Lazy Judgement Syndrome

Lazy Judgement Syndrome (LJS) is where a person or group of people will criticize other people in a subject they have no interest or experience in. A sense of self-righteousness, egotism and condemnation are expressed in their comments as opposed to helpful advice and(or) sympathy depending on the situation.

LJS is common among those with a high amount of privileges and entitlements.

For example, let’s say that an unarmed, young black female was shot to death by a cop. The female did not provoke the cop to shoot her in any way. She “appeared” threatening to the police.

Soon after news is circulated about this killing, certain people will appear not to express sympathy or remorse, but will try to diminish the importance of the murder by telling those who are upset that they shouldn’t be. Instead, according to the people, the ones who are outraged should focus all their emotions toward what they believe is more important. In this case it’s usually the subject of “black-on-black crime”.

But that’s just one part of it.

The opposing side will lecture the frustrated group that they should focus all their time and energy on fixing the high crime rate in their communities. Sometimes statistics and news articles are used to back up their case. However, most of those people who had the audacity to tell others what they should be more focused on have never nor will ever lift a finger to help correct the problem they believe is more important?

The question is if it is so important to them, what are they doing about it? The answer is a big, fat nothing.

Most people who have LJS can not and will not make the tiniest of efforts to be an example to what they’re talking about. Usually, they have no clue as to what they’re talking about. Yet, somehow, they feel entitled to tell others what to do.

That is not being helpful or benevolent. That is just being a jackass whether they know it or not. Often times, they don’t care.

Those who show that they have LJS will learn one way or another that they don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. It is within their best interest to just shut up and pay attention. Although, privileges are known to keep people running at the mouth.


8 thoughts on “Lazy Judgement Syndrome

  1. @Brotha Wolf @SisterTruth. It is demonic and a mental illness. They both come from the pit of hell.

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