Guest Post: Media Portrayals of Black Youths Contribute to Racial Tension

Written by Joshunda Sanders via the Maynard Media Center Mainstream media often portray African-American youths, especially black men and boys, as criminals, crime victims and predators. These stereotypes, according to social justice advocates, can create a racially charged atmosphere that results in violence such as the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin. U.S. popular culture […]

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The Africanized Bee Analogy

Africanized bees are hybrids of Western honey bees born from the crossbreeding of African and European bees. In the late 1950’s Biologists in southeast Brazil wanted their European bees to produce more honey in a tropical environment. They interbred their bees with bees from Southern Africa. As a result a new hybrid of Africanized honey […]

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Dos and Don’ts

We all know that Hollywood and the Western media is filled with the same old stuff that they produce for the masses. Most of what you see is about white people saving the world, especially people of color, someway and somehow. While people of color are not presented outside the usual, tired-ass stereotypes. Even independent […]

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Notable Links: 5-25/12

BREAKING NEWS! Mitt Romney Touches a Black Person It happened in my neck of the woods today. Flipper, while visiting a charter school, actually pressed flesh with some little black children. Of course this is something you would not have seen while the republican primary was in full effect. If you did see it, Flipper […]

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Serial Baby Daddies

There are times where I believe we, as males, have been conditioned to think that our penises are like royal scepters that validate our status as being men. To some that’s all they have if their sexual prowess because they’re basically stuck at the bottom. Others believe that it’s a privilege to have. Yet, despite those conceptions, […]

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Deserved To Die

It’s a miserable and frightening feeling whenever you hear about the murder of people of color. For me, it’s especially aggravating when the victim is black and the murderer is a cop. The police are supposed to “serve and protect”, according to many adults. They are seen as this nation’s finest always upholding the law. […]

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Notable Links: 5-18/12

Alan Blueford Alan Blueford (1993-2012) was gunned down on the streets of Oakland, California by the police in the early hours of May 6th 2012, his body left to lay there for four hours, his family not informed. Like he was some stray dog. He was to graduate high school in June. Alabama Passes Revision to Anti-Immigrant Bill, Waits For […]

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