When radiation from sun mutates a normal human cell into a subhuman cell, it grows out of control, swells like BBC (brown bloated chimp), and becomes brown or black in colour.

      This is proof that skin cancer is the abnormal human disease, to an otherwise healthy pale epidermis.

      In other words, without solar radiation, your kind wouldn’t even exist. You are like dandelions, you die until the next harvest, and have a short existence as PoC Races.

  5. My comment is going to be really long so here goes…

    and as an aside; i am not sure whether this comment belongs under this post or Interracial Rape Fetish?

    If it is one thing i have learned about white people is that they do in fact want to exist as white people–but here is the contradiction in all of this–if there is a chance that a few can partake in blackness be it being intimate with black people and creating brown babies(the biggie) or to lesser degrees which include but are not limited to sun tanning(which can have long-term harmful effects on them), imitating African textured hairstyles (white rastas, cornrows) etc…then they will TAKE it…all while subjugating black people who in many instances from history and present have done them no harm (at least as a group we have not).

    This brings me to my second point–which may seem not to follow the first–but bear with me as my thinking in the morning tends to be jumbled. I keep coming across supposedly “scholarly” articles written by black men and in some cases white women that attempt to analyze an inherent “lust” that they have for one another. One thing that strikes me as odd is that whomever is doing the thinking and writing always end up concluding that it is the fault of black women that our fore-mothers were raped, beaten, wrongfully impregnated by white men. We (black women) are standing in the way of black men and white women being together–although i doubt these “writers” “thinkers” realize that the majority of black men marry black women 88% of the time in a country where miscegenation laws are no longer on the books. Also let’s not forget that white men are also standing in the way of the black man’s freedom and white woman’s sexual liberation.

    So now that that is out of the way let’s take a look at the reverse. I am now a young woman heading towards my very late twenties and i am constantly told through subtle hints and messages that white men are sexy, have better jobs, make more responsible husbands and that he is ultimately my savior (see the images of a white, blond, blue-eyed male God that you have seen plastered in churches and bibles). This message is being reinforced by the BWE movement online, in print, etc… and black women who may not necessarily identify solely with them but their thinking is not too different. They are in essence competing with white women for their “rightful” place in the white man’s hierarchy of women. I also doubt they have come to the realization that black men still out earn black women by 70,000 or so a year, so black men are still the breadwinners for the black community.

    I am trying to use what Dr. Welsing has said about all of this. Many, many people who are familiar with her both black, white, Asian and other reject her thinking and scholarly research that she has been doing for the past 30 plus years. People also overlook the fact that a good deal of white scholars–mostly male–have reinforced her research. Am i saying we should just say that this is the “truth” yes and no. I am saying a person who spends a great deal of time–like 30 and some years studying, reading, traveling to figure out why–then it is worth something. It could help us explain or put a face to why people of color are suffering the most in this world–and mainly those who have more melanin.

    So in a nutshell it is this–i think–white men and white women fear the very essence of blackness and brownness yet they want it badly. Some more than others obviously. White women are no less dangerous than white men–they participated in some way or another in every single lynching, castrating, and horror that was ever inflicted on black men. White men are not the friends of black women–they –from the priest of the Roman Empire to the Spanish, and Portuguese missionaries, sanctioned the branding, rape and in many instances mutilation and killing of black women.

    Now we have a dynamic that exists between black men and women that seeks to blame the other for the sexual sins of whites towards us. Neither of the combinations of black/white coupling is “less” dangerous in the eyes of whites…which ever it is; a black man’s genetic material being planted into a white woman’s womb, or the seed of a white man growing in a black woman’s womb will produce the SAME result–a brown/black baby. Thus in your estimation of things Brothawolf–diminishing whiteness. Yet keep in mind they want to exist as whites–so they put up smokescreens and we keep falling for it in some way or the other.

    1. Why do you stereotype white women as immediately “sexual”?

      Why is there no sexual liberation for black men, instead? Why is the “sexual liberation” forced upon the white girl?

      From whence doth this logic emanate? I think white girls are so incredibly diverse in their preferences (at least in my country, which is a Lesbian Safehaven), that they have not even a concept that they were ever sexually repressed.

      If a heavily religious dogmatic nation like mine allows women to do whatever they like, without forced marriages, and only their dumb communist cuntfaced parents to try and control them “in the right indoctrination direction”, this proves that it’s White Christianity that protects and encourages White Women to be sexually liberal.

      Just look at Afrika, homosexuality is a capital crime, same with Islam nations. Rape is allowed, STD rampant, and British Communism instead of European Churches make the “Social Laws”, or human Codes of Conduct.

      This is why frequent wars, bla bla bla and other dumb civil war situations unheard of in my country, to break out like hives in Afrika (or Asia).

      In a “staunch catholic” place like Poland, it’s capital Warsaw has more women than men! Patroling the fitness salons to meet fuck buddies or whatever they complain they lack, they can’t find any because most others there are also unfucked polish girls.

      This makes them a bit self restrained, because it is their own self hatred, and self racism and misoginy, which prevents them from seeing their fellow polish lass as an equal sex partner. This is where Poland has it backwards. They are still with the Asian impression that “White Women are the Devil, they mustn’t be mated with or betrusted!”. Which is a clichee propagated in Europe, to prevent Lesbians from converting more white women, and stealing political (and military / cultural) power from the men.

      Basically only the men’s apparent majority in political fields is what’s trying to supress lesbians from ruling Europe. Why? How? They were raised by their whore mommies to “hate lesbians”, and “raise above women”. There is a deeply seated misoginy here, with unknown roots …. destroying it would mean no more internal obstacles for the White Woman, and her sexual liberation.

      1. It’s a neat place to visit, for girls, I expect.

        I mean where else in Europe will they go to for lesbian time-to-time? England or Spain, too far away, and too conservative.

        Germany, too communist, they execute gays or persecute gays there. Russia is just .. plain weird.

        Netherlands is another potential “Lesbian G Spot”, but most lesbians live too far away from Holland, which is NW Europe. And their folks would know immediately about “Wild Amsterdam” and why their girls are going to Holland for the “Lesbian Season”, so they chose low profile countries like mine.

        This is why they try to sexually indoctrinate the white girls when they’re underaged, through schools, and pedophile teachers or doctors or “psychiatrists”, so they don’t blossom sexually into lesbians. Due to their genetic “amazon” makeup possibly.

        The Christian fanaticism and dogma serves this as well. It’s true purpose is “outbreeding” the white women to other non’european races, and discouraging lesbians.

        Naturally they are too slick to “come out” into Parades or Pink Parties where all the “Lesser Public Gays” brag and expose themselves. The lesbians here have secret clubs, which forbids them from “outing themselves”.

        They even have secret mansions and “classes”, like slave or mistress. But of course, not all of them are normal white girls who are beautiful. Some (like 20%) are normal looking PoC (which is not very attractive or beautiful, but plain looking lesbians). By plain I mean, the normal amerikan lesbians, which are quite hideous ….

        The secret ones rarely “come out”, they do it “Nikita Style”, as in Double life.

        The PoC here, their women are almost predominantly Straight. And Homophobic (they only HATE lesbians). But there are almost no Lesbian PoC here, the Lesbian gene is limited to the White Girls. And rarely in mixed girls (the 20% of lesbians who look like ugly american “scary” lesbians who aren’t “femme” or barely look female).

        You should know here in Europe, there is no habit of Exhibitionism or Voyeurism. Visiting won’t help anything, since they aren’t like Amerikan Butch Dykes who expose themselves for the fun of it. They get more fun out of “Secret Societies”.

        So unlike New York’s Fluffy Lez Parades, here they stay away from Large Cities, since societies or civilization are different here. They’re more “shy” and private”. 85% of them are totally “in the closet” so to speak. The other 15% are persecuted by friends of “her girlfriend” who try to break them apart. Which is why most avoid being known as lesbians publically or “oficially”, since people always try to break them up, or “get in their way”.

        Really weird, their misogynism … I haven’t figured out yet who indoctrinates them into such hideous aggression … maybe they think a white woman doesn’t “own” her own vagina? Or it’s “state property” instead of her personal choice … ?

        This is the main reason why I don’t believe there exists a “Sexual Liberation” or “Revolution” for white women. Publically they are attacked in Europe, or at least here, which is why they remain secretive, free from “Public Mouths” who gossip or harass them.

        Quite the opposite. The “Sexual Revolution” here does nothing to help the white lesbians, it actually ignores them and tries to abolish them completely. Very obscure … I don’t understand this reasoning.

        Maybe they just fear white women or lesbians will take political power away from them. That’s my best guess so far. Which is a great thing, because currently the Asians and English Confederacy posing as “Legitimate Politicans” here, are anything but “white”. They’re either muslims, or english jews, or russians or tatars or turks, or cypriot english spies, or indians. Really scary for them if they were dominated by white european women’s party, guided by their political rivals the Lesbians.

  6. Also, to further illustrate my last point–in which i said that either black/white coupling is no “less” dangerous than the other–black women were sterliized in some of the most gruesome ways. If black men had their penises tampered with, then certaintly, black women had their uteruses taken–and in many cases did not survive the sheer pain of the trauma…much like black men did not survive these attacks done by the same people–white men and white women.

    Black people–both men and women represent the greatest fear to both white men and white women–that is the creation of a black/brown baby no matter who mates with whom! Their actions towards both black women and black men have proven this time and time again–we just refuse to see it.

    If that is not enough for some people’s convincing then what of the wedge that they have attempted to drive between the black man and black woman? Trying to come up with every lie, distortion, campaign to keep us from creating more brown and black babies–no?

    Yes they do fear of losing whiteness–which includes skin color, and privilege based on that skin color. And my feeling is this–PoC and black people need to understand these dynamics and how they work to be able to make better decisions for our lives, that of our families and dependants.

    1. So, explain this. Why don’t you PoC cease breeding or fondling the White Races?

      Do you partake in their White Priviledge? Does it make you feel “spechul”? Is it the thrill or tabboo ishness of being loathed and sort of an instant celebrity?


      As for that other nonsense, it’s women themselves who stand in the way of white women’s liberation or “sexual liberation”, so called.

      Many conservative cock sucking bitches, can’t stand that superior women, such as white, or beautiful or young, prefer other women like them. This makes the cocksuckers appear like …. cocksuckers and hoes.

      Many women feel inferior to White Lesbians, this is why they promote this homophobia, much like PoC do. Your kind is impossibly homophobic.

      Mostly because you realize your kind cannot compete with the lesbian white girl next door, on the sexual market. And you are left in the dust, behind.

  7. After rereading my first post above:

    Also let’s not forget that white men are also standing in the way of the black man’s freedom and white woman’s sexual liberation.

    I should clarify as this statement may be misunderstood in the context of that paragraph.

    What i have also read from these “scholarly” articles is that black women and white men are the “tag team” and “power dynamic” keeping black men and white women from reaching their full potential. Never do the white women who write this nonsense admits that she wants to be high up there with white men and not against them subjugating men and women of color.

    But did i miss something as i can say with a degree of certainty that black men and black women have been sexually abused, maimed and culturally raped at the hands of both white men and white women? Neither one of the black genders got or gets a pass in the game of white supremacy.

      1. If you want to mock whites for complaining or whining, why not make an article about these clowns:

        That one actually seems like (completely) unjustified whining, on their behalf. What kind of real white person is “afraid of wildfire”? They don’t deserve the honour of calling themselves “white”.

        If you had written a “Why won’t anyone think of the White People?” article about those morons, I’d understand your perspective.

  8. Also Brothawolf…what of ALL of the unecessay hysterectomies that they encourage black women to get simply because she has a fibroid?!!!??? (a rhetorical question)

    I have known black women as young as 34-38 being told they need to have their ovaries removed because they have a simple beign tumor–that can pretty much go away through changing their diet and controlling stress levels.

    But they keep saying black women are not a threat to their whiteness? Yea–okay.

    1. No. What’s bizarre is white girls encouraged to “give in” to sexual advances from PoC adults who infiltrate their way into every facet of European Society.

      Teachers (pedophiles), Movie “directors” (pedophiles), Drug Dealers (pedophiles), Mayors (pedophiles), Police (pedophiles), Clans (pedophiles), Gypsies (pedophiles), Singers (pedophiles), Fashion designers (pedophiles), Actors (pedophiles), Politicians (pedophiles) and list goes on.

      There are NO LAWS to accuse or investigate these pedophiles. The girls are simply intimidated into not complaining or filing any official cases by the pedophile police.

      They are encouraged to become impregnated with PoC, and they either become arranged marriage “wives” without any say in the matter. To “save face” in the community so she doesn’t appear a single mother.

      Or forced to have an abortion, which has a very high risk of leaving her infertile for life, or even risk of death, higher than giving birth through normal pregnancies.

      Not to mention the famous “Pedophiles without borders” front of PoC here in Europe, who steal and murder little white girls. The ones younger than 10, to make sure they can’t fight back or argue a lot.

      There’s a whore “Harvest” going on by your kind, of sexual exploitation of White Girls. Young and otherwise.

      A famous case I saw of a muslim coloured singer, one of those arrogant wannabe “talented, sensitive artists”, who got a white romanian girl pregnant, then abused her so much, that she wants to abort the baby.

      Now, that was only famous because the singer is (unfortunately) famous, because of Jewish promotion of music shitdustry, to promote their pedophiles to have white girls drool or fan over them, for easy access to their vaginae & reproduction services.

      But the many other cases, 99% are not so famous because the PoC they involve is just a nobody, or common criminal and lowly crook. No one “public”, therefore not interesting to accept their stories or victims “on air”.

  9. if you had written a “Why won’t anyone think of the White People?” article about those morons, I’d understand your perspective.

    Allegory; i understand what you are saying. You are concerned for your genetic survival and that of your future generations–i get it, ok. But the way forward is for us ALL to accept the reality that white racism is the response to ensure white genetic survival.

    All i can say to you is make sure your children marry and procreate with other white people.

    1. Firstly, I never said that. Why would be I “concerned” for the safety or survival of superior genes? Even in what you naively perceive as “white”, there are Schisms, such as the genetically hyperpopulated peasants or worker classes, who have been always overbreeding to exploit their own children. There’s no danger of whites disappearing, you must have a brain cavity if you ever thought that.

      The ones of un Arian blood, could just as well have been PoC if not “white”. They were never able to behave as Superior White (Nobility or Arian like), because they never inherited even a hint of it. Most Whites themselves are not Arians, but overbred rapists. So if the lower castes of “white” no longer overbreed, how is that any nuisance to me? It will be as always, the Arians are the same elite (pale) populace, while the halfbred whites, or nonpale whites, or those with gold or olive or overly reddish skins your kind actually thinks Are White, even though they’re PoC All Day Long, cease their overpopulation … naturally. They’ve outlasted their rabbit breeding seasons.

      That’s how peasants are. Animal hormones and carnivorous Cannibal deviances have long turned them into Subhumans, and even Subanimaloids (inferior to most known Animals). Who cares if they pretend to be White? 99% of them have no pale skin to prove their Arian heritage. And without pale skin, why should I care if they suddenly “breed 80 times less frequent than their previous overbreeding” ?

      Adolf Hitler, the Great Arian Prophet, foretold that the future will be without any meat eaters (carnivores). This is beginning to come to fruition, by systematic extinction of carnivorous whites. As a Nazi, I fully support the death of “Whites”, because they are disgusting degenerate monsters who cannibalize poor animals, and contribute to poisoning and criminalizing their own families. Even my family I cannot wait to see perish, they are meat lovers, they try to force me to consume animal meat, and they are obsessive communists (born and raised in a commie dictatorship reading only select Allied communist propaganda from england, russia, amerika or france). Why would I want to save these monsters? Even if they were pale, they are butchers.

      Europe is not for meat eaters. Most whites are beggining to understand this now, when it’s too late for them. I was never “upset” or “worried” they’ve stopped overbreeding. They’d been overbred to begin with. Now, the ethnic Germans … those are a truly a Race in danger of extinction, who should be made under special protection as an “endangered white race”.

      The false problem of “White Extinction” is simply a myth. Why do you think there are no white women who complain “there’s not enough of us Whites up in dis pleiss!” ? Because the myth of “underbreeding whites” who just “are not having enough white families” is pushed forward by the Subhumans, who are aware they have no other convincing powers to con white girls into being with them. If anything, it’s these “endangered” imbeciles who abuse their whiteness to deceive naive white women into having their babies, that are the True Danger. Not “absence of white families”, which is ridiculous because all of those people, including me, come from white families. So obviously we’re not even close to “extinction”.

      Sure they could use the other trick card, and bluff their way into pretending they’re multicraptural and fool women of other races to have their babies. But white women are simply too beautiful to “pass up”. Even the multicultural antiwhite racists have their moments when they still try to catch “white girls” in their nets.

      Whites have remained the Dominant Race(s) by careful selection and evolution. Only a harsh method of self extermination would ensure the very best of whites survive much more than the least competent ones. This is why whites are selfish. Their selfishness is a natural Ace which allows only the Superior Ones, or those fit to struggle against others, even their own kind, to survive. Selfishness is what made them, as a whole, in Dominance of this here World.

      This is why, in each generation of Whites, including my own, there are necessary obstacles to filter out the subhumans from the “cream”, who will survive the trash. For example, those who had the idiocy of serving their family and becoming indoctrinated with “state” education (even though states are puppet ideals and not something “racially correct”), they die like they deserve to, in filthy imperialist wars, that only benefits the whites, to begin with. Why is this good? Because this way the first batch of cretins finds it’s natural hastey death. The “mercenaries”. Any white who serves greedy interests, for personal greed and compensation is worse than a pig. They don’t deserve to exist, much less have “white families” here. They should mate with maggots under the ground, in death. There are some maggots who are white, which is why they are perfect for those idiots. Indoctrinated by propaganda of “heroism”, or “patriotism”, they are cut down like chaff, by their own rampant stupidity. Allowing the superior whites to outlast them by whole lifetimes apparently.

      Secondly, the oversexualized ones, who get married by the time they’re 20 or “start families”, in their youth, are doomed to fail. They act on impulse and have the hardest lives, with complaints and stress and stupid decisions. They are unable to educate themselves, or support the progressive mind of an evolved Arian, within their frames. These like to pose as “the average white”, with familistic views (who ever taught them that? maybe their own broken families they never got to enjoy in infancy?). Their desperation to overcompensate their sacrificed childhood turns them into mindless mongrels. Whether they become atheists or labourers or communist failures, they are often stuck in niches, such as “friends of the PoC”, or “commie extremists”, or fringe theorists, like the jews who preach and write, but no one thinks they’re good for anything. These are the mentally passive, docile mongrels, who are the very lifeblood of politics. Without these faggots to respawn, the farse of nations would die and collapse upon itself in a generation.

      The superior white, or “Arian”, doesn’t fall for the guileful tricks of “heroic military duty”, or “public service”, or “politics”, or “societies”, or any such baloonery made to exploit the lesser whites in their short, miserable lives amongst us. For even the whites who depend upon other whites, the deceived ones, are themselves inferior to Arians. They are “the middle classes”, those who take advantage of the lesser classes, but themselves have a short fuse and desperate useless life, they seek to prolong out of feer and maggoty need to self preservation. These are your “white nationalists” who try to exploit even the white women, hoping to find some “lesser class” idiots amongst them, to have as their white concubine / wife / breeding slave.

      The lesser castes and middle, is not what I am interested in. They could all die this instant, and it still would only improve White Races overall, by natural selection, and expulsion of the “Weakest Links” in the White Survival Chain.

      1. Where has it been proven that white people have “superior” genes? The overwhelming majority of people on the planet Earth are not white. Only less than1 tenth of the world’s population is considered white, while everyone else is of color–either black, brown, red or yellow. If i were a white person, i would be scared about this reality too.

        a white person mates with a black/brown person; you get a brown/black baby. You give me cold hard facts that this does not happen when black/white couples have children; i will gladly retract my statement. That is your fear–if i were you, i would face this fear instead of coming on blogs intellectually wrestling with people who already understand.

      2. There are more ants than humans. Yet a White can simply step on an ant hill, or even urinate on those ants, and drown or crush them to death.

        This is called “Superior of Quality”. Genes possess Quality, the race in general possesses “Quantity”.

        As your Overlord Stalin said: “Quantity is a quality all of it’s own”. As a true worthless communist, you obey such preachery.

        Why? Because you are all aware whites are superior in quality, impossible for you to ever surpass, so you desperately cling to a last resort. Breeding like rabbits. But even rabbits get hunted by clever foxes or eaten by lazy bears. Or sniffed by dogs and wolves, and so on, and so forth. Who are superior only in quality, but never in quantity.

        Let’s say proof from the animal breeds are not enough to show you how quality defeats quantity, . What about the large african bee, or whatever it’s called, the giant one as large as a fist? That one can only be killed by many smaller bees, if their entire hive gathers around the largest one, the invader, and strangles her with heat. They “get busy” making heat out of their exercise and overheat the large bee, while the small ones can cool down faster since they are smaller, and lose heat very fast. The large bee dies since it has a low tolerance to heat, while the little bees can only win by numeric superiority.

        This proves you Coloures can only overwhelm any whites if you exaggerate your quantity. If you did have quality over whites, there would be no need to increase quantity. Plus you did not see two world wars last century on your continents, you ingrates little mucks.

        Which means dozens of millions of whites, didn’t die on your lands or continents, they actually died here, in Europe. What a fact, to ponder at! Not even sure you knew enough history to know that much …. you must not know anything of the world besides your own little backyard. How blissfully ignorant you’ve reveal yourself.

        And yet, despite 8:1 advantage in numbers, you still need childish blogs to complain about “Evil Master Whitey, who can only change their ways if they GIVE UP all their priviledges or advantages and supposed racism”.

        Why is that, you ask? Erwin Rommel could still push back the Allies in Afrika, despite being outnumbered 8:1. Other times even a 10:1 numeric advantage, still couldn’t dislodge the Desert Fox from the “fox holes” in North Afrika, conquered almost completely by the Wehrmacht.

        Same with the Nazis on the Eastern Asian front. Numeric disadvantage never stopped them from smashing their way over 1000 km into Russia in 7 weeks, did it?

        Same with the French Army. The “World’s Finest Armee”, it had more mechanized armour and vehicles than the Germans, yet they lost France in 2 weeks or so. There’s a little video of Adolf Hitler admiring the Eiffel Tower, I’m sure you know of it by now.

        So, when did numeric inferiority ever stop the Nazis from liberating Europe? They were white. They had Quality first, and quantity was unnecessary.

      3. As for your reality, would you be frightened if whites were a majority in Amerika? What would you do in such circumstance, then?

        Secondly, your “reality” is worthless. Only in warm climates, generally south of Europe’s temperate-to-cold climates, do animals and bacteria breed faster.

        This is why Arabs, Latinos, Afroids and other such nonwhites, breed like bacteria, out of control. An ice age would wipe you all out faster than you can wipe your nose.

        Thirdly, life conditions were advantageous to Coloures, who live in more bountiful “lively” natural realm, and still this brought you nothing more than the priviledge to die in the service of White European Imperial Forces.

        Take the Mammeluke slaves who worshiped and died for Napoleon. They were Turks of Asia, or Afrika, from the Egypt campaign.

        Or the Afroids who died as French Foreign Legion slaves enrolled to die for the White French on Europe, so the white people of France would not die, but survive instead.

        It is pretty obvious by this point in history, what your numeric superiority brought you. Poverty, and dependence upon rich whites who employ you for deadly or dangerous tasks, or simply slave like labour. This is the only reason “democracy” exists as a farse. To con your lot you’re “equals” so you get to work in the benefit of the minority of Whites.

        Fourthly, the weight of such a majority is only “real” if there was a One World Government, or New World Order, where truly Democracy would ensure only the Coloures would retain any benefits or rights as so called “humanlings”.

        As history shows, democracies have always failed, or in the rare case of Nazi Germany, evolved into something better. Democracy is obsolete, for subhuman savages like the greek whores, no one believes in it, unless they’re educated extremely stupid like. Which is probably why you mention this now, since I doubt you received even little european education.

        Otherwise in the inevitable Failure of Democracy, the Priviledged Elites, such as Nobility or Females, will always rule over the “Massive Majority”. The white majority in europe tended to rebel against their white nobles, since “White Envy” happened, where one white did not wish other whites to get ahead of them, since they felt Equal in Race.

        Yet, in the case of “The World”, the Coloures feel like you deserve to be inferior or remain lower than, White Nobility, since you are in fact, Not Equal in Race.

        This is why Aristocracy will work even better when you have non’white slaves, than it worked even in the past, with the unruly white slaves !

        You may be too simple to grasp such hidden realities, which is why you will have such a nasty surprise in the near future ….

        My advice to you, is keep getting your hopes up. The more your morale falls at the first strike of midnight, the harder it will be for you to “get up”.

        The total Slavery of Other Races has been planned for centuries now. Like the “Day of the Lord”, it will come when you least expect it, in the dead of night.

        And there will be nothing you can do about it …..

  10. What gose up must come down!! lol. nothing stays at the top for long! so they better come to fact’s on real life. and better do it soon! haha!! i don’t feel sorry for there asses.

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