Interracial Rape: A Top Search

I’ve noticed something when I check out my blog stats. One of my most popular blog posts is entitled Interracial Rape Fetish. In that post I discussed how racists are obsessed with the idea that black men are raping white women at epidemic proportions, and they don’t hesitate to make that point known. Even though it is highly exaggerated, white racists believe the hype. Yet, they seem to do virtually nothing about it but talk, talk, talk.

So, I theorized that those obsessed with interracial rape concerning black men and white women are not as concerned as they seem. I believe they are more infatuated with the thought as opposed to being disgusted. The evidence is shown in the fascination with interracial porn especially when it came to the cuckold fantasy involving a cheating wives having sex with black men and seeing white women gangbanged by black males. It is reported that white males are the biggest consumers of this type of porn.

This has lead me to discover that one of the top search engine terms involve interracial rape.

I had to sit back for a moment after I saw it. I still have a hard time trying to accept it. I wonder if the information was present to show search engine terms in relation to the topic, or vice versa. Yet, I have to consider that cyber racism is high. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising, but it is deeply troubling.

A common white pathology is to search for any and everything wrong with black people, sensationalize it, exaggerate it, and turn it into an exhibit of the behavior of most or all blacks. So, when reports of crime turn up which involve blacks, it is tantalizing for the white racist. When those reports of black crime include white victims, it is delicious to them.

Rape is one of those crimes that many color aroused haters love to explore because of the historical belief that black men have a higher sexual appetite, especially towards white women. Since white women are regarded as pure, it has lead to numerous lynchings and deaths of black men even if the stories were false. A white woman could lie about being raped by a black man, but it would not matter. At least one black man has to die.

It doesn’t matter if this is the 21st century. It doesn’t matter if it is morally wrong to infatuate rape to begin with. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a problem to have a problem with color. For white people who have a problem with melanin (black skin), it seems like the right thing to do to protect the “always-threatened” white race. That seems to be the main objective, or at least the main excuse.


22 thoughts on “Interracial Rape: A Top Search

  1. Wow…this is intense. I get “big black cocks” and ” black men who love to rape white women”.

    None are true, of course. It all stems from the white male fantasy of raping and killing men AND women. That’s why they are obsessed with it.

  2. White people are incredibly sick and there’s an easy way to find out just how deeply. If you go to a popular porn site and list the videos by all-time frequency, you may come into a pattern of mother/son incest or rape among other things.

    Then there are those sites which cater only to the extremely depraved sexualities. It’s something to research.

    It’s not always depraved to be sure. But sometimes it’s plain terrible.

  3. Talking about it raises awareness. Which is why you made a blog. To talk about things you want to raise awareness about.

    Does this mean you believe you have a Slave fetish? You mention slavery because you miss the good ole days when your master whipped you and kept you in chains, for forced labour?

    You must also have a Racism fetish, since you can’t shut up about Whites being racist against you or your kind.

    In conclusion you should make a blog entitled: “Racism Slavery White Supremacy” to explore these fetishes you seem to have.

    You’re welcome, slave.

    1. 1. Where on Earth did I mention slavery? Copy and paste where I mentioned it once on this post alone.

      2. If anyone has a racism fetish, it’s you. You constantly return to this blog, and for what? To derail my topics with your brand of European racism against blacks and acting like the perpetual victim. And everytime, I shut you down only to see that you are a glutton for embarrassment. But I’m the one with the fetish for racism, huh?

      3. You seem to have another kind of fetish, the kind that gets you aroused trying to put me down to build yourself up. I’ve seen it before with color-aroused haters like you. So, you can’t and won’t fool anyone.

  4. I think I remember reading somewhere that over 33% of college age white males said they would commit rape if they thought they could get away with it. That’s… chilling, to say the least, but it definitely fits into how their porn tends to play out.

  5. very, VERY interesting! …really…interracial rape? Why would you even search the term unless you were writing an essay? Very interesting, thanks.

  6. I think that rape is a fantasy for a lot of caucasians. I never unerstood that. I think it’s sick. I read a lot of erotica, and the rape fantasy is prevelant in a lot erotic novels. people are getting their 50 shades of grey thing on. I have’nt read the book but a lot of my non black freinds are excited about that stuff. you just never know what going on in peoples minds. probably what those Mandingo fantasies were about.

    1. @ Brothawolf:

      The fact that Allegory keeps popping up when you mention cocks, big black dicks and rape fetish tells me A LOT.

      Hmmmmmmm…….I’d turn on the house alarm tonight. Lol!

  7. This reminds me of a study I found when I was doing research for an English essay. The study found that all people readily believed that Black men are always more violent than white men, and it proved it by taking post-secondary students in Connecticut and asking them to rate how hostile they perceived men to be, when they watched scripted arguments not knowing that they were actors who were reading identical scripts.

    Anyway, my English instructor was one of these white liberal feminists who argued that because the study was about 20 years old, it’s not relevant any more, and therefore I can’t use it in my essay. I feel that nothing has really changed, except that racism is getting harder and harder to see because it’s becoming embedded deeper and deeper into our societal structures, thus making it relatively invisible when compared to racism from the Civil Rights Era. And the same goes for all sorts of bigotry.

    I just thought I would share that there are pale-skinned people on your side, even though most of them are disappointingly ignorant and closed off to the possibility of being anti-racist allies because they have the idea in their head that racism is somehow over.

    1. I heard of a similar study that was conducted. The tests have people rate criminality based on appearances. There were pictures of white men and black men. The ones who were seen as “more criminal” were black men with dreadlocks, cornrolls, dark skin, and was perceived to “appear” angrier and more threatening than the white men in the pictures.

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