Serial Baby Daddies

There are times where I believe we, as males, have been conditioned to think that our penises are like royal scepters that validate our status as being men. To some that’s all they have if their sexual prowess because they’re basically stuck at the bottom. Others believe that it’s a privilege to have. Yet, despite those conceptions, some of us are seemingly unaware of the consequences of letting our dicks do the thinking for us.

As a result of such carelessness, diseases are transmitted and life is created. The latter is likely seen as a problem than a blessing to some folks. However, if it happens multiple times to where just as many offspring is produced, then one has to wonder – among other things – if those men have ever heard of protection. The clear-cut answer is apparently ‘no’, and young lies are caught in the struggle they didn’t ask for.

Here are two cases that explore that reality:

The first one you’ve probably heard by now. It is the curious case of Desmond Hatchett, the man who – in 2009 – made the news for fathering 21 children by 11 mothers! He even boasted to have several of them in one year alone. He even proclaimed that he was ‘done’ having kids.

Apparently, he’s not. It’s been reported that Hatchett added nine more to his clan! Now, he asks for a break in child support as he is only earning minimum-wage. What he gives to child support is barely enough to pay for a morsel of food (1.49 a month).

Did I mention that this dude is only 33 years-old? Yeah. He’s 33 years-old and was 29 in 2009 when he was interviewed. So, yes. This sounds like an episode Maury Povich would love to air.

It has also been noted that Hatchett has an extensive criminal record which explains why he only earns a minimum-wage salary. After all, companies are least likely to hire a black man with a criminal history. So, Hatchett’s pretty much screwed, no pun intended.

It’s no surprise that Desmond Hatchett’s story is popular in news websites all over the internet. He has set a record in the hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, and he, as a young black male, has once again confirmed the negative stereotypes of black men with his babies’ mothers solidifying negative stereotypes of black women. In other words his whole case is a stereotype threat that has caused many black people to hang their heads in shame.

It is the kind of news that the news media loves to play with. It is the kind of news that hate sites adore to copy, paste and use as proof of the “inferiority of the nigger race.” And, it it the kind of news that black America is ashamed of.

The thing is he is not the only serial sperm donor that’s around or been around. The next story helps counter the myth that only black people are this promiscuous and irresponsible with their genitals.

There’s Jamie Cumming, a 36 year-old Briton male who apparently also followed the Bible’s instruction to “be fruitful and multiply”. And he did! As a result he fathered 17 children by 15 women!

Cumming’s explanations behind his excessive procreation are:

1. He is repopulating his home city of Dundee.

2. He thinks it’s okay to do what he has done because he is a man.

And, it gets worse. Cumming blames the women for not using protection. He also says that the taxpayers should help him pay for his colony since he is unemployed! Furthermore, Cumming insists that he may not be the father of some of his kids. (Yeah, right.) Still, he believe his babies mothers are all happy to have kids by him.

Something tells me that Cumming will create more kids as he seems that he bears no responsibility for protection. All the women he has slept with, and will sleep with if they don’t discover who he is, has to be the one to provide protection because, like he said, he is a guy after all. Therefore, he’s got to be free to sow his wild oats while he can.

There are other examples of dads, and I use that term loosely, that have fathered multiple children throughout the years:

-Sperm Donor Dr. Kirk Maxey fathered a grand total of 400 kids, and demands sperm bank regulations.

Trent Arsenault, who is a virgin, fathered 14 children through sperm donation.

Bertold Wiesnar, a man who ran a fertility clinic in London during the 1960s is said to have fathered around a whopping 600 children.

All I can say right now is ‘Damn!’

One thing I worry about most of all is how will the children be taken care of in the hands of adults that seem to have a problem with protection and sex drives of rabbits. Yes, both Hatchett and Cumming must be held accountable for the numerous children they’ve helped bring into the world. And yes, some of the responsibility lies with the women for making the decision to have unprotected sex with them. But, what seems to be missing in the conversations and blame games are what is to become of the children involved?

The children are the only true innocent parties in these and other similar matters. One can say that the adults are victims of a national culture immensely irresponsible with the concept of sex.

While we gripe and moan that we, as taxpayers, will have to pay for illegitimate kids born from hypersexual males, we tend to distance ourselves from the obvious reality that we live in a culture where sex is all around us. It is in our faces nearly every day, and it is hard to resist especially when those from religious groups condemn all material forms of protection more so than they do sex itself.

Plus, we live in a society where individualism is celebrated especially when it becomes convenient. People are shaking their heads at the thought of part of their money going to people who are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. Yet, we always use that familiar African “village” proverb in speeches as an attempt to win social points and political votes. In the end it becomes nothing more than an empty sentence as it is seldom put into action.

We hardly consider that the families need help and support any way they can. We barely ponder on getting some kind of help for the adults. And, for whatever reason, most of us feel we shouldn’t have to care for other people’s kids. Instead, we will likely decide that they can all can eat cake.

This is why I fear for the children of these and other hypersexual unprotective males and females. If the mothers and fathers are not mature enough to take responsibility for their actions, then what hope is there for the next generation?

Even though the children of Hatchett, Cumming all other sperm donors and their babies’ mothers are the innocent parties in these matters, they will likely be the first victims of society’s carelessness and callousness.


20 thoughts on “Serial Baby Daddies

  1. When I heard of this story, I cringed. I knew AmeriKlan would run this story till it burned as proof that black men are worthless, primal and irresponsible. I must admit I didn’t know of the other white males…Hmmmm….the media at work, I suppose.

    Men, since bibical times, have been given a “free pass” on sexuality. The more the merrier. And unprotected sex in the age of AIDS, for some, is seen as being brave. These men and women too, for that matter, should be ashamed of themselves. How can you make a choice as important as making a child with no thoughts as to how the child will live, eat and school?

    I’m saddened that this is what it’s come to. Male potency being celebrated in the form of irresponsibility.
    Brothawolf, do you believe that something should be done to prevent these predators from concieving multiple spawn?

    1. I didn’t know about the white dudes as well, but it shows that this is not exclusive to the black community. It’s an issue here in America and the U.K.

      I saw a website about deadbeat dads and most of the men there are white. I swear.

  2. When I heard of this, I cringed. I knew AmeriKlan would run this into the ground. Brothawolf, Do you think that something should be done to prevent irresponsible men from having multiple spawn?

    I read an article that proposed a “fine” for poor, low-income families who keep having kids.

    1. I doubt a find would help any. I honestly don’t know how to keep irresponsible men and women from having multiple children that’s not a moral or religious issue.

  3. Listen, a woman can run faster with her skirt up than a man can with his pants down! Crude but true. As for poor folk being restricted in their reproductive choices? Who’s going to provide cannon and bullet fodder for the army? That won’t be permitted. We wouldn’t want the poor white women to stop breeding as they are the ones who reproduce more than their better off sisters, now would we? so what if most are inbred? As long as they can pull a trigger!

  4. God may have said be fruitful and multiply but he didn’t say be stupid! If you cannot afford to have those many kids and/or about to send you to the mental hospital, why have them like that? As I have mentioned, if I see guys like the ones you have mentioned on here..I will run far away from them as I can.

    I don’t have any kids of my own and do not desire to have any,but if I did decide to have come, I will have no more than three. Otherwise, I’m glad that I’m not the mother of any of their kids. I wonder how much time they have to spend for each child?

    1. I don’t understand it either, but from what I’ve learned, this has happened throughout history for some reason or another.

      I would imagine they don’t spend too much time their kids because they have to divide their time with their children. With numerous kids with almost as many women, that’s not an easy task to undertake.

  5. The level of ignorance and lack of accountability and sheer ridiculousness astounds me. You have to blame the men and the women who were foolish enough to make a baby with them. And what happens to those poor children with dumbasses for parents?

    I prefer the solitude of my velvet-lined box. *crawls back in and closes lid*

    1. One more thing Mary,

      Yes, this guy and his women are sorry, and their procreative antics are considered entertainment for the public which is why this story was reported and widely circulated. We all know that people would rather believe they are who black people in general are as opposed to any positive non-stereotypical image. But I just realized something, those people are hollow inside. I have a feeling they cam from a low socioeconomic background. They are not only poor outside, but destitute inside. It’s no excuse. I know. But it seems like they are poor in knowledge and common sense and are too poor to afford adequate help.

      I dunno. I’m just thinking.

      The second scenario is just as disturbing. I suspect those people are just as hollow inside, just as delusional (especially the guy), and just as poverty stricken.

      1. Lol! Indeed!!! That one was, he was on the FBI’s most wanted list. Its a shame, because as a firm believer in freedom of religion- including polygamy- he certainly brings the entire institution to shame. Google Warren Jeffs its a fascinating story!

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