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I’ve decided to dedicate this post to all of the mentally challenged and morally handicapped people who felt the need to make a particular group of marginalized people feel lower than shit. However, this forum is open for anyone to join in and list who they think fits the bill. So, this is open to all who wants to list one or more people who have said or done the most ridiculous that is directed to a certain group.

Here’s how it will be done: Write the name of that person or group of people in the comment section, and explain why they belong there. If possible, insert a link to show evidence of the person’s foolishness. Remember, these people can be politicians, celebrities, models, bloggers, internet trolls and even people you know personally–in which case you use a fake name to identify them.

I’ll give three examples:

The First dishonor comes from North Carolina courtesy of Racism Review. Her name is Jodie Brunstetter, she’s the wife of State Legislator Peter Brunstetter(R). On a video found here, Brunstetter’s wife told poll works that she supported her hubby’s authorization of the state’s anti-same sex law (Amendment 1) to “protect the Caucasian (white) race”.

“The reason my husband wrote Amendment 1 was because the Caucasian race is diminishing and we need to uh, reproduce.” Can we say ‘eugenics‘ anyone?

The next dishonor is acknowledged by Clutch Magazine and goes to South African model Jessica Leandra dos Santos who, like so many emotionally charged people, used Twitter to start controversy. Only this time it’s to expose the racism thought to have been gone since the end of Apartheid.

Santos went on a Tweet tirade after calling a South African man a “kaffir”, the racist equivalent to ‘nigger’ here in the States. She also continued to vent that she has “no tolerance for rude African monkeys whatsoever!”

This was reportedly after she tweeted that she was sexually harassed by a black South African male. Whether it’s true or not is another subject. What is evident is that the racist mentality continues in a land where it was government sanctioned. You can check out the pictures of the actual tweets here as well as the responding tweets.

Santos helps proven that what seems beautiful on the outside may have some or a lot of ugliness on the inside. As a result of her tweets and meaningless apology, sponsors have dropped their associations with the now-infamous bigoted bombshell.

The third dishonoree is a racist internet troll who made the news in March. He goes by the name of Chet Walken ( Walken4GOP) and his less-than-pleasant tweets regarding soccer player Fabrice Muamba and his fight for his life to recover from a cardiac arrest. Zimbio uploaded a picture of Walken’s tweets.

Walken’s Twitter bio discloses that he is a “Christian conservative, who likes hunting, Nascar, Jesus, Nobama, GOP, Tea party, and USA.” And, he “WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!” He also has a disdain for Liberals.

As noted by Zimbio this is the first and only time Walken spewed his racist venom on Twitter. He has a long track record of dispensing his hatred for black people in less than 140 characters.

And there you have it. These are my three inductees for my new Hall of Shame. Who do you think also deserves this title?