Notable Links: 5-25/12

BREAKING NEWS! Mitt Romney Touches a Black Person

It happened in my neck of the woods today. Flipper, while visiting a charter school, actually pressed flesh with some little black children. Of course this is something you would not have seen while the republican primary was in full effect. If you did see it, Flipper would never have been the republican candidate for president of these divided states.

15 Year-Old Honor Student Brittany Rowley Roughed Up by NYPD

15 year-old honor student Brittany Rowley has put the NYPD back in the headlines after being “roughed up” by two of its officers in a case of mistaken identity.

Last Friday, Rowley and a friend were walking down the street in Brooklyn near the site of a shoplifting incident involving two young ladies who allegedly looked and were dressed similarly to them. Two plain clothes officers approached them and,fearing they were about to be kidnapped, Rowley and her friend ran.

The Savior Syndrome: Patrick Willis and the Mystique of #WhiteLove

There is an epidemic of white love in America.  From The Blind Side and The Help to Kony 2012, George Clooney saving Africa and countless white celebrities liberating black children via adoption, white love has become the antidote to the race problem of the twentieth century.  Whereas “the race problem” defined the last years, the next 100 years are purportedly to be one of white love.  While racial profiling and the prison industrial complex, persistent discrimination and poverty, education and health disparities continue to plague the nation amid a climate of heightened anti-black racism, immigrant scapegoating, and a rising tide of white nationalists movements, white love offers a ray of sunshine.  Better than Barack Obama’s “hope we can believe in,” in the face of so much injustice “white love” is hope (white) society can believe in each and every day. 

Are These the New John Browns? “I Am Not Trayvon Martin” White Anti-Racists Talking to Cameras on Youtube

Reverend James Reeb. Jonathan Daniels. Andrew Goodman. Michael Schwerner. Viola Gregg Liuzzo. John Brown. These are the names of white folks who lived ethical lives and placed themselves in harm’s way for the freedom of Black Americans. They also died trying to save white America from its own self-destructive racial wickedness.

In the Age of Obama, the Internet, and post-Civil Rights America, where have men and women of this type of iron will and principle gone? Are they on the lecture circuit? Occupy Wall Street? In the academy? Doing community organizing? Working silently in the shadows?

People of Color Finally Appear on GIRLS and It’s the Same Ol’ Fucking Story

After all the talk about the Small White World in which the GIRLS of HBO’s new comedy live, it was revealed Sunday in episode 4, “Hannah’s Diary,” that there are actuallypeople of color living in that pale version of the City. And they come out of the woodwork, all at once, like…a herd of zombies!

Why White Women Keep Silent When Michelle Obama is Being Attacked

When I hear Rush Limbaugh spewing hatred at my favorite lady, I wait patiently to see the barrage of white democratic women who call themselves feminists who will no doubt come to her rescue.


Maybe they’re all waiting for the right time to strike down Mr. Limbaugh. After all, in AmeriKlan, girls are a minority too. Any moment now…..



Perhaps the reason why they keep silent is because they’re happy to see her verbally assaulted.


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