The Usual White Arguments

It seems that when it comes to racism, different people with the white racist mindset will say the same things. Below is a list of their usual arguments whenever there is any conversation or forum about racism. (If you have any to add, please feel free to do so.): -Racism doesn’t exist. -The only kind […]

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Who’s Illegal?

Video description: Who’s Illegal *Free Download* In response to repressive anti-Immigration legislation SB1070 and HB56, Jasiri X, Rhymefest, and Paradise Gray traveled to Arizona and Alabama courtesy of the Sound Strike to see first hand how these unjust laws break up families, fracture communities and destroy lives.  “Who’s Illegal?” asks the question, can a nation […]

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Color Over Sympathy

Before I begin, let me first address to all potential color-aroused haters who have an uncontrollable urge to troll in this post telling me how wrong I am. First off, I get it. I know that you believe in your mind that black people are out to get you. I know that you think that […]

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Notable Links: 6-22/12

Heat Win a Championship, Lebron (Finally) Gets a Ring & Poor People are Still Marginalized Yes the Heat are the champions…woopdie-doo *sarcastic tone*. I just think that through all the parades, accolades, cheers, haters (you already know there will be many), and celebration, when do we stop to think about what actually matters? When the […]

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Your Link Here

This post is for those who own a blog or website and would like to have it showcased here. If you want me to add it to the blog roll on the right, please place the link in the comment section along with the name of your blog and a brief description on what it’s […]

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Before and After Rodney King

Rodney King, a man who was known as being the victim of the infamous Los Angeles cops beating caught on tape in 1991 passed away Sunday, June 17. The four officers, all white males, were acquitted of the beating, and as a result, a massive chaotic riot exploded all over the L.A., the epicenter of all […]

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