The Cost of Dignity

Being a member of a marginalized group in a white racist society such as the United States is a constant trial. Society creates an image to which you are suppose to become. Usually it’s unflattering, and down right degrading. Yet, the world around you expects you to be that image. You try not to succumb as hard as you can, but you know that it’s basically useless. There are members within your group who fit that image, and to the larger community, you are the same as them by association.

For over 400 years or so, blacks in America are stigmatized by inhuman stereotypes because blacks were not seen as “fully human”. Some stereotypes die. Some continue. But in this world, you are one, a few or all of those stereotypes because you have one thing that’s considered a curse in this world, black skin.

I already know some people who will read this will think that I’ve whining, that I’m looking for a free hand-out or some shit. Both are considered negative stereotypes as well. Still, it makes what I’m saying no less true. I digress.

In what our older generations consider “the future”, the old ways of entertainment for White America has been increasing. Some people call it a new form of minstrelsy where black people, for the right price, will become the stereotypes their people have fought so hard to stamp out. To some black people who witness this, this is more than a slap in the face. It’s more like a punch in the gut.

The biggest culprit has always been the mainstream media who’s been taken over by a hand full of white males that seem to want more and more media to control. Even though these negative stereotypes of blacks were born before the births of Viacom, Disney and News Corp., major media companies helped maintain its lifespan for profit and ratings to satisfy an uncivilized nation’s guilty pleasures.

Like it or not, one of those guilty pleasures are that this country loves to see black people act the way they want them to act. And some of us are willing to entertain them.

Some people will call me a hater or even a racist for saying this, but it is what it is. In order to become “famous” you most likely have to become what White America always think of us.

We have to become outlandish buffoons to earn a laugh or two. We have to become thugs with nothing but money, women and violence in our minds if we hope to gain a record deal. We have to become that same persona to likely get a role in a movie staring white people as the main characters. We have to become loud, obnoxious, violent and “ghetto” if we hope to get on reality-based TV. We have to be helpless, unintelligent paupers who need the help of the always benevolent white man/white woman to save us from our own pathologies. And we have to be as sexual as possible if we are to earn clicks online.

We see it in the media all the time, and the usual excuse is “It’s just music, a TV show or a movie.” But why is that the only kind of entertainment that is allowed to saturate the air waves and film reels most of the time!? Why is society so in-tune with the inferiority of black people so much that that is the only kind of “entertainment” they will accept and like? And if it’s just entertainment, why do you allow those images to shape your view of black people in general?

Case in point, how many of you have cited a movie, TV show, music video, or even the news to make your point about how black people act? How many of you are even honest enough to admit that you allow the media to tell you what to think even though you claim that you can tell fact from fiction?

Let’s be clear. This is not an exclusive problem that blacks deal with. For the right price, even someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger can become a pregnant man.  However, with the case of blacks in America, this is a special case. Whites have never been degraded and dehumanized anywhere near to the degree of black men and black women on a constant basis for hundreds of years by anyone. Whites have always been seen as the superior human being, the normal human being, and the default human being. They are seen as individuals as opposed to a collective. And no matter what, their skin signifies purity, intelligence, kindheartedness, and righteousness first and foremost before they can be proven to be anything but. And even in that moment, there is still some doubt as to their sinfulness no matter how extreme it is. That is the privilege of being white.

That is why there are black people who have a problem with the media. In turn it has a problem with black people. Since it is ran primarily by white men, they too have a problem with black people. And since the public seems in love with the concept of black inferiority, they definitely have a problem with black people.

Yet, what’s sad is the reality that there are black people with a problem of internalized racism. They are enveloped in a cocoon of whiteness until the moment they burst out as an ugly and shameful caricature ready to prove society right for fame and fortune. When will the madness end?

Stay tuned.


45 thoughts on “The Cost of Dignity

  1. Just wow! You are right on point. I agree with everything you said. I am almost obsessive about not being a stereotype and it is because I don’t want to be judged and I have personal pride,or like you said, dignity. I want to be a lady; not a black lady. I want to be beautiful; not beautiful to be black. Is it too much for the world to judge me for who I am instead of acting like the more melanin in your skin, the more negative traits you posses? Will other black people stop telling me I act white!?! Thanks so much for writing this!

  2. Easily one of your best articles. And no you’re not whining…you’re truthful! But whites don’t wanna hear it.

    Brothawolf, perhaps the most disgusting thing I’ve witnessed is the degradation of our people BY our people. It hurts. And money always seems to win out.

    Focus on yourself and being a positive light. And screw the rest.

      1. As a black woman with 3 strikes against her:

        1. Black
        2. Female
        3. Non-AmeriKlan born

        I understand….
        But….BUT…you wouldn’t be the man you are today if you let those bastards win.

      2. Yea, but to constantly maintain what little sanity you have in such an insane world is tiring, especially if you’re doing it alone. Still, I wouldn’t want to go back to my naive state of mind. In a way I’m glad to struggle.

  3. This is a great post. Until we start loving ourselves, Then and only then will these negative images be eradicated. Until we demand better of ourselves and demand the media to portray us with dignity and intelligence, Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives will be a thing of the past. Start demanding music artist stop using mysogynistic lyrics to talk about women and our community in a positive light, will all this garbage go away. stop refering to ourselvelves as n****ers, b******, h****. Then clowns like Nikki Minaj and Little Wayne will be a thing of the past. When we go to the theater films will portray us as characters with substance not slaves, maids and buffons.

  4. Did our ancestors go through 400 years of slavery and go through trials and tribulations just to come through the ish we are living in today? Did Harriet Tubman and all our great heroes and sheroes die for nothing to live in this crap society we living in now? I feel we as a community need to do some serious critical thinking about how to improve ourselves mentally, physically, spirtually. We have our priorities in the wrong place.

  5. Oh, I never denied White Priviledge. Us whites have the priviledges of Humanity. Such as Higher Thought, Superior Mentality and Intelligent Design. The German God gifted us (White) Humans with Priviledges, because only Whites are Human. This not only proves Creationism, and that atheists are stupid, but also that PoC are naturally antidivine, or against God. You Heathens! Hahahaa

    Secondly, it’s because I have these white priviledges, that you subhumans take advantage of the law to be racist against me. There are formed these white stereotypes, like Rapist (even though I’m a virgin and sex disgusts me), Serial Killer (I haven’t murdered anyone in my life), Drug Dealer (I don’t even know what those alchemic trash looks like or what they use it for), Geek (even though I never had time to study, and just had excellent memory to learn very fast from the teacher in class, and got high grades for my naturally White Human enhanced memory).

    It’s not that PoC aren’t human enough. It’s that you were never human in the first place. You’re like aliens from the bowels of science fiction space, failed experiments. Like Ebola come to life, infecting people turning them into black zombies, who rape to infect more women with Ebola.

    The fact that white “rapists” are arrested there, is due to you PoC Racists wanting to destroy White Birth Rates. So you can pose as your masters, and there is no memory that Whites are Superior to you in Western History.

    Whereas PoC rapists are not arrested, because they work for the Law. And they are payed to rape especially Human women (pale skin that is), to decrease white natality, and increase PoC natality. Basically you’re using white females (Human women) to increase your human admixture, to pretend like you’re equals or something.

    You’re not. This is why Amerika was losing every war it fought 1-1, especially against Germany’s 14 y.o. children, who captured the largest number of Amerikan P.O.W. in the Ardennes offensive planned by the Great White Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

    And why do you think Napoleon is also White (thus Human)? Charlesmagne? His grandfather Karolus Martellus (slayer of Moor Muslims, your kind, who invaded France from Spain’s Caliphate), also?

    These were Great Leaders, conquerors, because they are Human (fair skinned). And don’t let the fancy talk fool you. Whenever someone says Napoleon was Great, they are saying he was great because he reinstates Slavery, in the French Republik-made-Empire. Thus, the French Empire, evolved greatly from a tiny republik, knew how to deal with PoC. Sugarcane fields ring any bells?

    That stupid general from Haiti realized Napoleon the White Emperor is too brilliant to allow the nonhumans freedom in the French Colonies, so he started a war to exterminate all whites. Naturally that failed, and the black general was arrested by the french forces.

    Also you should know that “Emperor” or in roman, Imperator, or in german Kaiser, means “Conqueror” originally. If one hasn’t conquered other lands, or new enemies or neighbours, one is not Imperial. So enough Rastafaggoty delusions about “Helassie” the puppet of England being an emperor, and not just another public image slave, that the english use to deceive the uneducated masses.

    Thus Spake the Human …

      1. Because they say white europeans originate from Afrika. Which means we’re related, which means I’m just as afrikan, if not more afrikan than you are.

        As a White Afrikan, living in Europe, this concerns me.

      2. That doesn’t quite answer my question. I’m asking you why are you here in my blog spouting this white supremacist/white victimology nonsense derailing my topics? If this blog is so bad, why bother to come?

      3. I never said the blog is bad. It is very useful in Raising Awareness of Racism, and it exposes the mentalities of PoC towards Whites Races, quite vividly.

        But do you see me writing a blog like this, ranting about “How Evil Blackie Is” ? Nope. Because unlike you, I’m not racist.

        In fact, your negroe friendess exposes this as well, how Unracist I am, since to her I appear to be Pro-Black, and definately not Anti-Black.

        Does this answer your question? If not, just feel free to assume it’s because “I Love You”, or whatever stupid excuse you use to evade “Racism”.

        If you are so convinced, as you kept saying before, that I’m Racist, then it’s obvious to you I should be here because I’m Racist. But if you Have To Ask that, this proves you cannot possibly believe I’m Racist, if you have to ask why I am here (instead of just saying I’m here because I’m racist).

        You have just proved you know I am not Racist. Just as you know, you are, in fact The Racist in all of this “discussion” and blogging.

        Your eyes have been opened. Make sure they stay this way. You’re Welcome, Fellow Afrikan

      4. I don’t see you writing a blog at all. All I see is you coming back with the same white supremacist nonsense only to run away with your tail between your legs after having your ass handed over by me and other commenters.

        I asked you this question because it amazes me that someone with your beliefs would waste his precious time arguing with a member of a race you think is beneath you. But then again, that’s what racist trolls think is fun, to derail blogs such as mine just for cheap entertainment to make themselves feel warm and squishy.

        If you hope to persuade me into adopting your point of view or frustrate me to the point of giving up, that is a laugh and a half. Nothing, absolutely nothing you said was convincing or profound enough to make me consider, not even for a second, that you have a point. In fact all you’ve done was, as trolls unwittingly do, is prove me right every single time.

        I did admit that I am a racist, but at least I am man enough to know that and admit it while you hide behind your victim rants and black savage raves. And I think it’s sad that you would even use a wolf to convince me and yourself that you are not a racist.

        You see, that’s what white supremacy really does to your mind. It turns you into a pathological denialist of his own color-aroused hatred. It also warps your thinking to lower levels to where thinking critically is unacceptable. And it can distort your sense of right and wrong. In short white supremacy turns people into inferior beings, and if you think I am calling you inferior, then so be it. Whatever you want to think.

        So, you can continue to troll around if you wish until I get bored with your usual rantings. But doing so, you only humiliate yourself.

      5. If being a White Supremacist makes me inferior, that means that being a non-supremacist White made me Superior. So you’re saying Whites who are not White Supremacists are somehow … Superior? But isn’t that exactly White Supremacy, just ‘offered’ by you to the Whites who tolerate you as equals?

        In other words, you call any white person who is White Supremacist an “inferior”, but the Superior Whites who are not white supremacists or racists, you call “Superior”, and still your equal. So immediately you give yourselves the Edge of Equality to the Superior Whites, the ones you already established are “Superior” simply because they are … not white supremacists?

        Either way, just by saying whites who aren’t white supremacists are “Superior” instead of inferior, you are confirming White Supremacy. This very blog humiliates you with each word (in English, a White European language spoken by your Masters, whom you served willingly and not as fictional “slaves”), since you are only praising the Tolerant White. By elevating the Tolerant Whites to “Superior Status” as humans, and lowering the “Racist White” to subhuman or “Inferior” status, you are exposing your own servitude to the Tolerant Whites. Who are just weaker whites who have no power, but seek to usurp their White Superior (The White Supremacists) by using media support from minorities, or anyone who is Anti-White.

        So you may deny White Supremacy all you like, but then why are you calling the whites who are NOT White Supremacists, “Superior” to me, or anyone else you label with your fancy words designed to hurt the well shaped ears of “Tolerant Whites” and other well trained Herd of Tolerant minorities?

        In other words you are merely trying to shift White Supremacy away from the White Supremacists, and over to the Tolerant Whites, or the hippie junkie faggots who want to appear “Popular Communist” by friendship towards the Lesser-than-White folk, to earn more votes away from White Supremacists, or even the humble White Nationalists.

        I understand you may try to deny this, or say I am just making it up. Just as you will try to deny the european language you’re writing this blog in, originates in White Europe, and was created by the Whites, for the Whites. You are using English to brainwash every idiot who has the misfortune of misunderstanding the language, draining them into your “public voice” campaigns, which are meant to destroy all symbols of White Purity, and White Civilization. If you are so Anti-White, why do you insist on writing blogs in english? After all if you can afford to write in a language originating on my White Majority Continent, how is it you’re surprised when white europeans read or comment on it? Might you be daft, kind sir? Certainly such, I say.

        I do not believe it is “civilization” or “tradition” that makes the white races superior. Nor is it language or history or luck. Just because your races have inferior Subhuman Animaloid traits that would shame the most vicious animals … doesn’t mean Whites are Superior. Just because some races or PoC prove or have proven themselves to be inferior to Whites, this still means Whites are Normal. Not Superior.

        However, I do believe in the spiritual evolution of learning from experience. And I believe in learning from European History. Which teaches us even the less civilized, less cultured, least wealthy, or most poor, most humble white europeans, became excellent leaders and commanders because of their ambitions. I believe Ambition is the same as White Supremacy. If a white person truly desires to rise above fellow humans, few obstacles may prevent such Ascension. Poverty certainly does not constitute an obstacle, as Napoleon hath proven it.

        White Supremacy is solely a Triumph of the Will, to quote Adolf the Great. It is the belief that Whites have a Vast Potential for Ambition or Self Motivation. Whether this is crude zealotry or mere religious fanaticism, it matters not. White Supremacy is a proven and tested Miracle. And it obviously created much more in Europe than any miracles of divine nature. I believe all White Races, are Equal Human races, but each have unique factors which define their heritage. This only makes them diverse, and rich in cultures. This is why there are so many distinct countries and languages in White Europe. Individualism and Human Rights, as well as Diversity and Multiculturalism have shaped Europe into an economic power superior to that of Amerika. This is why the Euro is more valuable than the dollar. Despite differences, and many certain flaws, like poland’s lack of diplomacy, or hungary’s extremism and chaotic policies, or france’s meltische pigs who try to devour the white french races, and so forth, there is still a National Socialist heart beating in the chests of White Europeans. Also life expectancy is the highest in Europe for this same reason. Whites are generally more often ambitious, even if still a minority of ambitious folk such as 1% ….. that single percent that became nobility, german royalty, intellectuals and clergy, was enough to make Europe the first continent of the world, despite being the smallest, and least populated, and that 1% was enough to make the rest of you “races” appear like slaves by comparisson. And even beg white europeans to sell you into butlerhood or field worker and live your Amerikanische Dreamhund in the New World, a dream made possible to you only after White Superiors had turned the lands into their proper subservient colonies.

        You may think this is fallacious, but mine is the most reasonable, sensitive conclusion. Which no one anywhere seems to deny, but none of them cares to discuss it enough to admit … Whites are simply Superior. And this is the reason we are where we are. Take the opportunist competitive environment like Amerika. Despite being absolute trash in war, they are still trying to attract the “best of the best” from Europe, to make a better country for all (whites). And if Amerika did not have any Meltische subhumans, but only White Europeans, no matter the country or race they are, it would be at least 5 times better than now. Remove the atheists from public functions or media inputtage, and you can get 10 times better. Then finally Amerika would have a fair chance to compete with fellow White Europeans, without having the Cheap PoC advantage of High Immigration = High Labour, which becomes useless if you remove the plutocrats (industrialists) from power.

        I believe the non-white races have many flaws, enough to make them subhuman by comparisson to the Humans, that is, compared to the White Races. The whites have less flaws, but we can afford them since we’re “only human”. This is why Whites are less likely to be suspected. Our White Priviledge, a gift from the German Gott, allows us more respect and esteem in this world, our White Garden.

        As for the White Supremacy, it has nothing to do with the non-human races. White Supremacy refers exclusively to Humans, or people who are fair skinned by excellence. Therefore, White Supremacy does not even include or concern you. White Supremacy is for the Humans, not the Subhumans. White Supremacy is the tradition of white individuals who achieve more than their fellow whites ever hoped to, simply because they Dreamed of it. And allowed themselves the Freedom to live it, and the Liberty to put it in action.

        White Supremacy is simply the Self Esteem of the White Races. That a white can always become “better” by our natural gifts, or White Power. White Power does play a large part in the sustaining and creation of White Supremacy. This is why the Inferiors try to guilt the less educated into being “a Superior Tolerant” who hates their own White Races, or fellow White Humans, simply because “Tolerating the Minorities is Kosher”. Well you believe and experience Racism yourself. Isn’t it immensely hypocritical of you to preach “tolerance”, almost shouting it with your whole lungs and veins, to the very Whites you so despise?

        You do not tolerate the Whites, but you still aim to “educate” us with your Feducation, which you hope to spoon feed the colaborant “convenient idiots”.

        Yet when a person who is /Tolerant of Whites, like myself, and believes there is more to a white person than friendship to other races, even on their own /White Self, if not helped by fellow whites, tries to educate you to Respect White Authority, you immediately make use of your racism, as an excuse to belittle or deny anything “Evil Whitey” tries to “lie to you about”.

        You should make this clear in a new title for your audience. Whites are Evil enough to Demonize, but Good enough to Educate. White are Racist and Wrong, but they can become Tolerant and Right, with our feducation.

        You realize how contradictory your attitude towards my fellow Whites is? You say we’re not good enough for you to tolerate, or accept as we are, with our flaws and fortes, but we’re only “good enough” when you anti-whites “educate” us, to become Superior Tolerants, or Self Hating, Race Betraying, Tolerant Rats.

        This is just as ignorant, as if I were trying to say: “Dem Negroes ain’t good enough to live as Free Folk in a country, but they is good enough to work our fields and farms, so we don’t have to”. What you are promoting towards Whites, and “whiteness” is Slavery. I do not say you should be Slaves, I believe you should infect White Societies or White Countries. I don’t run around speaking in every afrikan dialekt south of the North Pole, how “blackuns are slaves, and you should work for me, for free, for life!”. But that’s what you’re saying about whites. And since I’m a White Superior, I do not tolerate your rants against my race(s).

        Unlike your tolerats, I give Racism a chance. I may not be a proper racist, or even a strong fighter “against minorities”, but I am a Race Positivist.

        That’s the difference between you and I. I’m a Race Positivist, you’re just a common racist.

      6. At first I wasn’t going to respond to this dissertation of denial and accusation. But you seem to love this more than you care to admit. However, I will not respond to every single sentence you pulled straight out of your ass.

        White supremacy was not built on facts or morality, believe it or not. Whether you uphold the myth that whites are superior or that you are a white supremacist, it makes no difference. In the end the only way white people can be superior if there were other people (nonwhite) to divide and conquer. Why? Because they are not white like you. That’s the core of what this evil is.

        White supremacy exists as a means to take over the world under the false premise that whites are superior based on nonsense that some whites like yourself adore and cling on to. White people like you who think they are superior are merely compensating for the fact that your people have committed some of history’s most brutal atrocities in the name of power and fortune. And you can’t stand to face that reality because it’s hauntingly true.

        Another theory is that you have nothing else going on for you other than the fact that you are a white male. In America and likely in Europe you have a lot of societal advantages based on your skin color and gender alone. Yet, somehow you believe you are left out of the club and now you’re pissed. And you’re not pissed at the white power structure as you should. You want to scapegoat people of color for being the cause of your and society’s problems. Blaming white people is forbidden to Nazi-wanna-bes like you. White people are blameless in your so-called mind.

        The truth is white people are no more superior than the next group. Their power, privilege and fortune came from methods deemed demonic in human terms, and that is something you need to come to grips with, especially if you ever hope to get to heaven provided you believe in it.

      7. I do not wish to enter heaven, no. I am a White Superior, why would I desire to inhabit fluffy clouds? No, I rule the Earth. This world right here.

        If demonic means are the only reasons Whites are Superior, then so be it. A Demon, is a Great Lord of a Domain, or Dominion. Why do you think there are orders of Angels called “thrones” or “dominions”?

        And if the only reason whites exist, is to destroy you PoC “Humans”, then so be it. I do not care for the Human race. I prefer the White Races always. White Supremacy suggest certain advantages. Demonic advantages such as “they are Demons of Intelligence”, or “Demons of War”, are clearly praise by civilised meanings of the word.

        Demonising us Whites will only prove you Idolize us.

      8. With the kind of heart you have, there’s no wonder that you won’t get into heaven if such a place exists.

        And I never said that white people exist to destroy us. That’s something you pulled straight out of your ass.

        If you prefer the white race, then why are you wasting time arguing online with a black man from thousands of miles away?

      9. You seem awfully obsessed with the word “ass”.

        And you say PoC aren’t oversexual. Explain your natality being extremely high across the world, same with underaged pregnancies, diseases and rape, then?

        I am not arguing with you. I am educating you, so you may know your place.

        A place for Everything, and Everything In It’s PLACE ….

      10. Look who’s talking, someone obsessed with what PoC do and obsesses about rape. That’s sick no matter how you see it.

        I don’t need your kind of “education”, sir. And I don’t need you to tell me what my place is. You are in no moral or intellectual position to tell me anything. So, you are doing nothing but waste precious time.

        Lastly, if you want to talk about knowing one’s place, yours is in an asylum in a padded cell restrained by a straight jacket.

      11. Well, the PoC who decides who is amoral and antintellectual. Didn’t see that one coming !

        You don’t need education, because you are stubborn and blind to facts. You know nothing of the harsh realities of this world. You live in a bubble. Which is much worse than a padded cell or straight jacket. Since you can’t see your own limits, which delude your senses and “judgement”.

        For example, there are more White-White couples and marriages in this world, because White Females are intelligent enough (Thus White Supremacy) to sense other races have flaws and weaknesses (Thus Inferior Coloures).

        Secondly, having more favour or understanding of Human-to-Human relationships, is another reason why Whites are favoured by white women for whatever.

        This is why the White Races have never ceased to exist, in a very long time. Despite not breeding like rats or flies, Quality certainly dominates over Quantity.

        Otherwise how do you explain White Couples, and survival of the White Race(s), if not because of White Supremacy?

      12. Well, your “white race” is losing ground here in America. Yes. I know that scares the shit out of you, but it’s true.

        So, if I don’t need education, why are you still responding to me trying to tell me about the “greatness” of the white race? Nothing you’ve said is anything new, you know that? I’ve heard over a dozen white people say similar things about who whites are superior in one way or another. All that shows is that for some reason many of you think alike, and that is bizarre to say the least.

        The bottom line is that you need to feel superior. You need to think you’re better than other people. You need to find that high by looking down on others. That’s why you’re saying the same old stuff over and over again.

      13. Is that why you just admitted your plan is to destroy the white race in Amerika? Talk about blowing your own cover.

        You don’t need education, because you need to be exploited. Your stupidity is very precious in undermining the Inferior Races, and proving your plan to destroy the White Race at least in Amerika.

        As for mentality, it’s interesting to say that. If I said “Afroids are losing ground very fast in civilization”, or “PoC are rapidly becoming a thing of the past”, or “Minorities are going extinct”, you would just accuse me of being a “White Racist” like many you claim to speak with.

        But the moment you say “White Race is dying” in your lands, that’s immediately seen as “Not Racist”, on your behalf, even thought it’s the same as what I am saying about PoC. Which is still “Racist”.

        So when I make a racial statement or statistic, I’m Racist just because I’m White.

        And when you make a racial statement or statistic, you’re Unracist or Tolerant or Educational, just because you’re PoC?

        Are you somehow under the delusion that PoC are all walking talking Buddhas? What are you, Pacifist of the year/decade/century/millenium all of the sudden?

        The inferior races are so inferior, because a single poor country, the poorest in Europe, Nazi Germany, was able to destroy you in less than a decade. This is why you ran like cowards out of Europe. You fear whites.

        As for the New World, what makes you think you PoC are more prosperous or will survive the White Race? Or is that just one of your rear-pulled statistics PoC are so famous for?

        What changed? What is it that changed, that makes you think Whites are “endangered” now in the New World? Don’t tell me it’s the Jew Pigresident, or Prezzie Blackruch. Because many white presidents didn’t mean death or devastation for any of the minorities, who survived well enough (as slaves) despite being outnumbered.

        Whenever something bad happens, PoC are drafted into Slavery. And from there you may witness the death of countless whites, who die naturally, of old age, while enjoying freedom. Death is natural, just as Slavery is to your kind.

      14. Allegory, you are seriously cracking up. I have never mentioned or implied that I was going to “destroy the white race in America.”

        As a side note, what the bloody hell does any of this have to do with this post. You have an annoying habit of derailing my posts with your Neo-Nazi quirks and moans. I’m not going to further this “conversation” with you because you’re now sounding like a broken record.

      15. It’s you who is the Neo-Nazi. I am severely Anti-neonazi.

        See, this is why you don’t need education. If you had any, you’d be able to win arguments. I love to win, so I say you really don’t need to be educated.

      16. There’s no point arguing with someone so delusional as you who has a strange obsession with whatever I write. Therefore, I can only conclude that you like to start arguments just for the hell of it.

  6. This isn’t whiny at all. As someone whose whiny as fuck in everything she’s ever written, I can definitely say this is nothing but brutally honest. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just not used to hearing the truth because it reflects badly on them.

    1. Why is it so hard for your narrow mind, to understand whites are living in a PoC Racist society?

      Are you that daft, blind or simply impotent?

  7. ee, this is why you don’t need education. If you had any, you’d be able to win arguments. I love to win, so I say you really don’t need to be educated.

    Allegory, I feel a course of shock treatments followed by lobotomies will cure what ails you.

      1. Why don’t you perform one, since you’re such a perfect little f***ing angel? Oh wait, that’s right.

        You have no education.

  8. Oh hey, I didn’t notice our European friend back there. I’m assuming he’s still jacking off all over the comments section as usual? I’d check myself, but I’m dumb enough as it is, I don’t need him lowering my IQ even further.

  9. Mem>Why don’t you perform one, since you’re such a perfect little f***ing angel? Oh wait, that’s right.

    You have no education.

    You’re getting sleepier and sleepier……zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I’m assuming he’s still jacking off all over the comments section as usual? I’d check myself, but I’m dumb enough as it is, I don’t need him lowering my IQ even further.

    He’d need a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers to jack off. Why do you think he comes here? This is the next best thing, the impotent asshole!

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