Violent Whiteness (Updated)

Here we go again.

Over the weekend. A man walked into a Sikh Temple in the suburbs outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin and opened fire into a group of people. Seven people were killed and three more were wounded in the massacre.

The shooter was identified as Wade Michael Page who was reported to have ties to white supremacist groups including two racist skinhead bands. The Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking him for some time prior to the shooting. He was himself killed by police after the shooting.

There were reports of other suspects involved in the shooting.

Considering that this happened more than two weeks after the horrific Denver Shooting that claimed the lives of 12 people at a movie theater, there is no other way of putting the following lightly: America is a violent, dysfunctional nation, and whiteness, one of it’s pathologies is the producer and by-product of this problem. Instead of engaging into another useless topic about gun control, why not discuss the problems this society has with it’s culpability of violence against innocent people – AND THAT INCLUDES WHITE VIOLENCE!

Already, to some calling it white violence is racist and demeaning. After all, white people are not naturally violent. On the other hand, black violence is way more appropriate, and Islamic terrorism is more PC by American standards.

Keep in mind that this latest attack did not occur in a Muslim Mosque but inside a Sikh Temple. Many people confuse them as being Muslims mostly because the Sikhs wear turbans and beards which are usually associated with Arabic and Islamic appearances in the Western media, and I’m sure Page thought the same way which is the core of the ongoing problem.

Whiteness has a tendency to make people identity others based on appearance alone. When that group is seen as a threat or is deemed worthless, whiteness will likely engage in violence to “remedy” nonwhites for the safety of white supremacy. It has been the norm for hundreds of years against the Native American nations when White Europeans invaded their lands. It was – and is- the order of the day to keep black people subservient, obedient and self-hating to build this nation. It has been the attack dog against Latinos and Asians here and in their home nations. AND it is the root of unchecked white-on-white violence.

*Whiteness also has a tendency to make white people believe that not only are they the minority in the world – which is true – but they are an endangered species. Some members who have adopted extreme right-wing whiteness think the white race is dying, and that it must use whatever means to keep their white skin alive, even if it means genocide. Such is the foundation proclaimed by hate groups in America and abroad.

The pathology of whiteness will claim as many lives as possible if this society doesn’t come to terms with its continuous onslaught on people of multiple backgrounds all for the sake of maintaining white supremacy, especially through murderous bloodshed.


49 thoughts on “Violent Whiteness (Updated)

  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

    Now, now Brothawolf, don’t go around telling fibs. Everyone knows that only brown people commit violent acts. Whites are good, decent wholesome Pilgrims that worked REAL hard to build this wonderful country.

    If only us Negroes could just go back to Africa, AmeriKlan would be such a safe place!

    1. Might thee implyung that Afrika doesn’t belong to White Europeans?

      What makes you presume Negroids have any claim upon the Black Kontinent?

      I’d rather Afrika belong to white europeans. Be a nice, proper colony of White Europe.

      We can deport all your Afroids back to Amerika, so you can have cannon fodder and slaves in your Racialist Wars.

      1. To hell with you, I’m an A’freak’an !!!!!

        Whites are all originally from Afrika, which means Afrika belongs to us.

        AFreakaaa, baby!!!! All White, Everywhere. Squirm at that notion …

      2. I’m kidding. You actually think I’d say “to hell with you”, to someone? That’s so peasant. I was using it as a joke to show how some of the people who target me here (because I’m white and better) behave whenever they lose an argument to me.

        However the extensive exploration and safaris and expeditions and Nile sailings, and diamonds and gold being harvested from Afrika, prove that it does belong to us Whites.

        Otherwise why would be welcomed upon it, with no protesting from the Aborigenes, who arrived there from Haiti, India and Australia?

        Everyone knows Afrika belongs to White Europe. No secret there. It’s even called “The White Kontinent”

  2. Oh, heavens! What could have drove this poor, opressed white champion of liberty, fraternity and equality and justice for all, to such desperation?

    Surely there are atenuating circumstances a’plenty. Even Saint Gregory had to use a lance to stab the Coloured Serpent, and provide White Christians with a White Right to conquer and rule Europe. And then the rest of the unimportant world.

      1. Aah, yees. The Black Pot can mention sexual body parts in every post, which doesn’t make her an Oversexualised Clichee.

        But the White Kettle not doing the same results in me being … the Oversexual One! Despite the Black Pot not being a virgin, like the White Kettle. So the white virgin is actually the slutty one, while the black one is the absolute angel of Black purity.

        I don’t know if you’re that desperate, that you make such wimpy mistakes and blatant contradictions: “Diary of a Negress”, or maybe you just feel generous with your sexual obsessions that you feel a need to share them with me as a tribute to your Superior, or an offer of Peace to your Conqueror?

        The point is, sex may be positive for you since it means Miscegenation and spreading of your beloved Venereal Diseasery. You try to sue for a truce or something by projecting some of your Positive Sexuality unto me, hoping to reduce me to a pacifist pussy and defeatist like yourself.

        Impossible. You see, before White Artists invented the notions of “Colours”, no one really understood Racism or what “Black” or “Maroon” is. They just thought it was earthy or earth-like, and didn’t attribute an ideal value of Colouring, which is ultimately racist.

        But after your kind started to see the Best People of the World’s Kontinents were pale, or colourless, you adopted their vision of Colours, which is ultimately purely subjective and wildly artistic, and began to parade your ‘Groidness’ or Negrativity.

        Negrativity is the Negative projection of your Negrosity, a mental issue which forces you to fanatically praise and worship all things not white. And Black being the least White, makes it the most praiseworthy to you.

        Jealousy of what the White Humans had and did and your nonWhites didn’t have and couldn’t do, is ingrained in your Groid Genetics.

        Much like the concept that you’re a Black Virgin Mary, pure as the most virginal of chaste coals, while I, simply because I’m pale, am a Serial Rapist Pan. And my pale skin affords me Godly Attributes of Raping everything I see, granting me an intangible but visible Cape of Villainhood.

        You think just because you have Rape Fantasies that hold me as the main character, this allows you to affirm I have a sexuality (asexual virgins however, do not) and also that your genetic Inferiority Complex of Discovering the Illusionary “Black Colour”, gives you the right to Offer the Priviledges Status of Superior Whites to whatever victim of rape you choose for me.

        An example. Your female (loosely used) ancestors wanted to claim all the benefits of the Civilized White Folk they envied (rightly so), and claimed Whites secretly wanted to Rape nonwhite women, to symbolically offer all their gifts and precious cultural riches to the Object of Desire.

        You believe that by projecting yourself as my Black Object of Desire, you have leached all of the White Advantages, and ultimately partook in my White Priviledge. Yours is the Cult of Greed and Materialism and Envy.

        Seeing how petty and narrow minded, but selfish aplently you can be with perfect strangers as myself, who doesn’t accuse you of Racism, as you accused me, makes me so incredibly grateful to the German God, that I am White, and not whatever paint colour you fell into the mixing Meltische Race Stew of, as an infant.


      2. I won’t even engage in your pathetic comment because it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Rape and sexuality has nothing to do with the events mentioned in this post or the concept behind it.

        If you want to talk about those things, and seeing as how critically sick you are in the head you want to, go to where the topic is relevant. Otherwise, shut the hell up.

      3. Or else what? You’ll deny the World your British Broadcasting Channel? I *hardly* doubt anyone cares if you cut off your genitals, and deny us humans usage of them.

        You could put them up in a Museum, if you’re so proud of them. Otherwise it seems like your Kind loves to talk about your genitals. Genitals this genitals that.

        Also your White Rapist Fetish scenario, which, again, you’ve provided no history evidence in support of? Why such, little french rooster? Why such?

        Are you so impotent you can’t even prove your own claims? Wild they may be, but still your blog. Your moral obligation to prove your affirmations. How else do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

        I used to think you had a critical open mind, and able to accertain your cause and back up your claims. I wanted you to prove me Whites are Criminals. Sadly, I was proven wrong. You only promote Antiwhite Racism, not actually debate or argumentation of “White Criminality”.

        If I wanted mindless nonsense Anti-White Rants, I’d have gone to any Jewish blog.

      4. When you say my kind, you meant mankind right? I didn’t think so.

        And please get off my genitals. I know you want them, but you can’t have them.

        Let me explain how you trolls think. You ask for proof, but you won’t accept it as viable or irrefutable. It shows you’re not looking for a reasonable debate let alone a descent conversation. So why ask in the first place if any proof against your (ha-ha) argument is rejected from the start?

        I never claimed that whites are criminals. So, why prove something that’s never been said to begin with?

        This topic is based on a crime committed by a white man. It proves that white people are not above violence like some think they are. It also proves that they still have a problem with non-whites because they are non-white.

        Finally, if you’re as smart as you think you are, why can’t you stay on topic? Why can’t you accomplish a simple task that 3rd graders can easily do? I guess you’re an outlier in the white supremacist range.

      5. Is mankind racist? No. Then ‘your kind’ is not mankind, it’s Racists. Froth at the mouth as you may, the aggressive anti-muslim media is governed by Jews.

        What is their intention? To force Semitic Aggressiveness unto Whites, possessing them to fight wars, that Jews have no courage to fight. More fragile minded, influenceable whites who are immature, may be driven to antimuslim religious acts, simply because Jews want Muslims and Whites to destroy each other in a world war, so that Jews can instill themselves over both worlds as “Benevolent Dictators”.

        You can’t blame a naive jew minded person, for having their mind poisoned by the Jewish cowards, who want to take over the Middle East from Islam, using their “multiculturally tolerant and jewloving docile white sheep”, who somehow only hates the cultures or people that Jewish “White Whisperers” tell them to hate.

        If questions you should be asking, why not ask who drove him to such actions? Who manipulated this young, brave, fearless innocent soul from a comfortable distance?

        He was merely th messanger of Jewish Hatred. Don’t kill the ambassadeurs, kill their Preachers. If you were not some Undercover-Jew-posing-As-Black-or-Minority, you WOULD admit this young pawn was sacrificed by some Jewish or Semitic Feudal Barons into provoking Islamic outrage and international tension.

        But you are Jewish, aren’t you? This is why you’re obsessd with a black genitalia you do not even have. And you justify your sexual fetish by pretending to be black on some blog.

      6. Well wasn’t it Jesus who tried to lead not just the Klan of Judges, but also the other Saxon Klans of Europe?

        In that period, many germanic tribes and other such, from Holy Roman Empire, Frankish Reich, and so on, conquered the Orient, driving back the thieves and mongoloid hordes of black men.

        Creating nations such as Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Romania (Imperium Romaniae), Lithuania, Persia, and even in India. The mixbred white looking folk from East Asia are descended from White Conquerors. Why do you think they brought churches and Christianity there? So far away? Because it was added by the White Christians from Europe who totally colonized the Orient, along with Levant and later Afrika.

        Despite overwhelming evidence of this, people chose to brand every muslim fanatic or fringe afrocentrist or gold supremacist a “scholar” instead of looking at presented proof, which is in perfect validity with White Supremacy in World History.

        Jesus may have been a peaceful (with many warlike impulses obviously) Saxon from the region of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire, but Alaric was not so pacifist, by trying to conquer the Germanic=Roman Reichs of Central West Europe.

        Allaric is less remembered only because he was warlike, and a conqueror. Despite achieving more than Jesus, by created the Medieval Age, which evolved everything and everyone from the muck and mire of Antiquity.

        If I were for the Romans, I’d be taking Jesus’ example. If I were against the Romans, I’d be taking Alaric’s example.

        Sadly for you, I am against the Romans. Which means I get to improove Jesus’ teachings with Alaric’s conquests.

  3. 1. Native Amerikoons are nomadic. They don’t “own” lands. They roam them. After they (stole) bought horses from White Europeans, they roamed even more, and became violent against their White Gods (Benefactors). Ever heard of scalping?

    2. The German Gott created diseases in Europe that Amerikans were not immune to. This is why most living “native amerikoons” have 01 blood type, which has the highest immune protection. Most of the others A2 B3 AB4 died from those diseases in Europe. This meant a lot of empty lands to be filled with White Europeans.

    3. They have reservations. This is more than whites have had in either of the World Wars, where you Amerikoons allied with Asians against White Europeans, executing german prisoners on sight, or raped millions of innocent german or slavic undefended women in wartime, and after the ’45 occupation.

    1. Hey Al:

      Since I made a promise not to speak to racist morons, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

      Brothawolf is a heterosexual male. That means whatever you’re selling, he’s not interested. Why don’t you find some Big Black Cock elsewhere…like on the corner of 42nd street with the other desperate, lonely, in-the-closet, pale-skinned, limp-dick, unattractive white males.

      1. I’m certain this is what he wants as he loves to mention rape in some of his responses in topics that don’t call for it. Allegory wants some black dick it seems.

      2. If it’s not good enough for you, what makes you think it’s good for someone superior to you?

        Bloated Brown Chimp is a cooking recipe, if I’m not mistaken. They skin your kind alive, keep you bleeding until you die, or burn you alive if you survive.

        Then your skin is strung up to dry in the desert sun and heat, then you’re good to go.

        You may not be good at imitating humans or other superior creatures, but at least you make nice, exotic … cooking ingredients.

        Also, there is a rumour that Black “Females” are oversexual. I didn’t believe it, or expect you to confirm it by mentioning rooster animals in your insults. Perhaps you are obsessed with french dicks? Why else would you mention such?

        Unfortunately for you, I’m not French. And what kind of racist traitor would I have to be, and insult white women by wasting it on you, even if I were french?

        I cannot be racist against whites, so my body or sexual life are none of your concerns, Coco.

        You know, it’s exactly your kind of sycophant racist pale-aroused anger or “white rage” that gives so many of your kind your bad reputation.

        Kind of like that university professor who said
        “We have to exterminate Whites”.

        Don’t you see you’re trying to provoke or educate Racism where it wasn’t there previously?

      3. Allegory,

        At what point did Truth say or implied that you’re French? If I didn’t think you’ve lost it before, this confirms it. Then again, you have to have “it” in order to lose it.

      4. I forgot I am dealing with misseducated mongoloids.

        “Cock” is the word for french rooster, or “chicken”. The Hen is the female rooster, and the cock is the male rooster. Or whatever, ask a vet.

        The explanation is that roosters sound like “cuckadoodledooo”, hence their nickname “cock”.

        You don’t know much about Animals, or how they are Superior to you.

      5. Technically there were not enough Native Ams, on North Amerika to actually hold ALL of the lands from East to North to West coast. There was plenty of inhabitable surface, which was several times the total size of Europe!

        So unless you decide Europe was 10 times overpopulated in 1492, and all of them, bar none, migrated “en masse” for fear of the Black Plague or whatever, then they’d barely hold enough living space to sometimes encounter Indians.

        Who by the way, are NOT NATIVE to Amerika. They are Natives to Asia, Polinezia, and so on and so forth. The Whites were searching for a safer trade route or alternative sailing routes to India, for spices and such. Not a new world to inhabit and murder everything they saw.

        Then came the unhappy tradition of scalping. Native Asians who had invaded Amerika decided they want to raid the two continents all by themselves, so they can use the natural gold to mine and buy more weapons and horses to scalp and rape more white settlers.

        Then a few Retaliation Armies awoke in Europe and saw their peaceful settlers and miners were being robbed and murdered, which is when they were forced to drive back the Asian Menace, and use the riches of the new world to make White Europe strong enough to hold back the Eastern Asian Menace back home.

        Strategically whites were outnumbered. Both by the Asian Indians in Amerika, and by the SAME ASIANS AND INDIANS in Asia, which is much larger than Europe in it’s North West. Thus more ‘endangered’.

        If those resources found on the Neutral Amerikas, and barely protected from Muslims Pirates or Indian Raiders, were used for the protection of White Europe, this is why Middle East and Asia haven’t murdered or invaded us yet.

        World Wars One and Two hold testimony to my case. Whites have been under threat of dangerous Asians both from the East in Asia bordering Europe, and the South when Asians invaded North Afrika, and from the West, whn Muslims and Asians invaded Amerika, posing as “Natives”.

        Indians are not NATIVE AMERIKANS, you miseducated miscegenator! They are ethnically mongolian, eskimo, polinesian, hindu, and so forth. None of them are ethnically “Amerikan”, on either one of the twin continents.

    2. 1. Native Americans came to America to live. So yes, they did own lands. And who in the hell are these white Gods you mentioned? If you meant white men, they are as far from God as you are from history.

      2. What are you smoking?

      3. Whatever YOU want to call it, it was rightfully theirs. They did nothing wrong to the white man. Yet, the white man did EVERYTHING wrong to them. That’s when they started to defend themselves against the true roaming people of that time, white people who wanted to expand and settle on lands that belong to Native Americans. You would call it exploration and pioneering. I call it invasion and expansion as they killed and raped many Native Americans during their quests.

      4. America allied with Britain and Russia during the second World War against the Axis Powers which consisted of Germany, the nation you seem to be infatuated with, Italy and Japan. During the war before the bombing of Japan, the U.S. promoted strict racism against Japanese people in America out of fear that they were spies. In those days it was hard to tell who was Japanese and who was not-Japanese, but were still of Asian descent. So, it’s no surprise that racism against Asians was excused during that time.

      5. America engaged in a war with the Communists in a fruitless attempt to see which politico-economic ideology is greater. Part of this Cold War was fought in Southeast Asia. It didn’t matter if innocent Asians were there. Both the U.S. and former U.S.S.R. wanted to make their cases known even if it meant murder.

      6. Get a life.

  4. Great post. Another monster has been apprehended. But they are just like cock roaches you can’t kill them all.

  5. Brotha Wolf, check out the Google doodle for today. Is that a black man running on a damn watermelon. talk about subliminal messages. Check it out.

  6. Allegory, your babbling calls for shock treatment followed with high dosages of psychiatric medications! Calm down now! the angry white man syndrome is got you caught up in it’s grip!

    1. If it’s just harmless babbling (hint @ Babel and Babilon) why do you suppose human superstitions may cure such a Divine Curse, in the first place? Might thou be an utter moron?

      Secondly, why are you intimidated by mere babbling? Perhaps it strikes too deep in your fear chord. Paralysing you with Racial Guilt and forcing you to face your Crimes against White Humanity.

      What do you mean by angry white syndrome? You’re the one using exclamation marks, like your house is on fire.

      Noisy, mindless, senseless Coloured.

      Writing more than you, just means I am Superiorly Racial, and more focused mentally. Or you’re just a lazy melon sucker.

      1. I’m sure Hernieth is more amused than intimidated. Why should she be? You’re way over there is your little corner in Europe. What would you do? Spam her to death? LMAO.

        And you are exhibiting the angry white syndrome because you HATE IT when I speak my mind on this blog. Yet, you come here with your nonsense and for what? To teach me a thing or two? Puh-lease.

      2. Why not? All you people come here on this blog is to learn from your White Teachers, and you don’t even have to thank me for it. I simply enlighten you, free of debt.

        Same with you. You only write because you want someone to critique and improve your works. You write because you want to learn the Truth.

        You’re welcome for this.

        DiaryofaNegress is the same. She wants to exercise her sympathy, so she makes excuses for me, victimizing me so that she may feel sorry for me.

        This is a nurturing “maternal instinct” which proves your kind only talks tough because you don’t want your soft, sensitive interior to be hurt.

        In reality you’re just honey filled chocolate bears. You want to befriend Whites, attracting their attention through blogs like this one, only to “earn their friendship and compassion”. You crave Emotions.

        Superficially to the unwise eye, it may appear or look or sound like Anti White Racism. But it’s actually supportive of White Supremacy, and demanding of White Tolerance. You see Whites as the “Absentee Parent”, and yourselves as the Orphans.

        And now you’re screaming for White Love and White Attention. And most importantly of all, White Acceptance. But your kind is too proud to admit this, of course. Since you have no diplomacy.

  7. Smh @allegory To say that this dude gives me the creepS, is truly an understatement of the year! lol On a side note, my heart and prayers go out to the victims of the Shikh community-may they stay strong and have peace and healing…

      1. That must be lovely news to you, brother wolf, the Grand Mason of Zoophily. If it’s a white male you and your afrikan brothers must be all tingling to rape them.

        Hopefully for you, they will be thrown into jail, where the Majority of Afrikans will be able to make a repeat of their Bedouin Brother’s Black Rape of Napoleon’s French Armee upon landing in Egypt.

        For everyone knows PoC have no heterosexual males. The Colour simply turns them to mindless fornicating beasts. Overpowers them, just look in Brazil or Afrika or Asia. The Muslims are only pretending to persecute gays so they keep up their straight aura, to hide they’re actually international gay pimps.

        You know about those molested little boys at the Mosques, right? The only men muslims execute in public, are the ones who turned down their gay advances !!! True Story, unfortunately.

        I see you people drooling with joy whenever they “apprehend a whitey”. You are happy because that’s one less white person in White Society to enjoy White Priviledge, and one more rape victim for you prison dwellers.

        Sad. All of you gays should be burned in giant ovens.

        I’m not surprised I “give you the creeps”, little Niquee. As a Superior One of a Dominant Race, it’s natural to intimidate my Inferiors. Also, since I enjoy White Priviledge, I can afford to be generous, hence the “giving”…. Creepiness is a gift that keeps on giving.

      2. See? There you go again with the subject of black rape! What is it with you and the subject of rape? Only someone with a sick mind would bring up that subject all the time as a means to try to demean a certain group or set of groups for no sound reason.

      3. It’s not a subject. It’s a prison reality. And you know who lives in prison? Your relatives and ethnic species.

        Check and mate, mate!

  8. Dang! Set on fire?! That is not only chilling, but also remininscent of the 4 little sweet girls who were bombed in church at Brimingham AL. I hope that alL people (especially those of “color”) take a good long look at these types of injustices, and learn to work together to battle the “real” enemy of injustice!!

  9. @ Brothawolf, U are totally correct about people becoming pushed too far-and how it can lead to an emotionally ( yet justified) implosion towards the injustice that pushes it!! As for that crEEpy dude, OMG and LOL simultaneously 4 thinking that I am Physically scared of the likes of u..PoppycocK! and as for “Superiority”, I can’t help but snicker at the asinine comments u make-it only helps to provide further evidence of ur Obvious emotional, mental, etc.deficiencieS!! Seriously though, seek some therapY…

      1. Hitler is a Prophet and a Leader. You are none of either.

        Hitler never killed anyone. You cannot say the same.

        You belong to a race of rapists. I never saw Adolf Hitler or SS or Wehrmacht raping anyone or stealing anything or vandalizing Paris or London.

        When your kind rioted in Paris and England, you know the results of that. When Adolf entered Paris, they shot the Eiffel Tower, took in the sights, waltzed above the Seine, and that was it.

      2. I never said I was a prophet or leader.

        He killed millions of people, most of them were the Jewish faith.

        I belong to a race of human beings. What’s your excuse.

      3. Jews have no “faith”. Only Interests and Greed. They twist the minds of dumb christians and dumb atheists alike, to their ends. It’s not that Jews are intelligent, it’s that their lowborn tricks draw in those of little intellect.

        Adolf didn’t kill anyone. You’re paranoid. Stricken with “Evil Whitey” Paranoia, and delusions of Grandeur. You think your little racist blog changes anything in the history of the Whites?

        No. It changes absolutely nothing. This is why it’s amusing to see you struggle in vain.

        Do you have any ideea how long it would take you to kill even a million of people? More years than you have in your life. Think first, say shit later. This way you can avoid self humiliation and embarassment.

        It’s odd how driven by beast instinct and base impulses you can be. Have you no self control or superior mentality?

        Not a single Jew died in the Third Reich, or Europe while Adolf Hitler was alive and kicking. The millions of African descendents (with curly semite hair and gold skin) who had migrated to First World Power of Germany before and after the Versailles Treaty, had lost all public functions and rights to work in Germany. This meant they had no love of Germans or Germany, to keep them there. So they left to other countries, to work or stay live.

        Logic, see? Germany had no more crimes or corruption after those African–Americans (6 million of them in Germany alone, yes?) were forbidden to work or hoard the wealth of Germans in their vast personal treasuries and bank accounts, and had no choice than to take their business elsewhere.

        What are some of the names of those so called “dead americans” of the Mozaic cult? You realize to prove their deaths you must first prove their existence. Did actual humans (read whites or europeans) know of their existence before they went missing? No? That sucks for you.

        Because I can name thousands upon thousands of little Jews “who could escape and would escape, and did escape”. Theirs is proof no other Jews could have died. Except from starvation, since Germany during the war was starving, and had to import a lot of food from fellow Axis nations, including mine.

        There was not enough food for normal civilians of the Third Reich, or Axis nations. Let alone for minorities such as millions of Jews. Who simply went back to Amerika, or England or Russia, to their Black relatives, and ate Ukraine’s food, currently stolen and held by Soviet Russia and Soviet Amerika, and allies who had ocuppied Ukraine forcing a localized famine “Holodomor”, since 1932 to 1941.

        You are very uncritical in thought, and lack superior inteligence. I should have expected you fell for a cheap hoax like the Holohoax.

    1. What is it with you “Dames of Colour”? This discussion is not about my genitalia, why are you being offtopic and trying to virtually fondle my roostages?

      You don’t see me trying to harass or sexually molest girls from Coloured races. Talking about their “twats”, or “cunts”. Whenever I use those words I use it to mock the british communists, and their races in general.

      I don’t talk about “black pussay” or “chocolate breasts”. I tried just now and I almost vomited.

      The idea of that much chocolate gives me diabetes and a sugar distaste. Just imagine two giant breast sized chocolate orbs, and how fat you will get.

      No thank you. I am not a PoC, so I cannot afford to let myself grow fat / effeminate.

      I am “slim and trim, swift as a greyhound, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel !”

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