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To be a black person or any person of color (PoC) in America means that you have to be treated a certain way – especially if it’s not up to you – and like it. Our actions, passions, dimensions, mentalities, achievements, emotions, failures and existence are always examined, questioned and often times sneered at by most people including many whites and some blacks. Black people can never get a rest, not even to exhale.

Case in point, There’s a certain commenter that goes by the name Dave who is a white person stricken with a large dose of whiteness. He’s the typical white commenter on a blog for and by PoC which means that he tends to derail the conversation in favor of white people, or more specifically, himself. And, he’s the type that wants to argue that white racism isn’t the problem, black racism and black crime are the main problems in society according to him.

I honestly thought Dave was starting to change a little. I even considered deleting a blog post addressing his insensitive purpose to troll around with racist comments. But, I he seems too far gone in the white racist mindset and narcissistic disorder to understand that certain blogs were not designed for him, nor is it their purpose to be told what to blog and what not to blog about.

In enters  Cleonette, who has a few choice words for Dave and all other white-minded people too privileged to abide by simple explanations of why blogs by PoC were not meant for white people:

I don’t know Dave. You confuse me at times…When I come to this blog, I want to be able to talk about the things about black people that drive me crazy and the things about white people that drive me crazy, but even in that, I am limited because of the type of people that come to this blog with the same tired azz arguments and stats. No one lives their life based off stats.

If I come to this blog and I want to talk about the evil white lady who clutched her purse when I walked next to her, the last thing I wanna here is that a stat proves that I am more likely to snatch this lady’s purse. Especially when she’s carry something with the value of a Ziploc bag and I have a Coach. I am not attacking a whole race of people by making this statement, but you better believe after making that statement I will be subjected to one of the following:

(1) Bombarded with black crime stats
(2) Called racist for talking about my experience
(3) Asked to back up my experience with stats
(4) Accused of being sensitive
(5) Told I am complaining
(6) Told I am mad about slavery

Don’t you think that gets old? Especially when:

(1) Stats are not 100% accurate or reliable and I personally have never been in trouble with the law. I have never even been to the freakin’ principal’s office

(2) I am not racist but a bit prejudiced. Prejudiced defined as “having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted”. I do have a distrust for most whites, but because of the individual that I am, I allow them to prove themselves as trustworthy because of my personal experiences, not some stat. In that essence, I distrust most people I don’t know because of personal experiences with strangers, so I am not even sure of that counts as being prejudice or just cautious.

(3) Once again facts are better than stats, often because they include context

(4) I may be sensitive. I am a woman and it hurts me when I am misjudged based on my skin color or stereotypes. Black women are feminine despite what others may think. Some of my family even call me “prissy” (very southern word used in context for an extra feminine woman)

(5) You know what! You are dayum right I am complaining. I don’t like being treated that way!

(6) Another dayum right! I am mad about it but I don’t use it as a catch all to every problem.. In fact I hardly bring up slavery and it seems to be the derailers who tend to bring up being mad about slavery. Hell, I’m too mad about crap that happened last week rather than slavery. When that woman clutched her purse do you think I was upset because I was mad about slavery? That’s stupid!

I have even been told to leave America if it was so bad as if I choose to come on this trip and wasn’t satisfied with the festivities. Then, if I turn around and say go back to Europe, they want to say they are American and this is there country. Guess what! I am American as well whether I like it or not. It’s like being born into a dysfunctional family. I live my life trying to deal with it everyday. I can’t go anywhere without someone reminding me that I am black, I am a thief, I am a murderer, my IQ is low, I am violent, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m ghetto, I’m uneducated, I love chicken and watermelon, my skin is too dark, my hair to nappy, and I am not wanted here to the point that I should just pack up my sh*t and leave the country. How in the azz am I supposed to listen to that every f’ing day on this blog and be accommodating?! POC’s can’t have sh*t without someone wanting to criticize it, question it, change it to be more accommodating to them, compare it to their own attitudes, norms, and institutions, or just plain destroy it. If Abagond deleted this entire blog today, they would only find another blog like it to spread their poison. In the end I could give a flying F what some derailing, ignorant person has to say about me because despite what you think I am being the best person that I can be in-spite of you! Funny when I go observe racist white blogs, I don’t see any outrage, but you come here, a blog that is anything but racist and you want to destroy it and make sure we little lowly colored people are reminded that we don’t deserve to have thoughts and opinions on our own. You take precious time out of your day to post endless stats and racist opinions and expect some kind of respect.


Can I get an Amen?

Cleonette has articulate the nexus of having blogs by PoC. They are personal shelters to avoid the constant bombardment of whiteness, and Dave is one of those henchmen out to shove it in other people’s faces online.