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Here we go again.

Over the weekend. A man walked into a Sikh Temple in the suburbs outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin and opened fire into a group of people. Seven people were killed and three more were wounded in the massacre.

The shooter was identified as Wade Michael Page who was reported to have ties to white supremacist groups including two racist skinhead bands. The Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking him for some time prior to the shooting. He was himself killed by police after the shooting.

There were reports of other suspects involved in the shooting.

Considering that this happened more than two weeks after the horrific Denver Shooting that claimed the lives of 12 people at a movie theater, there is no other way of putting the following lightly: America is a violent, dysfunctional nation, and whiteness, one of it’s pathologies is the producer and by-product of this problem. Instead of engaging into another useless topic about gun control, why not discuss the problems this society has with it’s culpability of violence against innocent people – AND THAT INCLUDES WHITE VIOLENCE!

Already, to some calling it white violence is racist and demeaning. After all, white people are not naturally violent. On the other hand, black violence is way more appropriate, and Islamic terrorism is more PC by American standards.

Keep in mind that this latest attack did not occur in a Muslim Mosque but inside a Sikh Temple. Many people confuse them as being Muslims mostly because the Sikhs wear turbans and beards which are usually associated with Arabic and Islamic appearances in the Western media, and I’m sure Page thought the same way which is the core of the ongoing problem.

Whiteness has a tendency to make people identity others based on appearance alone. When that group is seen as a threat or is deemed worthless, whiteness will likely engage in violence to “remedy” nonwhites for the safety of white supremacy. It has been the norm for hundreds of years against the Native American nations when White Europeans invaded their lands. It was – and is- the order of the day to keep black people subservient, obedient and self-hating to build this nation. It has been the attack dog against Latinos and Asians here and in their home nations. AND it is the root of unchecked white-on-white violence.

*Whiteness also has a tendency to make white people believe that not only are they the minority in the world – which is true – but they are an endangered species. Some members who have adopted extreme right-wing whiteness think the white race is dying, and that it must use whatever means to keep their white skin alive, even if it means genocide. Such is the foundation proclaimed by hate groups in America and abroad.

The pathology of whiteness will claim as many lives as possible if this society doesn’t come to terms with its continuous onslaught on people of multiple backgrounds all for the sake of maintaining white supremacy, especially through murderous bloodshed.