The Situation With Gabby

The following is a topic suggested by Mary Burrell.

Gabriel “Gabby” Douglas is a name that is currently famous in the internet and sports news media. Why? This young 16 year-old girl win gold medals in both individual and team all-around competitions for the U.S. Women’s gymnastic’s team during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. This little trooper has made history to become the first African American woman to become an individual all-around champion AND the first American gymnast to win the gold in both team and individual competitions at the same time.

I think Gabby deserves a standing ovation, don’t you think? However, there are a few things going on that is trying to downplay the successes of this little prodigy. As usual one of those culprits is the mainstream media with i’s White American hero lens and overall appetite for sensationalism. However, there is another that is equally troubling, and that is the criticism from American black women.

Let’s get to the mainstream media first.

I did my research about Gabby Douglas’ coverage and found out that the media was, for lack of a better term, a hater. An article from Clutch Magazine stated how Gabby’s success was shadowed by the media’s insistence to focus on Jordan Wieber since the latter fits more into the “All-American” narrative. Yet, that would not have a significant impact as to NBC’s commercialism.

After Gabby’s reported win by Bob Costas, NBC then aired a promotion for its up-and-coming show ‘Animal Practice’ that featured a monkey doing gymnastics. Immediately, people were outraged and cried “Racist!” on the spot.

Some people thought it was poor timing on NBC’s part to air the promotion right after that report. Some people thought too many whiners made a big deal about nothing. I mean after all, people like to see racism in everything. But, what some people fail to realize is the history of associating black people with primates has been a part of American society for generations. And it is hurtful to even suspect that such was the case in this matter even if there were no intentions. Whether this was the response to Gabby’s big wins is another, more complicated story.

Seeing a monkey doing gymnastics may have been hilarious at any other time, but to see it after witnessing a black woman, or black person in general, performing gymnastics reopens old wounds for many people, especially blacks.

Yet, the hysteria didn’t end there! There were haters coming out the woodwork criticizing Gabby’s hair. Sadly, most of the disdain came from black women who thought this young champion’s hair was not “kept” and that she wasn’t “representing” as she should – with her hair. SERIOUSLY!?

Monisha R. at Sporty Afros explains the shear ridiculousness of this haterism way better than I can right now:

“Have we forgotten that Gabby is competing at Olympics XXX? This is not America’s Next Top Model that we’re watching. These ladies are participating in a global athletic competition. And the last time I checked when you play a sport, you sweat. I know I do. And when a Black woman who has chosen to wear her hair straight begins to sweat, her hair will (not might) begin to revert back to its natural coily, curly, or kinky state. Does Gabby need to stop every five minutes to check her hair? No. When one experiences back-to-back intense workouts, that person learns what works best on their hair.

Through all this and more, I wondered about something that makes no sense. People always tell black folks that they need to “pull up their bootstraps” and work hard harder in order to achieve their goals. Gabby did just that. She overcame adversity with the help and support of her family. Now that she not only succeeded but also made history, for some reason or another, there’s a problem with that? Sighs!

People, understand that this is a 16 year-old girl who has accomplished WAY more than most 16 year-olds have done! Hell, she has accomplished way more than MOST ADULTS! Gabby is a story everyone should be proud of. She’s not a teen mom. She’s not a gang member. She is a champion! There should be nothing wrong with that, but in a country like America, it is apparently.


48 thoughts on “The Situation With Gabby

  1. She is making history. I just love this quote by Marcus Garvey. “We are a race cursed with petty differences.” That quote is so apropo in this case when discussing young Miss Douglas. Sisters,some not all have a long way to go. This kind of foolishness will retard the African American community’s progress. Sisters and Brothers we have to do better.

  2. You expressed what I tried to in my post. I glossed over the hair comments because they just make me roll my eyes, but shows a level of ignorance that I’m not surprised about. Most people will find anyway to bring down someones accomplishments, smh.

      1. It is because of the internalized racism that still plagues Black people. And in the case of hair, plagues Black women in particular.

      2. Oh So Black against Black Racism is So possible and So dangerous … but White against White Racism is impossible and ridiculous, to you?

        How is it that us whites are afforded the priviledge to be PERFECT FUCKING ANGELS that we aren’t capable of being AntiWhite or racist against other Whites, yet you demonize and attack your own breed, by saying the most racist thing, which is that Blacks are racist against Blacks.

        Maybe you are right. Maybe this is why you’re calling your kind Racists, which makes you yourself a racist just like them, and you’re right.

        But then, if Whites are “Evul Raycists” ourselves, how are we so incapable of being as racist (if not more) against our own white races?

        Explain your paradox, otherwise you’ll lose even more credibility with Intelligent People.

      3. Cause the media wants to play some weird angle like yeah you did all that but it doesn’t matter. Too many people are too in awe of Gabby to focus on the ignorant few and thats why I keep my posts on her goals.

      4. Brothawolf:

        Im tired of being tired. Not only do we have to fight whites but our own kind that want to tear us down.

        When will the envy, malice and silliness end? This is what whites want…our slow killing of each other.

      5. Fight whites? Seriously? Do you think I wake up planning my next operation against Black Women? Or against Subhumans in general?

        Believe it or not, White people have LIVES. We have white problems and issues, and our lives don’t revolve around “Fighting the Afroids”.

        Trust me, “DiaryofaNegress”, if I had the same primitive savage hatred against your kind that you have against Whites, I’d be going down to Afrika, and killing your kind indiscriminately. Hunting Seazon Baby !!!

        Except I don’t do that. Afrika is just below Europe, yet normal Whites aren’t waging “all out wars” against you.

        Ever wonder why?

      6. You come to my blog on your own free will, constantly spreading your hatred and white supremacist idealism that would make Hitler himself laugh at you, and you say you don’t have that savage hatred against blacks?

        Lives are not exclusive to white people. I know that’s very difficult to understand, but it’s true. And we don’t fight whites for hatred or any other reason. We fight the system of white supremacy and – if need be – fight those who support it. It’s not out of hatred, but out of love for us AND WHITES.

  3. You have a lot of self-loathing negroes out there brotha. The fact that they would criticize a sixteen year old teenager’s hair style as oppose to her outstanding achievements illustrates this. Beware the kerchief heads folks! As for these clowns at NBC, this was probably intentional. Negroes, we are in a damnable position; if we fail were are par for the course, if we succeed, we didn’t do it on our own merit, it was because we received some sort of affirmative action or were cut some slack along the way. Do what you have to do, the white racists can go hump themselves.

  4. If she was white, do you think she would have been better received? Like praised with a commercial of a cracker doing backflips into the milk bowl? Or her hair would be ‘perfect’ by white girl standards?

    I doubt such. Anyway olympics isn’t real, it’s just like dog fights. You got your sleazy first seat Heebroid with their bets, making money off of poor idiots who actually think they’re “athletes” or “champions”.

    No. They’re animals in public pole dances and I’m glad my country was terrible at London (winning only 2 gold medals). They should learn their damned place. Nudism or Striptease is not civilization. It’s a disgrace.

    All the London goer imbeciles who pose as sports kin, should be drowned in the Thames, regardless of skin colour. Sports is not a serious occupation.

    I’m glad that’s not a Superior Female up there (read: White Woman), because she’d be just embarassing her Female Race. True feminine skills for white women include: decapitating muslims, castrating false christians, drowning jews, crusading against the New World, England or Spain, mutilating asians or inferior russians. Impaling the turks or burning the nonwhites.

    Not prancing about on a leash like some gay altar boys. White women need to embrace their Intellectualism, and create new fields of study and research. Their intelligence is vital to European Civilizations.

    And leave the skinny dancing to Animaloids.

  5. Take your medications so you can stop hallucinating. Cthulu ain’t here to help you. When you’ve settled down a bit, can you tell us what country you emanate from so we can avoid going there?

    1. I come from EEEEEUUUURRROOOOOPPPPEEE !@!!!!@$@#%@#$%@^^

      Which you should always stay out and away from. This is “WHITE DEVIL LAND”, people.

      Learn to respect White Property.

      1. Well folks, at least he calls it “White Devil Land” himself.

        Oh! And since when has Europe ever been “white property” in a legal sense?

      2. Since when has it not? Are you claiming Afrika, begging us White Devils to leave it, or screaming at white folk to leave Amerika and “go back to Europe”, only to declare suddenly they have no where to go back to?

        Talk about conceitedness, or intense stupidity. I can never tell with you.

      3. I asked, when has Europe been declared ‘white’ in a legal or political sense, fignuts.

        In any case what does this have to do with the topic?? You trolls get dumber and more desperate for attention by the day. It’s not even funny anymore.

      4. You sound rather uneducated. Was it not YOU who said you hate and fight against White Supremacy?

        Therefore it stands to Reason (yeah ever heard of that one?) that Europe and all White Minority lands belong to White Superiors.

        Otherwise if Europe is not White Devil Land, what the fuck are you idiots fighting against?!?!

        You must be the vapid loser. To deny the very Core of your Fundamentalist Beliefs, what kind of mindless fanatic are you?

  6. Gabby is such a beautiful teen. The irony of the hair comments thrown at her was that she had the neatest hair on her team. I think that many Black people were really focusing on Gymnastics for the first time, and came to the sport with their own consciousness: Hair Consciousness; as such the commentary. Though I do not see why we highlight it. Let fools debate on twitter–why is that news?

    1. Personally, and I know a lot of people will have a problem with it, I’m not too focused on the issue of hair. If it’s natural, fine. If it’s straight, fine. If it’s fake, fine. It doesn’t make them any less black. Like India Arie said, “They are not their hair”.

    1. You are a desperate trash. White Priviledge is only useful to us, Whites.

      Not Mulatto Chocolate Drunk Chocolate Faces like you, Coco brain.

  7. This girl is so amazing. Along with being absolutely adorable, she has more talent in her little body than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s honestly a shame she’s not getting the respect she deserves.

    1. Everyone knows the Union of Soviet Amerika buys their medals for propaganda, and the Olympics are easily rigged. Why, just days ago the US “contested” the result of the judges, and stole the gold medal from my country’s athlete. How? The bribed judges claimed “the degree of difficulty was greater in US’s act”.

      Cuntfappery. Twatfondlage. Those lazy brits would be poorer than russians if they didn’t sell their souls for foreign bribes, and publicity hoaxes and media stunts.

      Ahh, yes. And you wonder why Soviet Russia got so many medals? It riggs the Olympics with Soviet Amerika so they have propaganda cheese to draw all the imbeciles to migrate to their filthy depravo lands.

      PS: Those lands don’t even belong to them.

      1. I think the only reason brothawolf allows your comments on his blog is because they’re depressingly hilarious. Maybe you should realize this and get off your high horse.

  8. It is my sincerest hope that Ms. Doouglas stays grounded and centered-whilst not letting any of this negative coverage affect her self-esteem and confidence. So far, she seems to be handling it all wonderfully!

  9. Gabby is an inspiration to all blk-girl’s!! yay! we love u gurl!! so fuck the hater’s!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. u can’t touch her man.

  10. Hmm, that would explain why Ms. Douglas didn’t get much spotlight from US news outlets. The global ones covered her much more. That having said, and the solemness aside, if only she were a year older. Me gusta.

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