Deserved To Die

It’s a miserable and frightening feeling whenever you hear about the murder of people of color. For me, it’s especially aggravating when the victim is black and the murderer is a cop.

The police are supposed to “serve and protect”, according to many adults. They are seen as this nation’s finest always upholding the law. Some people would go on to say that they are our knights in shining armor, honorable guardians and friends who are always there.

There are – at most – some who fit those images. However, for communities of color. There are certain cops who search and destroy. They are among the community’s most corrupted and dangerous, people you hope not to run into especially if you’re a black male.

The police are there to keep a close eye on you. They want to make sure you don’t commit a crime as suggested by your skin color and attire. After all, you being black is a sign of an inbred criminal element you inherited since birth. Your looks alone is an automatic red flag to them, and you better not be seen in a middle class white neighborhood as was the motivation behind the murder of one, Trayvon Martin.

And if you are murdered and you’re a black male, chances are that you had it coming. According to mostly white Christians, whenever a black male is murdered by police, then they were obviously up to no good. Plain and simple. Therefore, that black male deserved to die.

Deserved to die. Let those words sink in.

Some whites, especially those who claim to be good, God fearing, bible reading, Church going people, will existentially support the police murders of black males. They believe in the positive images of police to the point where murder is justifiable, and since the victim is a black male, whom they automatically believe is guilty of something – anything, then that black male had it coming to them. After all, most of these same whites have a dichotomous thinking regarding white people and black people, whites are good and blacks are bad. End of story.

This is why whenever there’s news pertaining to a police killing of a black man or black woman in several cases, you have white people coming out like cheerleaders screaming their lungs out to try to justify the murder no matter what! If it takes citing the police records of the victims, they will use it! If they have to find any hint of criminality, or rather anything to fit their definitions of criminality, they will use it! And if they have to make up – Yes! Make up anything to justify the police murder of a black person, they will use it!

This sickness and insanity is a direct result of society’s culture of puritanical beliefs, racist idealogies and an “eye for an eye” explication for fighting crime. This year alone has been rocked with the murders of black, mostly unarmed, males in several cities alone! And many of those murders have not only gone unpunished, but are supported by institutions and individuals alike.

The underlying message of this nation remains clear: The only good black person is a dead black person.


6 thoughts on “Deserved To Die

  1. This post rocked me sideways. Not only is it raw with truth but the imagery really hits home. Brothawolf, there was, is and always will be a war against our people. From the moment we were captured, whites have insisted on our demise and control. You see it everywhere…at school, on the job, on the subway when a woman clutches her purse for fear that you’ll steal her possessions. That’s why when a white man muggs/rapes/beats her…it’s shocking.

    Black life is lower than that of a common dog. And not being “fully human”, we deserve whatever punishment that comes to us; and whites, being justified in their paranoia and hate, will urge the continuation of our demise.

    Brothawolf, do you think that whites know that this destruction will spill over to them once we are exterminated? Do you think they know that The Plan includes them as well?

    Supremacy isn’t just for coloureds but for all people who don’t conform.
    Read the Final Solution by Mr. Hitler. His rantings are brilliant…in a sick, twisted, vile sort of way…

    I learned a lot from him about White Supremacy. That’s why I’m positive there is A Plan.

      1. Another point is the black man is the white man’s biggest and greatest threat. If we’re gone, there’s nothing stopping him from total control of the black woman.

        History doesn’t lie.

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