Notable Links: 6-22/12

Heat Win a Championship, Lebron (Finally) Gets a Ring & Poor People are Still Marginalized

Yes the Heat are the champions…woopdie-doo *sarcastic tone*. I just think that through all the parades, accolades, cheers, haters (you already know there will be many), and celebration, when do we stop to think about what actually matters? When the newspaper comes out in the morning and Miami’s big three adorn their faces on the front page, will anything change in the world? Did anyone’s problems go away? Did black and Latino youth get more of a voice? Did anyone get freed from poverty? Has the incarceration rate gone down? Has educational equality come to pass? Was wealth redistributed? The answers are obviously and repeatedly “no.” Nothing changed, yet so much emotion has been exchanged in one night.

The Civil Rights Lessons of Vincent Chin’s Murder

Vincent Chin would have been 57 today. But the Michigan man never made it out of his 20s. Instead, 30 years ago this week Chin was brutally murdered when he was bludgeoned with a baseball bat wielded by two white, jobless auto workers who thought Chin, a Chinese-American man, was Japanese. “It’s because of you little [expletive] that we’re out of work,” witnesses said Ronald Ebens yelled at Chin before he and his stepson Michael Nitz trailed Chin and attacked him.

Insane Bureaucracy Blocks Native American Women’s Access to Plan B

Last week, I called and emailed various IHS sources to find out if and how the agency is addressing anecdotal evidence that rural and reservation-based Native American women who request Plan B are being told they need to travel long distances and/or obtain a prescription from health centers that are often short-staffed and closed over the weekend. (Note that to be effective, Plan B has to be taken within 72 hours.)

I figured that in the four months since the NAWHERC report dropped and Asetoyer name-checked IHS director Dr. Yvette Roubideaux all up and through the media, the agency had come up with a targeted policy or at least some talking points.

Bizarrely, they hadn’t.

The Criminalization of Mental Illness in Black America

“Black men don’t go to therapy, they go to the barbershop.” I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this throughout my life, nor relate how embarrassed I am to have actually believed this at one point. The resistance black men exhibit toward mental health awareness is astounding. The belief, in my estimation, is that admitting to and/or seeking help for a mental illness makes one less of a man. We have come to define masculinity/manhood as ‘strong,’ meaning silent, emotionless, stoic and uncaring. To our detriment, black men have accepted, embraced, and perpetuated this idea and left a community of emotionally stunted black men so repressed that the mere mention of a psychiatrist is met with a chorus of hearty laughter. It doesn’t prevent us from suffering at the hands of mental illness, it’s just that black men prefer to self-medicate with marijuana and Jesus (not necessarily concurrently).”

Yes, Another White Nationalist at National Review

Remember how, just a few weeks ago, the National Review was forced to fire not one, but two overt white nationalists from their staff? Our posts on these disgusting episodes:

National Review’s John Derbyshire Publishes Stunningly Racist Article at White Nationalist Site
John Derbyshire Is Just a Little Too Openly Racist for NRO
National Review Writer Robert Weissberg Attends White Nationalist Gathering
National Review Fires Another White Nationalist Writer

Well, apparently, the editors at National Review haven’t yet learned that racists and white nationalists leave long, nasty trails of incriminating material on the Internet, because today we find yet another vile racist prominently featured at NRO: David Yerushalmi, fear-mongering about the imaginary takeover of America by shariah law.

Grad Student’s Story Leads To Protest Against North Carolina Bar

The story is something out of the Jim Crow era: last week, Wall, a Raleigh native due to start grad school at Harvard this fall, and two friends went to the bar and were told by a bouncer that they needed “memberships” to be allowed in. The people in front of them, Wall says, were let in without a hitch. The bouncer ultimately relented after being approached by two police officers. Two members of Wall’s party – Wall and one of his friends – are black.


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