Notable Links: 8-3/12

The Herero and Nama Genocide

The Herero and Nama genocide (1904-1908) was carried out by Germany in South West Africa, now called Namibia. It killed 60,000 Hereros and 10,000 Nama, 50% to 70% of them. It featured concentration camps, skin-and-bone people, mass graves, medical experiments and good German record-keeping – more than 30 years before the Jewish Holocaust.

Open Thread: Gabby Douglas, You’re My Goddess

While fans of “The Fab Five” were ignoring 16-year-old Gabrielle Douglas, over on the Black Girls Club, we couldn’t shut up about her. Every other week or so, we were posting YouTube vids of her on our Facebook. I personally kept one eye on her progress from bubbly young rookie to no-nonsense Olympian.

Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Dead In Back of Cop Car, Officer Alleges Suicide

Chavis Carter was arrested for alleged drug possession and for missing a court date on previous drug charges.

Sergeant Lyle Waterworth of the Jonesboro police department claims that despite having been searched and handcuffed before being placed inside of the squad car, Carter somehow managed to shoot himself in the head.

Deported Dad Wins Rare ‘Parole’ Hearing to Re-Enter Country for Custody Hearing

In a highly unusual decision, the federal immigration enforcement agency, ICE, has granted a deported father temporary permission to enter the U.S. so that he can attend a court hearing regarding on his parental rights and the custody of his three young children. Yesterday, Felipe Bautista Montes walked out of the airport in Charlotte, N.C., and made his way to Sparta, the town where he lived for nearly a decade with his wife, Marie Montes, where his kids were born, and where the children now live in foster homes.

The End of July Is Only the Beginning Of Mental Health Awareness

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Across the board among minority groups in the US, stigmas surrounding mental health and treatment are much greater than they are for whites. So while July is almost over, I hope this is only the beginning of the Asian American community and other minority communities championing a shame-free discussion about our mental health.


19 thoughts on “Notable Links: 8-3/12

  1. Thanks Brotha, Like the thread from the other blog stated, Bow down to Miss Gabby Douglass she is the new reigning princess of gymnastics. This not the Michael Phelps/Jordyn Weiber show like the white people want to make this out to be. She will not be ignored. You could’nt ignore her even if you wanted to. I”m am all about team Gabby D. Now concerning the young man that the laws say committed suicide. There is something fishy about that. That needs to be investigated. Again another young black man murdered by racist policeman. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton need to get their asses in there and everyone needs to protest to bring justice to this travesty of justice. That’s just my two cents.

  2. Herero and Namba genocides the Germans were murdering savages. Killing these innocent people for their land and other resources. I’m not surprised by this. It was something new to learn. The German Kaiser was just as savage as Adolf Hitler killing more African people than Hitler killing the Jews. I’m sure they don’t acknowledge this in Germany.

  3. Concerning July being the end of Mental Health month. I feel as African Americans we should not be ashamed to say we need help in this area. Many brothers and sisters and people of color have struggles in this area of health. I completly understand how our spirts and souls would be affected in this white supremacist society we live in. My I recommend the book Black Pain by Terry Williams. We need healling in our community.

    1. I tried to participate in the Siwe project, but for some reason my messages couldn’t go through – maybe because I don’t have facebook or twitter. I dunno.

      I read Black Pain and it was very informative.

  4. There is no such thing, or event as a “Judeo-Holocaust”. Jews are immortal and indistructible.

    Not a single jew died in Ukraine 1932-32, while 20 million+ ukrainans (white europeans you hate so much) were deported to slave labour camps, gulags or death camps, and starved while russian trucks stole harvests from ukrainean reposessed farms, from under their noses, with permission from PoC Stalin “Dugashvili” and help from the Red Army’s PoC.

    Not a single Hebroid or Afroid died in the Armenian Massacre of 1915 either. Executed by the Islamic Sultan with counsel from trade rivals of Jewish merchants, who hated and coveted the businesses of the fair, christian white armenian folk. Islamists of Turkey are PoC like you and Latinos. Their armenian victims? White and european, peaceful merchants.

    As for your genocide, can you provide evidence that the Germans were not simply concerned with venereal or tropical diseases that would kill locals, and actually used experiments to save their lives? Which is why only half of them died, as the rest were saved by German medics and healers?

    If Germany had wished to “genocide” those people, how come so many of them survived? Just look at 12,5+ russian casualties in WW2. Germans would have killed 97%+ of all Afrikans if they so desired. Which obviously they never did.

    In the words of Adolf Hitler, why are the Hottentots and Aborigenals given high public stations, without any qualifications for that, while honest, qualified germans were below beggar life quality after the Great War? Germany was actually fighting against persecution of germans BY the Afroids.

    Who in many examples such as the French Foreign Legion, witnessed the abuse of german women at the filthy rapist paws of Negroids in service to French Legion.

    What’s that? No negress was raped by Germans, you say? How convenient! That just makes you the Rapist Blackie, and Germans the most abused victims of over two world wars.

    Why doesn’t anyone feel sad for the victims of German descent? Where’s your humanity?

    1. Why you say? Because Germany has had a history of supremacy in Europe in one form of another. Why feel sorry for a country that has a past bloodstained with it’s superiority complex?

      You constant excuses for excusing genocides when it was committed by whites is astounding, even by troll standards.

      1. Because Germany (children of Hermann or abraham of the bible) as well as the Saxons, chidren of Isaax (or israel of the bible) are the Chosen People. The Master Race of Europe.

        They created ancient and medieval civilizations, conquered Asia, Afrika, Vinland and brought humanity to the inferior nonwhite savages. They are responsable for the Persian Reich, the Indian Reich, the Russian Reich, the Roman Reichs (Genoa and Venice, the West and East Roman Empires of south European histories), the Holy Roman Empire.

        Without Germans, there would be no more white people. No White Races or White Cultures, no idea of Europe to dominate the asian steppes or the seas. No idea of Ages or Human speech.

        Germans created everything necessary for this world to exist.

      2. You’re probably have heard this before many times, but you are so full of crap.

        God created a group of people to conquer everyone else that He created and to take over the world by any and all means including genocide. So, God isn’t a loving god as so many people claim He is, but he is a white male, megalomaniac god who hates everyone else but white people, especially Germans.

        Yes. That’s your god Allegory.

      3. Not “take over the world” per’say. The Englander subhumans of Atlantic (Britunculi or Ameriko) feared and envied the Universal Scientific Language, that is German.

        They needed two fake world wars to replace the famous German philosophers, thinkers, poets, writers, composeurs, musicians, warriors, generals, nationalists, intellectuals or industrialists and merchants.

        Take Adolf Hitler for example. The finest of White Intellectuals, also a highly talented painter, was also a devoted warrior in the Great War, and a skilled politician. Diplomacy and Military Wisdom? Unmatched by anyone in all of known human history. Not even by the Emperor of Sweden, Adolphus Gustav, the protestant of anticatholic persuasion of the 30 Years War.

        The english knew they are underclassed against the real european forces of germanic stock from continental Europe (Real Europe).
        There are a few good europeans in England, just like there were a few good europeans in Germany.

        But as far as history is witness, England had absolutely no contribution to Europe, in terms of culture, civilization, evolution, humanity or any such lore. Barring the Magna Charta which is a dubious masonic pornography.

    2. Really, Allegory, it would be adorable to see you try to use grown up words if it wasn’t for the trash that spews forth from your mouth while you do.

      1. Perls of Truth are known to reflect the character of the beholder. In your case, only flaws.

        PS: I never said anything. I am typing, using my fingers. Do you … type with your lips, tongue or teeth?

        Now THAT would be interesting to see ….

      2. Adorable use of semantics right there, you little dipshit. You know what I meant, there’s no need to try and be clever when you’re just a fucking moron.

      3. Excellent rethorics. Socrates would be proud of you. Even jealous in term of hideousness, which I’m sure you outrival the Great One himself …

        I can continue, but it’s obvious you’re only becoming more and more aggitated, as your inferiority is made obvious to you and world.

        Perhaps you cry now? Take meds? Forget about it, and find some imaginary reason why you’re still “smarter than Evil Whitey”.

        There’s a good Pig.

      4. Sweetie, if there’s one thing I’m secure in, it’s my superiority to you. And I’ve had much worse things happen to me then some obnoxious twelve year old with Aspergers come in and tell me that I’m a pig. So if you want those tears to start flowing, come up with some new material, which I doubt your little soupy brain can manage.


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