Notable Links: 6-8/12

Olmec colossal heads

Olmec colossal heads(1500 BC to 400 BC) were huge statues of heads made by the Olmecs, the earliest known civilization of Mexico. So far 17 have been discovered. Most were made between 1500 BC and 1000 BC, back in the time of Moses, Troy and King Tut. One of the most striking things about them is that they look like black people!

Blackaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Chad and I’m addicted to black people.”

Hi Chad!”

I secretly envy them. Watch “black” movies, try to walk like them, dress like them, act like them…and it’s ruining my life!”

His Story: There are Black Men Who Still Love Black Women!

There is a belief that Black men, especially those who are successful, are no longer interested in Black women and that they desire women of other races. This thought process is perpetuated by the many brothas who work in Hollywood, the music industry, and professional sports that are dating women of other races. This thought is further validated through the number of college-educated brothas with great jobs who choose to date outside of their race.

‘I love mass destruction’: Meet the glamorous gun-toting college student arrested on explosives, firearms and drug charges

A college student has been arrested after federal agents swooped on her rural home and allegedly unearthed a cache of illegal weapons, explosives, firearms and drugs.

But when officers confronted Celia Alchemy Savage about the stash at her Cornelia, Georgia home, she reportedly had no remorse, simply stating: ‘It’s my hobby to blow things up.’


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