Hating Blacks Defending Themselves

Over the past few days, I’ve checked out a few blogs that detailed black and white relations. Some blog posts try to wonder why (some) white people dehumanize, fear and hate blacks. Well, in the comment section, there were certain people -some claiming to be white – who were quick on the defensive. They said that such a discussion is racist and unfair to whites.

Such blogs go on to explain that most of the problems that blacks face on a constant basis is due to white racism and white supremacy which is infused in this nation. Piles of research and information helps support this as well as dispel most or all conclusions that black people are their own and society’s problem.

Keep in mind that some of these blogs were operated by black people, and the comments came from people who ventured into that blog on their own free will.

However, some websites are geared towards hatred of black people. You know the ones. They were the sites where most of the statistics you see as comments come from. They are the websites where black-on-white crime, real or fake, are presented and commented upon. Needless to say, those comments came from the typical angry color-aroused haters who despise black people with a passion.

And let’s be clear that those websites are are small part of the problem. The disdain for blacks is seen in politics, the media, corporations, and education. As a result there are blacks who defend the black community which include pointing a finger at white racism and the people who support it. Yet, they are the ones who are wrong and racist against whites!


So, my question to all those who are infected with the white racist mindset (WRM) is this: If there are people, especially white people, who demonize and dehumanize black people to death in almost ever facet of society almost all the time in some form or another, WHY IS IT WRONG FOR BLACK PEOPLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES AND TELL THEIR TRUTHS?

One guess is that the WRM regulates black people to robots who have somehow broke free from their programming to no longer be subservient to their white masters. Any black person who defends himself and his people is deemed part of the problem. What he believes is wrong because white people know what’s good for them and what’s true in their minds. So, this problem must be fixed somehow, someway.

It is wrong for any person of color to question the integrity and morality of the white group (race). Since white supremacy has been the norm, it is a cardinal sin to remotely conclude or imply that white people have a problem with race much less anything. The myth of white supremacy grants white people the image of being “better than human” in terms of intelligence and morality. So, to question white people is a crime is almost like questioning a saint.

It may sound harsh but white people are no saints. They are not super human. And they are not a race of genius saviors. They are human beings like the rest of us. No better, no worse. It was racism and white supremacy that created those false images, and it has plagued the world for far too long. If they don’t want to be “attacked” as some people call it when a critical analysis is made about their mentality and behavior regarding race, then they need to examine themselves, realize their faults and failures – which include their color-aroused antagonism – and FIX THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

In closing one should not be surprised if you see black people and people of color defending themselves against racism that is highly apparent. Sure, there are those who will take in the racism and internalize it. But there are those who will not sit idly by and agree. They will defend themselves as it is their unalienable right to do so. You think they’re just going to keep quiet while society scapegoats them with news reports, reality-based crime shows, political rhetoric, statistics, and scientific racism?



29 thoughts on “Hating Blacks Defending Themselves

  1. I”m glad there is a forum for people to voice their opinions, points of view etc. It trips me out when certain white people get angry because non white people want to speak on racism and social issues. I guess because certain sister and brothers are vocal about the messed up stuff going on in America. Why do they think some people wil just sit idylly by and remain silent? I guess they want black people and people of color to just be sheeple.

  2. @ brothawolf:

    Amen! Great post! The racist whites love to point their fingers in other people’s faces, but they should be directing those same fingers at themselves first.

  3. Good post! I have noticed it is increasingly difficult for us to defend ourselves; most of the flack i get comes from other blacks who are defending “blending” in…whites i know personally seem to naturally expect my resistance especially those i attend class with. They may do their talking, but they don’t in front of me…

  4. Hi Bortherwolf, I have enjoyed reading your post! You raised some very good points on this subject. I was wondering, do you feel that the biggest threat to progress in our country stems from WRM-or from internalized racism that (some) people are still practicing?

  5. Thanks for stating the “obvious ” as a black American it can get very frustrating for example watching the news media trying to set-up excuses for that fool who killed those innocent people in Auror, Colorado they stated that he was depressed and high on drugs , if he name was Muhammad, or X or Trayvon , they would shout “HANG THA NIGGER ” !!!

  6. Black folks are not allowed to defend themselves , because the white mans goal is to someday to kill of all people of color so they will exist in the future the white men and females numbers are dropping fast they are desperately trying to hold on.

  7. What you stated makes a lot of sense, because sometimes there isn’t just one answer-but many. This helps me to realize why the impact of WRM is so multi-layered, if you will..

  8. I believe victim blaming is the one of the things that truly defines America, in many facets of life. The fact these racists seem so hell-bent on attacking those who speak honestly about white supremacy and injustice is a facet of that (though that’s just my view).

  9. I hear you completely about the “cleaning bathrooms, and shipping the appliances” comment! It took me a looong time to realize how lazy so manyof these type of people are/were-before I did, I wondered if us “ethnic folks” were somehow (maybe) just not experienced enough to attain the stature that they “merited” (rather stolen)..Even though my family and many others work(ed) hard for a good life, the internalized racism I absorbed made me feel as though somehow it was ouR fault for not (easily) reaching their levels of “success”-it’s been a an eye-opener to discover that this was hardly the case!

    1. The internalized racism is part of the matrix of whiteness. It’s to make you think you are to blame yourself as opposed to putting the blame where it lies. If and when you do blame someone or something else, and they have something to do with white racism, then it becomes a problem to whites. As such they will shift the blame back to you.

  10. I’m beginning to understand this issue a lot better now, thanks for the great analogy of the “matrix”-it really explains these issue in a way that I can grasp! : )

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