Notable Links: 7-6/12

BWE: Black Women’s Empowerment

Black Women’s Empowerment (c. 2007- ), or BWE for short, is a movement of black female writers and bloggers in North America and Britain that seeks to wake up black women from their narrow, unhappy and dead-end lives of service and loyalty to family, church and the black community and put themselves first for once. They are best known for pushing the idea that marrying white is a more promising road to happiness than marrying black.

A Few Thoughts on Frank Ocean ‘Coming Out’ -Don’t Forget Those Who Came Before Him

As Frank Ocean steps up and talks about being a bi-sexual, all sorts of folks are reacting and proving that no matter what folks say or think, there is still a fascination with the sexual preference of those who entertain us… On one level we can unpack that and ask whats really going here? It’s not like gay folks haven’t been around.. There’s something about gays in Hip Hop that touches a cord with folks..This more than most other topics seems deeply personal and each person will eventually have to grapple with why this garners strong reaction..

The Black Anglo-Saxon

…The Black Anglo-Saxon hates his brethren. He hates your brownness, your big nose, wide lips, kinky hair, your smelly food, granny’s Pecan pie and your legacy in chains. He is repulsed at the thought of his own genetic degradation and tries frantically to distance himself from that image. He shuns any talk of slavery, injustice, prejudice and discrimination. After all, if blacks really wanted to improve their situation, they would’ve done it by now. Y’all just lazy…and he refuses to be apart of your sickness!

Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

July 2 was No Shame Day, which was started by The Siwe Project’s founder Bassey Ikpi to promote support of mental health care and encourage people to to seek treatment. Many folks (including Jen) took to social media to share stories and show support. [The Siwe Project]

This is critical for Asian Americans, as a recent study has shown that Asian Americans tend to shun treatment for mental health issues. That same study also revealed that Asian American teenage girls have the highest rate of depression across race and gender. [PsychCentral]

Alabama Holds “Only Whites” Conference

A controversial pastor’s conference welcoming only “white Christians” is underway in Lamar County, Ala., upsetting residents of the nearby town of Winfield in the western part of the state.

Christian Identity Ministries is holding a three-day conference for so-called “white Christians” who contend they have been treated unfairly, the Rev. Mel Lewis told local TV station WSFA. Lewis, the organizer and keynote speaker, says they have the right, like any other Americans, to worship how they wish.


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