Notable Links: 5-11/12 (Deluxe Edition)

Venting Session

I am getting sick and tired of hearing about Gay rights and Gay marriage. Who the fuck cares who marries who? Why is this even an issue in 2012? If two people are dedicated to each other and love each other and have established a life with each other..why shouldn’t they be allowed to join the fraternity of marriage?

Republican Group Calls For “Armed Revolution” if Obama is Re-elected

As reported by your black and the a Republican Group has called for “Armed Revolution” if Obama is Re-elected. Get this,  The Greene County Republican Committee in Virginia got the nation’s attention with a column calling for an “armed revolution” if President Barack Obama is re-elected in November.  The column was written by the newsletter’s editor, Ponch McPhee, in which he says that ”[W]e shall not have any coarse [sic] but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November.  This Republic cannot survive for 4 more years underneath this political socialist ideologue.”

Seriously…Shut the Fuck Up Already

War has been declared on non-skinny people, whether they are healthy or not.  This is not just about Black women, or even just women. I’m getting the feeling now that whenever these articles about Black women come out, the writers aren’t just talking about Black women; they’re talking about people in general.  Black women just happen to be the group of choice for criticism.  In other words, you’re not going to get a severe backlash if you bash Black women.  You’re going to get *crickets* from almost everyone but Black women, and that’s an acceptable margin of wrath.

Deltas, Black Women, Love, Power and Respect

There was a mash up between the Honorary Delta  Rae Lewis-Thorntonand the Delta Sigma Theta Leader Rose McKinney.  In the end Sister Rae was booted out of the honorary membership.  As I listened to the video that Sister Rae posted, I got the feeling that I understood what may have happened, even though I don’t know the details.  It’s interesting that this happened to her as she is counting down to her fiftieth birthday and posting a video for each day.  I also find it interesting that she’s working on a book entitled “The Politics of Respectability”

Marissa Alexander Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Marissa Alexander had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun over the head of her abusive husband during a violent confrontation in 2010.

Alexander claimed that during the fight she’d fled to her garage, but was unable to open its electronic door. She then grabbed a gun that she’d stashed there and returned to the kitchen, where she fired a shot above her husband’s head. Her husband was standing with his two sons at the time of the shooting.

Despite widespread protests and calls for Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law to be evoked in Alexander’s favor, the judge ruled against her. According to the Grio, the judge felt that “by returning to the house, she demonstrated that she was not in fear for her life.”

Even Gun Enthusiasts Are Disgusted With Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets

An unidentified man has been selling gun range targets of a black silhouette wearing a hoodie and holding a bag skittles.

A pack of 10 targets were $8 dollars and according to the seller the response has been “overwhelming” and he’s sold out.

Undocumented Mothers Have Dreams Too

My mother and I landed in New York on August 29, 1993, a week before my third birthday. She didn’t know that starting this day, we would become undocumented. For years I translated the world to my mother, from paperwork to meetings with the landlord. It was difficult for her; she had been valedictorian of her school back home and now, my mother depended on a 6 year old to understand simple things like what my teacher was saying. It wasn’t just the language that was frustrating. With time she came to fully grasp the effect that lacking a social security number would have on us, how that would set us apart from the rest and determine which opportunities we could and couldn’t take.

Looking Back at Huey Newton’s Thoughts on Gay Rights…In the Wake of Obama’s Endorsement

This was a speech given August 15 1970 by Huey Newton co-founder of the Black Panther he addresses the issue of Gay Rights… Its serious food for thought coming in the aftermath of President Obamaendorsing Same-sex Message…

Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle One

Have you ever been so dumbfounded by the things that whites ask you? Well I have. In fact, this happens to me all the fucking time. I decided to post “Confessions of a White Racist, Chronicle 1 to infinity. I need to understand why they say the fucked up shit they say to my face. So here goes…

A Mother’s Day Message From Sabrina Fulton

No Words.

Talkin’ Sports: Wow

I’ve been meaning to comment on this story since it broke last week, especially after the ‘Metta World Peace’ incident occurred and was summarily shoved aside – I guess he was only suspended for 7 games, and I have yet to find out if he had any fines levied or if there will be any charges filed…anyway, I enjoy watching a hockey game here and there (go Winterhawks!) and have sorta-kinda followed the Stanley Cup playoffs for a couple of years now.  At any rate, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup this year, thanks in part to the winning goal being scored by Joel Ward – who just happens to be one of the few black men playing professional hockey.  Much like Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin, among others,  stand out to many as anomalies in basketball, so, too, do people like Joel Ward, and Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers, stand out like sore thumbs to the racist assholes who still feel that sports should be whites-only bastions.  Ever since Jesse Owens destroyed the myth of Hitler’s Ubermenschen in those long-ago Olympic Games, there has been a group of cretins who still tout the nonsensical message of people being ‘superior’ for nothing but the hue of their skin – which, incidentally, they had no control over, and I was always taught that what you accomplish in life is what makes you a better person, not something incidental like your looks.

Racialicious Crush of the Week: Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte’s music moves in my mind and life like a childhood memory: I know he’s there and smile or dance when I hear one of his songs just for the little-kid joy it brings to me. (My personal cut: “Jump in the Line,” made famous again by Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.)

Positive Black Male News: Black Man Catches Hit-and-Run Driver, Makes Him Surrender To Cops

We don’t know about you, but here at NewsOne, we think Kirkland is a hero for bringing this man to justice. We need to recognize this brotha for helping out local law enforcement. Kirkland is a great example of a positive Black man who needs to honored for doing what he did not have to do.

Unintended Consequences: Is Racism a Form of “Mental Illness?” If So, Are White Racists a Protected Class of Citizens?

Ultimately, we must ask is racism a mental illness? Apparently, the APA is moving closer to including such a personality disorder in the newest edition of The Oxford Handbook of Personality Disorders (DSM-V), the bible for psychologists and other mental health professionals.


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