Guest Post: Of Children and Inkblots: Trayvon Martin and the Psychopathology of Whiteness

Written by Tim Wise

Write this down if you need to.

Tweet it to yourself.

Put it on your Facebook wall, never to be deleted from your ever-growing and cluttered timeline.

Memorize it.

Trayvon Martin is not an inkblot, the meaning of which is yours to interpret.

He is not a walking Rorschach, whom one is free to see however one wishes.

He was not put on this Earth to be deciphered by you, dissected by you, problematized by you, labeled by you, slandered by you, or shot by one who had done all those things to his seventeen-year old black body before you even knew his name.

He was a child. A child dearly loved by his parents and sibling. And the fact that he was black doesn’t complicate that. The fact that he wore a hoodie doesn’t complicate that. The fact that he had a tattoo, a partial gold grill on his teeth, and liked to play-act in front of a web cam from time to time, posing as a man, flashing cash and acting tough doesn’t complicate that either. It is the rare boy who doesn’t tough-pose in a mirror, making muscles for some imaginary admirer, or perhaps just for himself. But it is the rare child who, having done so, finds himself suddenly the recipient of so much contempt for his cold, lifeless body — a body whose now inanimate state has been blamed for that condition because of his swagger, his clothing, his minor disciplinary problems in school, anything so as to shift attention from the real issue; namely, that Trayvon Martin is dead because George Zimmerman decided to confront him. And George Zimmerman decided to confront him because he was black, and for no other reason.

That’s right: for no other reason. The fact that Martin, according to autopsy reports, had trace elementsof THC (the chemical found in marijuana) in his system means nothing. The amount of the compound was so minimal as to suggest that not only had Martin not likely smoked weed that day, but whatever he had smoked, whenever he’d smoked it, would not have been sufficient in quantity to have in any way affected his behavior the evening of his death. Which is to say that Zimmerman’s uneducated conjecture on that 9-1-1 call, to the effect that Martin looked like he was “on drugs” carries no weight whatsoever. All he was doing was walking, looking around as he did so, and talking on the phone to a girlfriend.

He wasn’t casing townhouses.

He wasn’t peeking in windows.

He wasn’t blazing up a blunt in the courtyard.

He wasn’t doing anything at all.

But being black. And male. And wearing a hoodie (in the rain, imagine).

And yes, I know: the autopsy report indicates Martin was shot at relatively close range (certainly less than a foot away given the stippling around the entrance wound in his chest), and Zimmerman’s wounds appear consistent with his claim that he shot Martin during a fight. And yes, at least one witness seems to confirm that Martin was, at one point prior to the shooting, on top of Zimmerman, punching him.

But is that all it takes for so many white folks to cavalierly dispatch with the otherwise inviolate right to life, which they would have extended (one hopes) even to Martin, prior to the release of that information? Does a black child, followed and confronted by an adult, have no right to be afraid of them? To fight back upon being accosted? To stand his ground? The claim that Zimmerman had given up on the pursuit of Martin and was returning to his vehicle when Martin blindsided him is corroborated by no one, was not believed by investigators on the scene, and is utterly discredited by Martin’s girlfriend, who heard the words exchanged between the two, and then the sound of shoving, 2-3 minutes after the end of Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 call. If one chooses to believe Zimmerman on this absurd point, it can only be because one finds the story so plausible based upon one’s own preconceived notions of black aggression, that the facts in evidence no longer matter.

Finally, does one have the right to kill a child, just because, having initiated all the drama to begin with, the first party suddenly finds himself not nearly as big and bad as he had long believed? Is getting one’s overly suspicious, meddling ass beaten a legitimate excuse for homicide?

Apparently so, if the victim is young, and black, and wearing a hoodie, and has a tattoo (even if it is a tattoo of his mother’s name), and a partial gold grill, and occasionally poses with macho swagger on a webcam, and has been known to smoke weed. Although none of these are officially listed as penalty enhancements within our nation’s justice system, let the word go out from this point forward that they have been elevated to virtual capital offense status on the streets, by a frightened, racially-anxious white public, always seeking to rationalize every death of black men, at the hands of cops, or just folkspretending to be cops.

It would be humorous were the consequences not so deadly: watching so many white folks pour out their psychological neuroses onto this dead black child.

“Have you seen him? He was huge! A football player!” came the voices of some. You can find any number of internet posts in which hysterics chime in that he was 6’2, or 6’3, intimating in the process that black males are not allowed, apparently, to be tall and still innocent of whatever wrongdoing we seek to ascribe to them. Look at the 7-11 security camera! come the shrieks from others. My God! Look how he towers over the store clerk! What rational person wouldn’t recoil from such a giant, and who among us, were we to find ourselves in the all-important role of neighborhood watch captain, like poor George Zimmerman, wouldn’t presume one such as this to be a predator of the most dastardly kind?

Which is to say that at some point between that sojourn to the corner market, and the moment at which the county medical examiner stretched out his tape measure alongside the stiff body of this hulking menace, Martin must have become a human shrinky-dink, because he was put in the ground at a mere 5’11, and 158 pounds. Not a linebacker, and not a weight-lifter; rather, a somewhat taller-than average, skinny child, confronted by a self-appointed security guard with no legal authority whatsoever; someone whom, it should be noted, would not likely have been nearly so brazen about confronting Martin had the latter truly cast the imposing and dangerous shadow being painted by many of Zimmerman’s apologists.

Again, Martin would be alive but for George Zimmerman’s suspicion of him. Period. That is not remotely arguable. Had George Zimmerman remained in his vehicle, as he was instructed to do by the 9-1-1 dispatcher to whom he spoke (and had he not taken it upon himself to follow Martin, which any neighborhood watch captain knows is not what the police want them to do), the latter would still be alive, and Zimmerman would have remained just a pathetic wanna-be, rather than a murder defendant. Even the lead investigator on the case believed Zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter and that his decision to pursue Martin was the proximate cause of the evening’s tragic events.

And among reasonable people there is also no doubt that it was Martin’s race that prompted Zimmerman’s suspicions of him. Though such a thing can probably never be proven beyond any doubt whatsoever — and ultimately the matter is not pertinent to the murder charge itself — it seems readily apparent that racial biases, be they overt or implicit, animated Zimmerman’s reaction to the presence of Martin in the neighborhood. His prior overuse of the 9-1-1 system to report on black males in the neighborhood (and only black males, even as young as 9 years of age); his reference to how “these assholes” always get away (which, given his prior calls about black males in the community suggests he was referring to the types of people about whom he had called previously); and reports from a former co-worker that he regularly made racially-insensitive remarks, together with racially-charged commentson his MySpace page, all seem indicative of someone beholden to any number of negative stereotypes about racial others.

And honestly, given the media portrayals of African Americans — and especially the overrepresentation of such persons as criminals, relative to their actual rate of offending (Rome, 2004) — can anyone really deny that Zimmerman likely viewed Trayvon Martin in such a fashion? Or that he would have responded the same way had the young man that evening been white? To believe such a thing strains credulity to the breaking point. Even those who seek to justify Zimmerman’s actions as he no doubt would — as a response to the previous break-ins in the community by black males — are admitting by definition that Martin’s race was the key determiner of suspicion, that “statistical discrimination” is legitimate (despite the clear and convincing evidence that it is not, and is actually dangerous to engage).

But if the shooting of Trayvon Martin served to give us insights into the soul of George Zimmerman alone, it would be of far less interest and worthy of far less commentary than has been afforded it thus far. Far more telling is what the case tells us about race in America, and more to the point about white people in an era of change, in an era when demographic shifts have already rendered us less than half of all new babies born, and in which, within three decades, we will cease to be an absolute majority of persons in the United States. If you think the loss of numerically dominant status (together with a thoroughly multicultural pop culture and economic anxiety unlike that faced by whites since the Great Depression) isn’t implicated in white America’s reaction to the Martin tragedy (and indeed all race-related matters in this country), you might want to check the THC levels in your blood, lest someone shoot you tonight and then try to blame you for being high.

Check out the Trayvon commentary at sites like American Renaissance — the nation’s leading highbrow white supremacist organization — or, for that matter at far more mainstream conservative websites like Free Republic or FOX Nation. The blatant bigotry, the unhinged hatred for all things black that leaps from the comments sections of those sites, under stories concerning Martin and Zimmerman, is enough to make decent people retch. It would be enough to make decent conservatives denounce those sites and all of their followers, if, that is, there were any significant number of conservatives left who truly disagreed with them, who weren’t themselves caught up in only the most thinly veiled racial resentments and anxieties. There’s a reason that John Derbyshire remained a conservative in good standing for so long, despite his year-after-year habit of making blatantly racist remarks, which only recently became a bridge too far for the folks at National Review.

There’s a reason that privileged white frat boys at Cornell University threw bottles at black students last week while chanting taunts about Trayvon in the process. There’s a reason that a white Miami firefighter thought nothing of taking to his personal Facebook page and saying that Martin, and for that matter pretty much all “urban youth,” are products of their “failed, shitbag, ignorant, pathetic, welfare dependent excuses for parents.” There’s a reason a white police officer in New Orleans likewise thought it perfectly appropriate to all but gleefully bray about Martin’s death, intoning on Facebook, “Act like a thug, die like one!” There’s a reason a firearms dealer in Florida made a financial killing selling a shooting target made to resemble Trayvon Martin, whom the target-maker calls a “thug,” and whom the entrepreneur feels deserved to die.

There is a reason that the vast majority of whites think Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin, while few blacks agree; this, even though most whites and blacks agree that we can never know for sure what happened that night. In other words, even though we can never really know who did what to whom and why, two out of three white people are convinced the shooting was appropriate, that the ending of this child’s life was justified. The only explanation for such confidence is that whites presume black people to be scary, dangerous, suspicious, and worthy of a lower threshold of evidence before one takes action against them. There is no other explanation.

And please, let us dispense with all the self-righteous lectures about how we on the left and in the “race industry” have been quick to jump to conclusions about guilt or innocence in this case, before all the facts were in.

To begin, I know of no one who has ever said that George Zimmerman’s legal guilt was so self-evident that he ought not even have a trial. Quite the contrary, we were the ones demanding he be arrested precisely so the facts could come out, a charge could be brought and a trial commenced as soon as possible. We have weighed in as to his moral culpability, to be sure. We have inveighed against what we believe to be the racial biases that animated his acts, though very few (and certainly not I) have called for hate crime charges to be filed. Legal guilt or innocence is for a jury to decide, and it may very well be the case that the legal standard for second degree murder cannot be met in this instance. It may well be true that if a fight ensued, even if Zimmerman started it, his decision to shoot Martin may be more tantamount to manslaughter, legally, than anything else. So be it.

But this has nothing to do with the legal presumption of innocence. While there is no doubt that the presumption of innocence is a crucial component of the legal process — and indeed should be expected of all jurors in such cases — to point to those of us who have opined as to Zimmerman’s culpability as somehow shredding this sacrosanct principle, and uniquely so at that, is utterly preposterous.

The fact is, none of our perceptions are truly objective. None are free from one form or another of bias. And not only with regard to this case, but any case. I doubt seriously, for instance, that the persons now clucking their tongues at those of us whom they accuse of “presuming Zimmerman guilty” before all the facts were in, actually waited until the defense rested in the 1995 murder trial of O.J. Simpson before deciding whether or not he had killed two people. If we’re being honest, we would have to admit that most of us had already made up our minds about that one while O.J. was still in the back of the white Bronco, sixteen months earlier, or shortly thereafter.

I doubt they react with such dispassionate impartiality when watching the evening news and seeing a young black man, arrested for some crime or another across town, being brought in by police. It is simply a truism that, generally speaking, we tend to believe that people who are accused of crime probably did it, whatever it may be. But how likely we are to feel that way can and will be intensified, or diminished, depending upon the pre-existing narratives that we tend to accept about our society. So if we believe, based on our reading of the evidence or from personal experience, that the justice system is overly-punitive of black men, we will be less likely to presume guilt for black defendants than others might. Likewise, if our internal ideological narrative is one that says widespread corporate malfeasance is a real problem, we’ll probably be more likely than others with a different narrative to presume the guilt of an Enron executive, or a Wall Street banker. Conversely, if our ideological narrative is one that presumes widespread cultural dysfunction among members of the African American community, we’ll likely see guilt when confronted by an image of a black criminal suspect or defendant. According to academic research, whites are highly likely to view blacks as violent and dangerous (Peffley and Hurwitz, 1998: 90), and adherence to these stereotypes is highly correlated with a tendency to presume guilt, evidence notwithstanding, whenever the adherent is confronted with a crime that fits their mental schema regarding black criminals (Hurwitz and Peffley, 1997: 384). Likewise, if we have a positive perception of police officers, we’ll be less likely to presume that the officer accused of brutality or corruption is really guilty of either.

Basically, we all see what we’re predisposed to see. In the instant case, for those who fear black people, they will see Martin as a thug, whom it was logical to fear and to follow, given his race, his attire, and a half-dozen or so prior burglaries in the neighborhood by other black men. For those who believe anti-black bias is all too common, we will see evidence of it in Zimmerman’s actions: his initial suspicion of Martin despite the latter doing nothing indicative of pernicious intent; his previous and repeated use of the 9-1-1 system to report on the presence of black men, even children as young as 9; and his utterance of what sounds like a racial slur during his infamous call to police mere minutes before he shot Martin. For those who think some of us are too quick to allege racism, they will give credit to Zimmerman’s “black friend” who vouches for his racial ecumenism, they will hear that 9-1-1 call differently, and they will focus on the presence of Al Sharpton at the side of the victim’s family and conclude that something must be amiss with the allegations of racism, because of their pre-existing dislike of Sharpton personally.

So let’s just admit it, OK? Let’s stop pretending that we wait around for all the evidence before coming up with some general conclusions about the guilt or innocence of criminal suspects. We don’t. We all jump the gun, and the direction in which we jump relates to the direction of our general political and philosophical tendencies.

But insofar as many jump to conclusions that cast millions of people in a suspicious light, and label them deviant, dangerous and worthy of death at the slightest misstep, all because of the color of their skin, their jumps are more inexcusable, more evil, more destructive of a decent society than the conclusions to which the rest of us may leap from time to time.

Trayvon Martin is not an inkblot. But he does provide an interesting window into the psychopathology of the white conservative mind. And what one can see through that window does not bode well for this country or its culture in years to come.


Hurwitz, Jon and Mark Peffley, “Public Perceptions of Race and Crime: The Role of Stereotypes,”American Journal of Political Science, 41 (2), 1997: 375-401.

Peffley, Mark and Jon Hurwitz, “Whites Stereotypes of Blacks: Sources and Political Consequences,” inPerceptions and Prejudice: Race and Politics in the United States, ed. Jon Hurwitz and Mark Peffley (New Haven: Yale University, 1998), 90.

Rome, Dennis. (2004). Black Demons: The Media’s Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype. NY: Praeger.


42 thoughts on “Guest Post: Of Children and Inkblots: Trayvon Martin and the Psychopathology of Whiteness

  1. Hey Brotha, Love Tim Wise he is the truth. I”ve just discovered who he is. I want to read more of his books and watch his youtubes. I can only imagine what the mainstream white ameriklan thinks of him. I bet that send him all kinds of death threats. I wish there were more Tim Wise’s. great post Brotha. Stay Strong.

  2. I am a 51 yr old African American mother, born in 1960 and raised in Louisville, KY. You brought tears to my eyes. I have interacted on some comment boards mainly posting’ “None of us can choose the color of our skin but all of is can choose not to be racist.

    I have a daughter 32 and a son 21 we currently live in florida. Being raised in the south I have many memories of being called the N word, followed while shopping, told an apt was already taken, etc. Since Trayvon Martin’s shooting my heart has been heavy. Pro-Zimmerman blogs, comments, etc has reminded my how racist people truly are. I have been reminded that racist view us as the N word regardless of who we are.

    Your article is powerful and it is my prayer someone will read it and change there thinking.

  3. Sentimentalisms only work in your Jewish theaters.

    Go join a Hebrew Cult, there are many Sects. Maybe someone will give a damn about your so called “victims of racism”, since you’ll also pretend you’re being murdered because of your religious choices.

    Grow up, what are you people, 5 years old? People die all the time. Some little kids don’t even have money to flash, marijuana to smoke, hoodies to wear, webcams to whore before, or are too thin to possibly be hit by a bullet succesfully.

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    1. I swear Allegory, I honestly don’t know what to consider you as, a lunatic or a retard. You trolls are getting more and more pathetic by the day it seems and it would be so funny if it was annoying as hell.

      I am a fully-formed adult for your information, sir. And I act way more civil than you especially online. Any idiot knows that people die all the time, but some deaths are uncalled for. The death of this young man was a travesty because of one man’s possible lunacy and fear towards black people. It is the same fear and hatred that lives here in the States and within that black hole you call a heart.

      So, we are the bad guys according to Allegory’s history books, huh? I see. Well, I like to use something called true history which has taught me that European and American whites have caused a lot of destruction to almost every land they touched. It wasn’t because of some innate ability to take care of themselves or what not. It was because of the greed and savage nature of the white man against PoC for reasons that are now considered insane. Sure, there have been wars against groups of humans since time began, and humanity slaughtered each other for years, but to categorize PoC as the biggest bullies in history shows your own ignorance.

      And by the way, large families are not a characteristic of PoC exclusively.

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      As for drugs are concerned my people, by and large, don’t fly and float that shit in the first place in the U.S. It is smuggled into black communities by government officials to further oppress black people in the states. It’s not made up. It’s the truth, something you have a definite fear of.

      Frankly, I’m tired of your humorous rantings against PoC based on some lies and half-assed truths that you accept into your twisted soul. You’ve made your point more than clear that you think we are the scum of the earth based on stereotypes that you’ve also accepted. You’re no different than the white racists here or there in Europe, and it’s obvious in your commenting and vanishing like a little prankster ringing a door bell and run because the owner of the house answers leaving behind a flaming bag of shit. Your racist comments are those flaming bags.

      Yet, as much as you say you hate PoC, you keep coming here. We must not be all bad, or at least I must not be. So, what is it really? Do you have a secret thing for me or something? Do you get off reading my comments to your delusional mindset? Be honest.

      I’m going to wrap this up, but I know I will see your ass again if I make another post about racism. You will say something insane like “PoC are the real killers and rapists” and will insert your inverted history lesson trying to portray yourself as smart. You’re now becoming very predictable, and this is why it’s so fuckin funny.


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        Also you are racist against my black heart, apparently. Don’t hate me because I’m Black hearted … you coward.

      2. Interesting history lesson, but I have to ask you something, what does any of it have to do with the post?

        If you have any proof of these events, then kindly send them to my email and not try to derail any of my posts. None of what you spoke has anything to do with Trayvon Martin’s murder.

        I know one person who’s also a White European who may have a problem with your “history”. He may run circles around your version. But I digress.

        I also want to point out that nowhere did I say that we are a race of victims. Not all of us are, but you are certainly not a race of victims either. So, stop trying to portray yourselves as such because you are making your entire race look pitiful by doing so along with your constant racist trolling.

  4. The mere fact that anyone would defend a remorseless murderer who pursued and shot an unarmed kid for no reason other than his own delusional bigotry is simultaneously revolting and not at all surprising. I can’t say I’m amazed at the total lack of sympathy for an murdered child, nor for the insistence that there was “something” about the victim that made it just A-OK for some crazed vigilante like Zimmerman to pursue and shoot him, but it’s disgusting all the same.

      1. Stuff happens. Why blame the innocent white child, who just happened to have a gun in his hand, which accidentally misfired?

        When you can blame Multiculturalism? Greedy turkish industrialists who infiltrated Amerika to shoot JF Kennedy (amongst other crimes), and to promote racist minorities to invade the West, and destroy the White Supremacy in the Atlantic sea.

        So what if some white person decided they don’t want to be a race of victims anymore, and for once defend themselves properly? This is basic Survival, that’s what it is. And from what Evolution tells us, it’s a sign of the Superior Species.

        So even if the white races are natural victims of racism, they do have the highest potential to evolve by natural selection to a Superior Species. Clearly Zimmermann was akting on self defense, alone. He was definately threatened or something dreadful like that. As a white person I know that PoC are in love with Threats, and use that especially against Whites whom they try to scare off or bully.

        Zimmermann deserves applaudes, and a standing ovation from Amerika. For defending White Rights, and the Racial Status Quo of the White Species of White Races.

        There ws nothing even remotely “racist” about the accident. It’s not like Zimmermann called him a “Neygraw” or whatever non colour you think counts as racist slur.

        On the contrary, some “virginia school massacres”? I don’t know which one of the incidents that was, but some jewish kids, like Eminem or Omaba did admit to hearing witnesses, that they were motivated by racial prejudice. They said they hate some races, and in the last words they said “and we especially hate those white pieces of #%$%”.

        Which proves Semites and Turks (naturally Jews by ethinicity) are racist by default, especially against Whites, and possibly other races there as well, for who knows what social local reasons ….

        Their confessions actually prove Whites were the main victims of their aggression, and bullet parade within the school premesis.

        Oh, really? You want all those historical sources to be mentioned only in a secret email, don’t you? Well fat luck, prisoner. You are the one who quotes inexistant “historical facts” when saying Whites only leave Europe, to the New World, or Australia or Afrika or Asia, to rape and do all sorts of crimes upon the ethnics.

        Aren’t you also the one who said “ALL WHITES ARE RACISTS”? So if all Whites are White Supremacists, how is it possible they would rape the very ones they’re so racist against? Isn’t that considered Bestiality, and is thus the highest crime possible against their White Supremacist beliefs?

        One has to be tolerant, to Rape a non white. Otherwise intense disgust is manifested. Why do you think you rejected those white women who flirted with you? Obviously because you’re racist agaisnt white races, and those white women disgust you.

        So if you’re going to make up history as you go along, on your blog, why censor actual history, which according to multiethnic scientists and historians, was mostly rapes of white women, happening in Europe, when foreigners of Ethnic Colouring invaded? Where as you Amerikans were protected from Rape, from two massive Oceans, Atlantik and Pacifik, Who the fuck invaded you so much that you think only wanted to rape you?

        The whites that escaped Europe to Amerika, or were deported there from the British Empire’s other colonies, were put there on financial values. Beggars in England, anarchists or dissenters, rebels. They would have been sent to one of the far away colonies in Amerika, as prisoners or simply human cattle. Read a bit about the almost dead state that the British Empire sent it’s starving lowest class from England and otherwise, to Amerika. The history of those white people is much more tragic and gruesome, and inhumane, than the Promotion you enjoy upon leaving Afrika to pursue better life opportunities in the New World.

        Person of Afrikan Amerikan descent … I beg of thee !

      2. Okay Allegory. I can see that you’re talking out of your ass now.

        Where in the hell did I blame any white child with a gun? For that matter, why can’t we blame white children who has access to guns who go to schools to shoot up the place? Why must they be “innocent” and if and when blacks do it, not that they ever have, they should be condemned?

        I will not blame multiculturalism just because you want me to do because that is not the problem. The problem is the mindset that you are crippled with and insist on justifying it’s existence. Hell, you even implied that you support White Supremacy which is the biggest con in the world. It’s a con mentally disturbed, emotionally unstable and intellectually handicap whites like yourself believe in to fill in that hole in your soul to make up something about yourselves that you don’t like. Pathetic.

        You don’t know jack shit about the Martin-Zimmerman case. Yet, just like a typical racist you automatically justify the murder of a 17 year-old boy. That is a sign of moral depravity at its worst to defend the killer or an unarmed child who was minding his own business. People like you should be ashamed of thinking that way, but knowing you, you won’t. No, you’re more interested in so-called black-on-white crimes, huh? That is what turns you on. Be honest.

        You clearly don’t know what racism or being a racist truly means. Maybe you do, but hate to be called a racist. Whatever the case, you have proven that you are indeed racist against PoC. There is no denying that.

        So, you won’t send me any information by email? In other words you don’t have any which means I was right. If you can’t back it up, then shut it up and be done with it. Otherwise, don’t drown me with your insane babble about white racial victimology at the hands of us devious blacks.

        I never once said that all Whites are racists. Not once. So, where did that shit come from exactly? By the way I never rejected only white women who flirted with me. I rejected a lot of women because of the long-distance. I rejected most white women who only saw me as a sex toy. Yes. That’s a shocker to you isn’t it that white women have trouble seeing us as fully human beings? It blows your mind to pieces. SMH.

        You’re fighting a losing battle with me, Al. You are obviously obsessed with this blog enough to come to it often even though it’s not catered to you. What’s the reason?

  5. Why would I hate being called racist? How should that bother me in any way? That’s just a word, you fool.
    Racist is merely an adjective. Racism against Whites, is a Reality. Reality beats adjective you hyper educated primate.
    This isn’t about words, or word games, or word play. Black on White crimes DOES turn blacks on. This is why so many raped white women happen across the world. PoC love to enslave and abuse white children. Whom they consider superior due to their White ancestry. When an inferior being feels in control of a superior being, you get a High. It makes you feel like you’re the Masters, and those poor whites are Slaves.
    This is because White Slavery is the only Slavery which is truly realistic. And I will invoke it as many times as I have to, since History supports every bit of it, on all continents, and historically known ages or centuries.

    You seem mightily obsessed with Judging others, do you not? Especially when it’s a Superior White, like myself. You must get a high from feeling above someone as great as me, by having some moral supremacy over me. This is why you judge me, it gives you a mental high. PoC have this natural hatred and need to feel superior above humans of white descent.

    There is more to white skin than meets the eye. Whiteness isn’t just skin deep, just like Beauty isn’t skin deep.

    Really? You name a title with “Psychopathology of Whiteness” and claim you’r enot racist against Whites, at all?

    How much more in denial can you become? The poor deluded racists supporting your lies here, don’t see this as well, I notice. They love being racist against a Race, or any White Races that never did anything bad against them.

    On the contrary you should appreciate us for allowing all of you the gifts of our Civilizations, in Europe and New World, to allow you lifestyles superior (vastly so) to that which you had in Australian deserts, or Afrika, or tropical hells of Islands in South Amerika.

    If you hate Whiteness so much, why not return to a primitive Jungle or Desert, wilderness untainted by “Evil White” civilizations or creations, and escape our “Tyranny” and “Racism” forever? You’d like that wouldn’t you?

    But you like attacking the White Races even more. Enjoying the fruits of our labour and cultures, while escaping the primitivism of your cultures.

    You’re pathetic.

    1. Well, you certainly said that you weren’t a racist based on how you’ve treated your wolf, and there was a hint of offensiveness in your comment.

      Racist is both an adjective and a noun, and racism against PoC is more real and way more destructive. So-called black-on-white crimes do not happen anywhere near as often as it may seem in your mind. Black men en masse don’t go around hunting for white women to rape. I honestly don’t know what you and people like you are so hung up on that outrageous notion. Why would you even think about it even if it is to justify racism? Furthermore, why aren’t you protecting these white women instead of chatting with me? The only conclusion I can come up with is that in some twisted, screwed-up way, you really want black men to rape white women. To make matters worse I bet some part of you is turned on by that (The old cuckold fantasy).

      Excuse me? Did you say that white slavery is the only realistic kind of slavery? What planet are you from? Seriously? History shows that slavery happened in different locations across the globe, but none are perhaps more devastating than the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. At least from what I was taught. Nonetheless, no form of slavery against a certain group of people is more or less significant than the next. To compare and contrast in terms of which human’s lives were more important is senseless.

      Whiteness is about the social, economic and political machinations that support racial superiority on the basis of white skin as opposed to dark skin. And I’ve never claimed that I wasn’t racist. I admitted that I am racist in a different post, but I’m not proud of it in the least. However, I do not think like you. I don’t think my race is superior to yours while thinking yours is inferior to mine. I try not to believe any hypes against my race created by the white race. I try not to be racist against my own people as this is what this nation of mine wants me to do. In short I’m not weak enough to give in to bullshit like you, my friend.

      You really don’t know jack shit about history do you? My ancestors already had civilizations long before any of yours came into existence.

      If I hate whiteness so much, why don’t I return to the jungle or desert? Because I didn’t come from either. I was born here in America, but my roots reach all the way back to Africa. And if you hate us so much, why don’t you live in an all-white setting somewhere like Siberia or some place?

      And look who’s talking about attacking races? Why are you here, allegory?

      You’re a sad son of a jackass.

      1. I’m here because I’m not racist. I read any blog I wish to.

        I understand that in your rapist mentality, you will seek any sort of justification from your “Master” or the superior being who is intimidating you are the moment. Me.

        So you will try to twist every argument in your favour, to justify your rape fantasies and intentions, using me to “encourage you”.
        You’re too cowardly to admit you’re just a worthless rapist dog, so you hope to be lead into it, by a Dominant White.

        Sorry that’s not going to happen. White women are being raped. What can I do about that? Since the Law only takes kindly to PoC in my country, there’s nothing I, as a white person can do anything legal to protect white women from being further victims of racism against whites. You PoC made sure of that.

        Secondly I only know very few white women, and they’re either asexual or lesbians. So chances of them being in places where PoC would molest them are few. I don’;t have any of your tyrannical PoC inclinations, so how could I control what they were doing?

        Maybe you do that with your Coloured Daughters, but that’s certainly not something I can do against White women of any White Race. Not sure why’d they even listen to someone much younger than them, in the first place. The only thing I can do about it, mention the countless cases of the past. To learn from the mistakes of those white females. That’s pretty much it, savvy?
        How is Siberia an all white setting? Russians brought Arabids like yourself even in Moscow, as some kind of “Arap” caste of trained eunuch. Why do you think Tcheaikovsky existed? Asia is definately not tolerant of whites. Haven’t you ever heard of Atheists? Who created the USSR and Young Turks party? None of those idiots were White, they were Hebrew racists against whites, who invaded White Europe because of their filthy racism.

        Yeah, keep believing myths about White Afrikans, who were selected by special inbreeding, and sent to Europe. That’s so funny, you must be a complete retard to believe that. Secondly, why is Down Symdrome, or Mongoloid apearance, present in Jews from Amerika, Greece, Italy, Russia, but not in any of the White Races of Europe? There simply is no biological relation from that. Or do you think “Humans” were dark skinned, and Cain was a White Murderer and whatever nonsense, and pale skin was a plague or curse from god?

        That’s the same as me believing Atlantis only had white humans, and after the desctruction, some fled to the jungles, made love unto chimpanzees and doberman dogs, to produce the subhuman Cerberoid mongrels of doberman like skin coloour. Are you a canine all of the sudden? Because I don’t see how I’m the murderer. Cain’s curse was not to be murdered, but whites are being murdered indiscriminately by you Coloures, who are truly Above the Law. Even in Europe, where all of the Law favours you invaders and genocidal criminals. In detriment of local white people, who are treated like slaves or worse.

        You live in a sick plantation fantasy world. “Cain killed Abel the black brother, and was rewarded by the White God with being made White, like God who’s White.l Hallelujah !!!”

        You’re sick if you actually think I’m a Black person like yourself. That is impossible. Unlike you coloured people, I’m very skilled with the science of Racial Biology. Your relation to me is impossible.

        The only thing you must be thinking of is the Mulattos on the islands. For example Napoleon’s concubine, “Josephine”, was mulatto herself, and her daughter was black. Why? On those islands close to Europe or Afrika or Atlantic, they had no political or social reasons to favour only other whites in relationships. So they were “unracist” or tolerant, and that’s why Mulatto or half Semite/ Arabid whatever you are, and half “white”, exist.

        In all of your arrogance, you failed to verify that all of the Hebrews owning those “slave trade” ships, and the mansions in the South where they were being sold to, as workers on farms, were not white?

        Hebrews are Semite or Araboids by race, or Turanid even. They are your People, Coloured! Hebrews are People of Colour, which is why they have the same cruel intent to dominate others, like filthy sadistic beasts. Which is why they profit from overbreeding PoC of poorest regions like Afrika, and sold you to a better life. Where you both profited immensly. Otherwise you’;d still be both beggars in Afrika, hiding from Egyptian Imperial chariots or Islamic raiders. True Story.

        Your kind were never slaves. PoC are not good for slaves. You’re good for other things, demonic in nature unfortunately (for the white victims).

        Obviously the truth bothers you somehow. If you beg me not to reveal all of it’s sources I can find, on your public blog. Why would I e’mail a perfect stranger? Now who’s the sexual deviant? Gross … grow up, and learn to respect other Human’s privacy.

        If you’re too afraid to face the Facts, and witness true History, and your racism against the White Slaves and Victims of Racism, century after century, just say so, coward.

      2. Oh! I was wrong. You did have more to say after all. Don’t go away because I will continue responding with your pointless quest for white supremacy on my blog. In the meantime feel read to respond to any comments made to you if they appear.

      3. “Whiteness is about the social, economic and political machinations that support racial superiority on the basis of white skin as opposed to dark skin. And I’ve never claimed that I wasn’t racist.”

        So what truly bothered you is that only Amerika has “black presidents”, and not the whole world? Are you that greedy that you hope such Arabosemitic presidents of your afrikanische descent will be leaders of Europe?

        Do you hope some european nations will “wise up”, and teach the world about how only a Black President will bring whatever peace or non racist world ideology you fantasize about?

        How sick is that. Your blog constantly, with every post, denigrates other races, predominantly the White Races, and yet you accuse me of being racist for not having a “black president”, in my country.

        Well sorry to break it to you, but my country was a favourite of Adolf Hitler. The Patron Saint of White Europe, and the Prophet of White Arians.

        I truly doubt any of your so called “black leaders”, will ever rise to the Glory of Der Fuhrer. There is no chance something as communist, antisocial and antichristian as Omaba or other Jason Mendella, or whoever they are, will create a Germany that was First in the world, on military and industrial and social commercial supremacy, or the Christian Unity formed in Europe.

        Despite all the blacks on footbal pepsi or coke posters, promoting Britain;s retarded “multicultural footbal” dreams, or any other blacks in the media, trying to appear intelligent educators of white europeans in my country. You simply don’t understand the White Races, enough to lead.

        You are not even related to us, so what makes you think you can lead eeven if you had the chance to? Silly upstarts and your world White Domination delusions. Grow up, again I cannot stress this enough, child.

        And I thought I was the immature young one. Amerika trains you to be nothing more than old children. Overgrown three year olds, with kindergarten sand box mentality.

        Adolf Hitler accomplished more in a few decades, less than a life time even, than your entire RoC accomplished in all of History.

        What does that tell you, then? Maybe that Whites do have some small leadership abilities, unlike your people who have absolutely none? You may be good at whinning and moaning like a bitch in heat, but that’s about it. You can’t give orders, or organize anything.

        I believe your linguistic skills should aid lower. Much lower than the mouth level a true prophet or speaker talks at. Aim so low you hit the table you’re currently eating off. And if you drop any food, aim at the floor, and use your well formed BJ lips to eat from the ground. But you’re not good enough to preach at high levels like Adolf Hitler did in the Reichstag.

        Aim less than “world leader”, young pup. And you may make a good little human being sometime.

  6. I Swear Allegory, I Honestly Dont Know What To Consider You As, A Lunatic Or A Retard.

    You forgot one armed bandit as he probably gets off on this type of attention.


    You need a lobotomy followed by an ice bath!

      1. So, in other words you have nothing else to throw at my face like your whitewashed version of history where white Europeans were always victims at the hands of the evil, oversexed blacks? You’re not going to tell me how black men are raping white women all over the world in huge numbers? You’re not going to tell me that we are still committing crimes against the always innocent white people?

        All you can come up with is that I need to be castrated.

        You know, why don’t you come out and call me a racial epithet, threaten me, or type in “white power” and not conceal it? You may as well. You have all the earmarks of a racist douche.

      2. Oh for fuck’s sake, Allegory, stop white knighting (hehe, made a pun) for white Americans and Europeans. Just because your diseased little mind doesn’t think there is any white racism, and that we’re a race of victims, doesn’t somehow magically negate a centuries-long history of genocide and abuse at our hands by the very people you claim are hypersexual rapists. If anyone needs castrating, it’s you, because if your genes make it to the next generation we’ll all be in trouble.

  7. Because “power” is just a handle name for magic. And White magic is just a feeble excuse that corrupt magic, which has no place in this discussion.

    White Magic? What is this, Bewitched? There is no such fucking thing as White Power, you cretinoid.

    There is such a thing as White Victim. Victims of Racism, and not just.

    How about that South Afrikan white leader who was murdered by a couple of dark skins, like yourself? In his own little cottage. What do you think of that “white power”, you idiot?

    Whites are being murdered indiscriminately, and no one’s punishing you. That’s how genocidal history portrays you at, and you fully live up to your names, I gather. You intend to make your “black ancestors”, proud, no doubt?

    Victims of Slavery? Being called black is the same as someone calling me “white”. Would that offend me, even if it’s true? Not in the least. That does that count as slavery. Slavery is an underaged german girl, white of course, being kept as a prisoner and house slave, by a family of adoptive muslims like yourselves.

    I don’t hear any cases of your PoC being kept as slaves in Amerika, do I? Why not?

    I do see cases of PoC beating up or attacking on camera, white female officers, just so they don’t get a ticket again. I do not see any such cases in Europe, where always the PoC “officer” or slave of the Law, attacks white children and even some elderly white people. This happened in my country, at the beginning of this year. PoC in hoods and masks, are used as Mercenary Militia army to supress white protesters in my country. How does that make you the victim, then? In Amerika you have more Criminality allowed to you, than in Europe or Afrika even.

    Whereas the Law discriminates here and there against the Whites. Now enough of your White Magic fantasies. I don’t believe Whites have any sort of special powers, that you accuse us of. What’s next, you want to call some Inquisition to accuse us of Witchcraft since we’re “Spawn of Kain”?

    Do grow up. This is Not the Middle Ages anymore, Moor.

    1. White magic??? What are you smoking??? I am not talking about magic. I’m talking about whiteness.

      Maybe there are whites who were victims of racism on individual levels that are few and far between, but institutionally and systematically that has never happened, not even close to the scale of racism against PoC around the world.

      FYI, that white South African leader was a white supremacist racist. But oh! That’s your kind of person isn’t it like that man who went on a shooting spree last Summer.

      You really have a skewed view of the world. White people by and large are not being discriminated against or murdered by the large numbers. That is such bullshit. PoC, especially blacks here in America know that they have hell to pay if they murder a white person. We would either get life in prison or the death penalty whether they are guilty or innocent of the crime.

      As for your question, “I don’t hear any cases of your PoC being kept as slaves in Amerika, do I? Why not?” There is new kind of slavery in America known as the Prison Industrial Complex. They may not refer it as slavery in a traditional sense, but technically it’s a kind of slavery reserved for punishment. Research the 13th Amendment if you want.

      So, those cases of PoC beating up white female officers is enough to conclude that an entire race of people are screwed up? That’s real intelligent, you know that? Then again, racism doesn’t rely on anything intelligent as long as it satisfies the racists. In any case don’t blame that on me simply I, myself, is a PoC. Why don’t you blame the individuals and not the entire race? Is that too hard for you to do? And why is it just them that attacks other whites. Don’t tell me that whites don’t attack other whites especially in the lands of Europe.

      Your sense of white victimology is way off base and highly exaggerated.

  8. “Oh! I was wrong. You did have more to say after all. Don’t go away because I will continue responding with your pointless quest for white supremacy on my blog. In the meantime feel read to respond to any comments made to you if they appear.”

    Aren’t you the one promoting your Black Supremacy, or Afrikan Pride baloonery on this blog? With dreams such as your “extensive civilizations when Whites did not yet roam the Earths” ?

    Assuming any of that were real, why do you accuse the youngest races of being “evil towards you”? And why do you accuse me of promoting any White Supremacy, when I’m only pointing out the flaws in your so called “civilized behaviour”?

    Can’t handle Constructive Criticism I see …… hahahahahaha. Just because you have many personality flaws that I, as a White, lack. Doesn’t mean any White Races are Superior to you in any way.

    It just mean European education is superior to your Amerikan education.

    1. brothawolf doesn’t need me to defend him and can probably do a better job of ripping you apart then I can… but ya know what? This little outburst is too good to pass up.

      Let’s start with the fact that there have been civilizations across the globe that existed before Europeans started their imperialism. In Asia, the Americas, and Africa you’ll come across multiple civilizations that came and went without ever even seeing a European, and several more that were stamped out by them. And acknowledging that… is racist somehow? Of course it must be, because that implies other races are, like, human and shit!

      And brothawolf has not, even once, said that whites are inherently evil. But naturally pointing out that whites are anything but perfect angels is racist and hurts your delicate fee fees, and that’s clearly the most important thing, right?

      And then, as you whine and bitch about him stereotyping YOU (which he hasn’t done), you then continue to stereotype him and all people of color based on some lies you pulled from your ass and a couple of cases that in your soupy mess of a brain constitute “the norm” for POC. Oh, but that’s not racist, because, after all, whites are all special snowflakes but all blacks are the fucking same in your little bizarro universe.

      And then, after constantly demeaning everyone, you complain that people cannot take “constructive criticism”, and then give possibly the most hypocritical statement I have ever heard. So, whites naturally lack these flaws that blacks naturally have, but you aren’t saying that whites are better or anything? You sure could have fooled me.

      I have some constructive criticism for you to stew on; You are a white supremacist so stop fucking denying it, nothing you say makes any goddamned sense so maybe learn this magical thing called “logic” before you try to make an argument, and the more you abuse everyone the more they are going to attack you back so don’t play the fucking victim when the whole thing is your fault.

      1. See? What was I saying? Black Supremacy. You can hardly accuse me of trying to promote White Supremacy, when this is exactly what you’re guilty of right here.

        Not just in the comment section, but there you go. “This little outburst is too good to pass up”. Whenever you hear this, you condition yourselves to answer, and boast your Black Pride. Now, this is all historically neutral and all, except you aren’t being historically accurate.

        Yes, according to the New Chronology kept silenced in Europe by so called “modern historicans” who are from the Allied nations of WW2, try reading Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology theories.

        All of the Asian civilizations never existed. They are hoaxes, copied even with the same errors of books in Spain. Spanish imperialism saw many of it;s rebel colonies like China or Japan, attempt to mimick Spanish imperialism across the seas. and Asia, even down to the “300 galleons” that the Spanish had built in their fleet, to raid SE Asia. That was all copied after European Civilizations, and Christian Gothic ones like that of Christian Spain, no less ! And yes the Emperor Charles of the Greatest World Empire, of Spain who formed the Invincible Spanish Armada, was white as a snowflake, as anyone can attest to.

        Afrika did saw the Semitic civilization of Egyptians, who have olive skin, big fluffy lips, hazel hair and so forth … but they were defeated many times, from white Amazons to white Persians, to white Teutonic conquerors, to white Hellenes, to white Scythians, who threw them out of their lands, and Balkans, during Sessotris’s campaign in East Europe’s Scythia, near the Black Sea.

        This is why Egypt is just a worthless muslim colony now. Hell, centuries past the Frennch and British were even fighting over it! Egypt is no longer an empire, it only failed at becoming such, in the past. Why? Because only Whites can create succesful Empires, and Civilizations.

        Proven Fact. Feel free to debate, with arguments or chronical evidence this time.

        Other races are not Dominant. You live in harmony with nature, peaceful and such. Other races are not Nomadic. You are the opposite, very “stagnant”, or prefer settlements which are steady.

        Whites love to travel. I admit this, myself as a white. I love to travel. This travel, allowed us, thanks to the Bible and advice from Genesis, to subdue the earth, and enjoy farming or conquering the lands of the nature made for Whites to live upon. This is why Imperialism exists.

        Not in the detriment of others like PoC. But in the benefit of the Christian Whites who enjoy these cultural and civilization gifts. Whites are highly Nomadic.

        You can’t hold this against us, can you? That would be racist of you, so no you can’t hold it against me or any other white for being nomads by heart and our natures.

        Phoenicians? White. Sumerians? White. Romans? White. Hellenes? White. Kelts and Vikings of Vinland in the New World? White.

        The Gods of the New World, that injuns worshiped and thought they returned as the Spanish, to lead them again? White.

      2. Asian civilizations did exist as well as civilizations in Africa, North and South America, and other locations across the globe. It wasn’t all about your precious white-filled Europe. Your white racist egotism knows no bounds does it?

        You say whites love to travel. That sounds like an intracial statement to me against the people you seem to love more than yourself. You applied your love for travel on an entire race.

        I was wondering when you would inject the Bible into this. Whites who have racist mindsets seem to love to invoke the Bible to justify their views as you have in your comment. Your ridiculous Bible comment which appears to suggest whites to roam the land and conquer it solidifies that truth.

        Your ignorance and disdain is so preposterous that it speaks for itself. I don’t need to respond to it as it reeks of your white supremacist mindset that you try so hard to deny having while accusing me of being a black supremacist. Your examples thus far include the notion that only Europe and whites had civilizations, that the Bible intended for whites to conquer the world, and that white people are somehow victims of crimes committed by non-whites.

        I suppose now you’re going to tell me that God himself is white.

      3. Seventh, you are not racist for calling a white person (me) a White Supremacist or Racist.

        Eight, I am racist for calling a black person (you) a Black Supremacist or Racist.

        Ninth, you have obvious double standards. How is it possible that I’m a racist when I call you “black supremacists”, but you’re not racist for calling me or other whites “white supremacists”?

        Do you honestly not see how impossible that is? It’s like saying, “an egg is an egg, unless it’s my egg, which defies all laws of eggness”.

        Dear White God, thine Garden ist Grosse

      4. Note to Allegory, try reading before you make assumptions, sweetheart. I’ve mentioned that I’m white multiple times already in other comments.

        Oh, wow, so now we’re going to deny the existence of civilizations outside of Europe, and going to include Middle Easterners as white? That’s funny, most ignorant morons like you tend to consider them some sort of evil desert race. Congrats on being so progressive in the idiot arms race!

        Anyhow, I’m glad you’ve basically outed yourself as a Nazi sympathizer now. Suddenly you’re horrible attitude and pure contempt for humanity at large makes so much more sense.

      5. It seems like Allegory has a habit of pulling straws.

        Anyway he proves that he is a white supremacist and proud of it. So, he has no right to accuse me of being a black supremacist when I have done no such thing ever.

    2. Where did I promote black supremacy on my blog exactly? Where did I accuse white people of being evil towards me? And the reason why I am accusing you of promoting white supremacy is more than clear in your responses.

      I can handle constructive criticism. What I can’t handle is extreme ignorance and arrogance.

      1. Not towards you. Towards “All PoC !!!” Which is much more racist, because you claim White Races hate not just you as an individual, but all humans who share your skin tones.

        How is that not racist against Whites? Because trust me … it looks just that way, from over here. I’m sure many people see this as well.

        If you were trying to supress or hide your antiwhite racism, you seem to have not managed to do so.

        Accusing a white of being White Supremacist, is Racist !! Extremely so, in fact !!!

        That’s like me accusing everyone of you of being Black Panthers or trying to murder me in my sleep, and steal everything I own. It’s stupid and extremely paranoid !!!

        You still accuse me of White Supremacy, and Racism. But doesn’t that reeval … YOU to be the one who is Racist against me?

        Just because I’m white, to you that means I’m a Racist and White Supremacist. Don’t you think you’re being very hasty or extremely judgemental ? Perhaps even schizophrenic or paranoid, to accuse perfect strangers of these political ideologies.

        I promise you, I’m not a political person, at all. I hate politics. Politics is ridiculous, and only weakens the White Imperial exploration of the seas and outer lands. For example, I would love to explore Antarctica. But the subhuman “Whites” are so obsessed with destroying the White Imperialist expedition forces across the world, that I have to remain stuck in Europe. With PoC of the Law acting like rabid pedophiles and serial killers.

        Or even using castration vaccines in schools, that are genetically formed in labs using white DNA so they only sterilize us white children, of Europe.

        How is that not me living worse than any slave, in history?

      2. First off, I made no such claim. If I did, copy and paste where I have said that in any of my posts and I will elaborate even though it will be futile to get anything through that thick skull of yours.

        Second, only you are accusing me of being anti-white with nothing to back it up but strawman arguments and outright lies.

        Third, if accusing a white person of being a white supremacist is racist, why is it not racist to accuse a black person of being a black supremacist?

        Fourth, I accuse you of being a white supremacist by the steaming piles of comments you make. I don’t have to copy and past them because they are in plain sight.

        Fifth, It seems you favor white imperialism. That is a clue to your supremacist mentality.

        Sixth, goodbye.

  9. @tehnoun

    Education must not be your friend, then. There are no Middle Easterners. They used to be pagans and later muslims of Arabia, as well as jewish turks of Central Asia, who together out of their racism against whites, invaded and tried to steal the civilization of the White Persians.

    What do you mean by calling them white? Persians are indeed a white european race, since it was the Holy Roman Empire who created the christian colony of Persia in the middle ages. After the Jewish and Islam invaded the white races in Persia, they tried to pretend like it was PoC who were “the true persians”.

    Unfortunately for your miseducation, Persians did not tolerate desert sand or sunlight. They wore heavy armor and clothes (cataphract heavy cavalry) as well as the amazonian style of clothing, zig zag black and white, to protect their pale european skin from the PoC on light raiding horses and bedouins who were attacking them from East and South.

    You must be confusing Iranians with Persians. Persia is a white colony of Europe, Iran is a colony of Turkish Jews from Asia, and Moosleem Arabians from the Arabian peninsula. They have nothing in common. Persians as well as Scythians are considered white minorities in Iran.

    The Iranians cannot understand the language of the persians. Which is Gathic, the language in which Zarathustra wrote the GAthas. And their religion, Mazdayanism and Zoroastrianism, were Dualist. White = Good, because persians and europeans were pale skinned, while Black = Evil, since Romans of Europe had dark hair and were the enemies of the persian germanic race.

    Also Darius’s son was titled “Pers Rex”, and only Germanic tribes of white european used that sort of titles outside of europe, to prove their Holy Roman Empire origins. Even had a big fluffy german beard and appearance to go with the title.

    Iranians also tried to burn many of the holy texts of the White Persians because they wanted to hide all traces of White Imperialism and european colonies from the world. Starting with Asia, Afrika, mediteranean and trying to “outprove” Europe as far as ancient civilization was attested.

    Persians are white. Iranians are not. Iranians are PoC, they are not white europeans, like the original civilization they claim to descend from. This is as stupid as the British claiming to be Germanic or Celtic, or Amerikons posing as Mayans. Or you posing as “white”, when you’re just a wannabe.

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