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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Houston Police Brutally Beat Black Teenager; Only Charged With Misdemeanors

Video footage of a brutal beating of a young black male at the hands of Houston police officers has community members outraged.

18 year-old Chad Holley had been involved in a burglary with three friends. Upon being pulled over, Holley made a run for it. But when a police car knocked him over Holley decided to surrender, lying face down on the ground with his arms atop his head.

Rather than simply cuff him, four police officers proceed to relentlessly punch and kick Holley.

Texas Rapper: Number One Thing A Rapper Shouldn’t Say, ‘Gay Is Okay’

Adair Lion is a Texas based rapper who says he “strives to be unlike what’s perceived of Latinos by the main stream media.” So far he’s definitely doing a pretty good job at separating himself from mainstream rappers with lyrics that promote equality for gays.

From the Digital Crate–The Last Soul Brother: James Brown

James Brown was of a generation of black men—mythological in many ways—who helped define the contours of freedom and possibility for black folk in the 20th century.  They were the generation of “Soul Brothers”.  Born shortly before and during the decade of the Great Depression, these men came to adulthood after World War II and had little choice than to be swept up in the whirlwinds of anticommunism and the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement.  There was little question that these men were patriots—and in the best sense of the word—as they held American Democracy to the same standard at home and that it championed abroad. If Sam Cooke, shot dead before his prime, was the metaphor of possibility for this generation of black men, and Martin Luther King, Jr. and El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X), shot dead in their prime, were the very emblem of those possibilities fully realized, than James Brown was the bittersweet reminder that the men behind the mythologies rarely age with the grace that their iconography affords them. 

White Criminals of the Week: Arm Yourselves! White Terrorists Attempt To Blow Up Cleveland Bridge! White Barbarians Hide In Bunkers, Others Booby-Trap Public Parks!

We are rapidly approaching the Rubicon. Is your powder dry? Are your guns loaded?

White criminals have run amok! Women and children should be kept inside of their homes as white people are on the prowl–killing, murdering, creating mayhem and chaos, and disrupting normal society at every opportunity!

While I was preparing our latest White Criminal of the Week column matters took a turn for the worst. We Are Respectable Negroes was going to inform you about white sex deviants and other assorted petty freaks, when a deluge of events came to pass.