Notable Links: 6-1/12

Blacks are just as racist!

Blacks are just as racist as whites if not more so! It is a common thing whites in America say. I do agree that blacks are racist, but just as racist? No way! Not even close.

12 Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide Because of Bullying

Joel Morales hanged himself in the bathroom of his family’s apartment on Tuesday night.

Chastised for everything from his “braininess” to the death of his father, the 12-year-old Harlem resident took his own life because he could no longer endure bullying. Despite her efforts, Joel’s mother could not find a safe place for her son.

Cleveland Teen David Boone Goes From Homelessness To HARVARD!

A recent article from NewsOne’s Dr. Boyce Watkins highlights the remarkable story of David Boone, a Cleveland high school student who went from homelessness to acceptance at Harvard University.

When his family was torn apart by conflict with local gang members, Boone couch-surfed, and inevitably lived on the streets. He’d duck into his friend’s house to shower in the morning, do homework in train stations, and desperately withstood pressure to join local gangs.

Boone’s hard work and perseverance paid off in spades; he’s the salutatorian of his high school, and will be attending Harvard University in the fall.

26-Year-Old Doctor Founds West Africa’s First Air Ambulance

By the time many young adults hit the age of 21, their primary concern is hitting the closest bar, flashing their brand new ID, and drinking–legally–until they can’t anymore.

Not Ola Orekunrin.

Orekunrin, who has been a medical doctor since she was 21-years-old, has founded The Flying Doctors, West Africa’s first air ambulance service.

Study Confirms White Privilege Will Be Televised–And Kids Will Be Watching

You know how it goes: It’s just a television show, we’re told. Why can’t you just enjoy it?

Now a new study in Communication Research is giving more weight to critical analysis of the medium. In surveying a group of 400 black and white pre-teens in Midwestern communities, two researchers say black children end up feeling worse about themselves after prolonged exposure to electronic media, as did white girls.

White boys, on the other hand, came out feeling pretty good about themselves, according to one of the study’s authors, Indiana University’s Nicole Martins.

“Regardless of what show you’re watching, if you’re a white male, things in life are pretty good for you,” said Martins, who works at the school’s College of Arts and Sciences. “You tend to be in positions of power, you have prestigious occupations, high education, glamorous houses, a beautiful wife, with very little portrayals of how hard you worked to get there.”


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