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The following is used mostly for humorous purposes. However, it can also be informative. Some of the findings are based upon Stuff White People Do by Macon D, At the Bar and Abagond

Race realism, also known as racialism, human bio diversity, or scientific racism, is the belief that the concept of race is, like the term suggests, is real. It is the pseudo-scientific element in the formula of justification behind discrimination, segregation, prejudice and bigotry that some people, mostly white, have adopted and worshiped. The notion that whites are a superior species of human is often the argument posed by those who call themselves race realists.

I call bullshit on the whole thing after witnessing how so-called race realists think and feel. Although it is not based on research, scientific or otherwise, I must conclude that the concept of race realism is nothing more than a shield to protect themselves from being identified as being what they simply are–racists. It is been argued that it is just nonsense based on outdated data and research that is riddled with holes and cracks that is used to keep the machine of racism going.

I’ve reached the limits of my tolerance of reading and hearing race realists’ racism and all the lame excuses of why it’s more reasonable than tolerance and understanding. So, I’ve decided that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Take the concept of racial realism, throw it back into their faces by presenting some information of your own, and see how they like it or don’t like it.

It will be enlightening and entertaining to see how they respond to their own mentality used against them. Let’s reverse it by saying something about their group. You may be entertained as well as enlightened. So, let’s get this party started, shall we?

White Crime: White crime in this society constitutes most of the crime occurring in this society every year. According to the recent FBI report of 2009, more than 7,300,000 whites were arrested for criminal offenses compared to just over 3,000,000 blacks. Some of the biggest arrests for white crime include DUI (driving under influence), arson (property crime), disorderly conduct, and larceny-theft. They outnumber arrests for blacks in violent crimes such as sexual assault, forcible rape, and aggravated assault.

Control Freaks of History: Whites are more likely to enforce their “brand” of education on non-whites. The state of Arizona has banned ethnic studies programs, and the state of Texas tried to re-imagine American history to make whites, and only whites, better than ever. This was headed by almost white politicians and educators who conform to false Christian conservatism.

Whites are known to change history to suit their objectives of white superiority. But certain moments of history that are less than flattering are conveniently censored or sanitized in a “Disney-esque” fashion. Those periods in history are not only omitted from text books, but they are banned from the minds of whites. As such, some whites will go to great lengths to deny history’s most terrible moments where they are the villains and POC are the victims.

Superior Victim Mentalities: Whites, even the most hardcore racist supremacists, are likely to play the victim card whenever and wherever people of color (POC) express their outrage due to society’s racism, when POC advance in some way, shape or form, or whenever white people are victims at the hands of a tiny segment of a POC population. Yet, they will reject at the fact that POC are victims, especially in terms of racism.

Another trait is that most whites will still see themselves as victims even if they are the cause of problems for someone else, particularly a POC. It is a sign of warped morality that will be discussed later.

However, what is contrary to this view is that white supremacy is defined that white people are the superior human beings on this planet while all other colors and ethnicities are deemed inferior by design. So, one can wonder why a group of European descent are helpless victims of people of the lower end of the biological spectrum.

Lie Believers: Whites are more likely than any other color of people to believe in lies that only only uplift them but will make them out to be superior above every one else. Not only that, research shows that they will, in contrast, believe in the worst of non-whites even if there is no evidence to support it. This is evident in the race realist movement that have been generated since the mid to late 1990’s.

Denial of Problems: Many whites have shown through empirical evidence that they are in extreme “steel-enforced” denial that they have problems, especially when it comes to race and racism. (I call it steel enforced because most whites are unable or unwilling to break out of it.) This is a sign of conceitedness, arrogance and an ego so inflated that it would be as large as the planet Jupiter. Denial of flaws, believing themselves to be better than everyone else or a severely deluded self-perception of perfection are signs of mental delusion.

Statistics Obsession: Whites are more likely to use statistics, probabilities and numbers to determine whether a specific POC are more dangerous and(or) less intelligent then themselves. Yet, their conclusions are often misread, misinterpreted, misrepresented, or even manipulated to suit their racist mindsets.

For example, a regular white person will conclude that the reason there are high numbers of blacks in prison is because they commit the most crimes in society. However, studies have shown that blacks are most likely to get arrested for the same crimes, violent and nonviolent, at higher numbers because of increased police patrolling and surveillance in poor, black neighborhoods. At the same time white neighborhoods, poor or otherwise, are not subjected to the high level of police monitoring, arrests, or even brutality.

Furthermore, the reality behind the War on Drugs which dramatically increased the prison population is never taken into account. Most blacks held within the prison industrial complex are convicted due to non-violent drug crimes. However, whites typically refer to crime in violent connotations, and will equate blacks with the high violent crime rate when crime has actually gone down since the 1960’s.

It should be noted that whites will ignore statistics and numbers of their own people that will place them in a negative light. See Denial of Problems.

Fragile Ego Syndrome: North American whites suffer from a syndrome that will make them feel good and superior by insulting and offending non-whites while acknowledging white accomplishments and deny their own evils. This is proven to be a psychological disorder that many whites suffer due to their dysfunctional upbringing.

Symptoms will include a dichotomous way of thinking, moral blindness and projection, among others. Those suffering from this illness will personalize the anger expressed by non-whites. They will become agitated if they are called racist. And, will make the subject about them.

For more information, go to Fragile White Ego Syndrome.

Moral Blindness: See Denial of Problems and Warped Morality.

Selfish Heroism: Most whites will engage in participating in any campaign, movement or personal mission seemingly designed to help poor POC in America and abroad, particularly Africa. However, some will simultaneously believe that they, the POC, are unable or unwilling to help themselves. And, so they will engage in services that will likely benefit them while furthering the destruction of poor POC. This is part of their megalomaniac disorder which will be discussed later.

Warped Morality: Whites suffer from the inability to see their own sins and faults, but will spot the sins and faults of POC or will have a tendency to imagine them when it suits their purpose. This is why the subject of white crime is never discussed or used as a term among their own communities. Even white-on-white crime is hardly brought up.

Another sign of their warped morals is how they see their own criminals when POC are victims. Since their built-in racial frame has limited their sense of empathy to only themselves, they will ignore that reality, downplay the incidents, and will even defend their criminals while rationalizing their offenses. They will even demonize the victims of color to try to make the crime seem somehow justified.

Megalomaniac Disorder: Whites are more likely to engage in matters where vast numbers of people of any color are controlled through systems owned, operated, and designed by whites–white males to be exact. They are also known to think they even have the right to control the emotions of others.

For example, if a POC is a victim of injustice and there are other POC who are suffering from it, a white person suffering from the disorder will blatantly tell the POC they have no real reason to feel the way they do. This is a clear sign of their inflated egotism . It is the urge to control everything.

Draptomania: Whites seem to be highly oblivious to realities outside their mental bubbles. They are known to be arrogant in their racist thinking, prove to anger and frustration not towards their sins and misdeeds, but towards the people they and their people throughout history have ruined, and the avoidance of not only their crimes, past and present, but also the pain and anger felt by POC.

For more information, go to Drapetomania, meet Draptoresponsia.

That was fun as hell. If you would like to add your findings and research, please do so in the comment section. To all the self-proclaimed race realist out there who are offended by this, remember just one thing: You started it. Of course, it is hard for you to take accountability for it.