Notable Links: 6-15/12

Uh…Who Said Anything About the “White” Race?

Skim this article right quick.  The article itself is not important, mind you; it tells us things we were already saying right when we got the news about Darius Simmons (whom, from the looks of things, we’ll be talking about for a lot longer than I initially intended).

We already knew the cops would be callous and inconsiderate towards Darius’s mom.  We already knew the cops would be (rightly) criticized and we already knew their Chief would come to their defense.

We also knew white civilians who haven’t the slightest clue what it’s like to be of color and in America would also defend the cops.

We already knew all that.

Must See: The United States of Africa

Africa. The Motherland. The home of the Garden of Eden and the crater of life. Despite its rich history of kings, queens, and inventions, the recent rhetoric out of the continent has been one of colonial rule, warring factions, and a struggle to gain and retain independence. Despite its challenges, the countries of Africa continue to progress toward a bright future with booming economies and democratic governments, but one illusive goal remains just out of reach: unity.

Tyquan Brehon Has Been “Stopped and Frisked” Over 60 TIMES!

The New York Times recently spoke with  Tyquan Brehon, a young, African American resident of Brooklyn who has been stopped over 60 times under the NYPD’s oppressive “Stop and Frisk” program.

Finally, a Satire Film About Being a Black Face in a White Place is in the Works

“Dear White People” is a satire about being a black face in a white place. The film has an impressive list of people ready to help make it happen, all they need is funding.

Bath Salt Crazed White Man Chomps Off Chuck of Man’s Face

Lafayette Parish, Louisiana – Flesh eating tales abound this week as bath salt fueled cannibal stories dot the news like fire-flies on a summer night.… and here we go again….

Carl Jacquneaux, a 43-year-old Lafayette Parish resident was jailed Saturday after he allegedly chomped off part of a man’s face.

According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, Jacquneaux reportedly attacked 48-year-old Todd Credeur outside his own residence while he was working in the yard. Jacquneaux then bit Credeur in his face, removing a large chunk of flesh below his left eye. The victim was able to escape using wasp spray.


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