Crime in Black and White

In a white supremacist nation such as the United States crime has become heavily racialized, or colorized rather. For many years, public and private institutions have successfully painted crime with a dark colored brush, and it was so powerful that people bought into it. The stigma that black (and brown) men are genetically more prone to criminal activity is so strong and so pervasive that it can mold the very people it’s referencing into criminals. It is the program that is installed within this nation’s political, economic, and judicial systems, and it is virtually inescapable if you’re living in such a nation.

Case in point, the recent case of Trayvon Martin’s murder unlocked the beast of color aroused hatred among many whites and some blacks. Whites, including those who claim they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies, did not want to accept that the young boy’s murder was racially motivated. Some were going out of their way to convince others that George Zimmerman, the murderer, was innocent. They believed that he was just trying to protect his neighborhood even if it means he has to stand his ground.

Then, you have those that are willing to believe “news” reports that question Martin’s background. Several websites have gone through great lengths to portray Trayvon Martin as a typical black male thug who started fighting Zimmerman. Therefore, he deserved to die.

Some even tried to state that Zimmerman was part Hispanic. Meaning that he’s not “white” by some kind of nonsensical standards which translate that Hispanic is a race different from white American. However, one can assume that Martin would still get shot if he too was a Hispanic like Zimmerman.

In any case it never registered that to smear the life of a young person after their death is beyond deplorable. Maybe, they don’t consider Martin’s life to be respected because he’s just another dead black male. It didn’t matter if his parents are suffering more because of their campaign. It didn’t matter if this was a case of a deranged vigilante who took the life of someone’s child. In their minds Trayvon was clearly a threat, and Zimmerman was the hero standing up for himself.

These and other valuable examples illustrate how much this society views certain people when it comes to crime, violence and murder.

Black and brown men, sometimes women, are seen as natural born criminals who are always up to no good. If they are spotted in any given area, especially in a predominantly white neighborhood, they are instantly feared. The people, mostly white, would call the cops on them in no time. A fleet of patrol cars would surround them with guns drawn. And they are taken to jail.

No one would suspect groups of white men having no business converging anywhere at anytime. No one would go bat-shit and call the cops to have them arrested. Unless, they were wearing white sheets and sporting Nazi paraphernalia, white men have an unhindered privilege of going anywhere they want without citing fear.

However, that privilege is blinding.

White-on-Black crime vs. Black-on-Black, Black-on-White and White-on-White.

For example, after the social media galvanized the outcry over Travon’s murder and the Sanford police’s mockery of justice, people argued that black people only care about their own victims of the criminal was white. Apparently, black people don’t care about the so-called black-on-black crime that’s happening in our communities. In other words we only get angry if Trevor, not Kareem, kills Deshawn.

There are four problems with that argument aside from the fact that it’s just plain absurd:

One, the black community has not only been dealing with crime and violence in their communities, but have countless organizations to prevent it from continuing. There have been movements ever since “black-on-Black crime” became a popular term for intraracial crime in black communities during the early 1980’s.

It doesn’t matter who the perpetrators or suspects are. Most black people care about violence and crime against them no matter where it comes from and who is behind it. Unlike, much of American society, there are many blacks who care about black lives.

For those who doubt this, I suggest you check out Davey D‘s article addressing the same argument here.

Second, the term ‘black-on-black crime’ is itself a racialized term. It suggests that only black people commit crimes against their own, and that it’s dangerously running rampant all over the nation. It’s so centralized that you never hear other similar terms like ‘white-on-white, Asian-on-Asian’, or even ‘Native-American-on-Native American crime’.

It’s common sense that crime and violence occurs everywhere. No one group is predisposed to violence or crime, especially since crime itself is defined by the judicial system of a particular society and is not universally categorized. Yet, in a white supremacist society, crime is seen as a characteristic of a particular group based on color alone.

Third, bringing up black-on-black crime during a racial crisis where the people responsible is white is more hurtful than helpful. It is meant to derail from the situation to avoid the fact that white people were the problem. Again, black people are more than aware of the crime and violence in their communities, but they are mostly and mainly the only ones who are concerned about it every day. Usually, those who use that argument are the ones who do nothing about it. In other words they judge on an issue they know little about or have done little to try and fix it.

Fourth, as long as society sees crime as a “black problem”, they will not focus on crimes within other communities, particularly white, and will not acknowledge the misdeeds caused by those in power that will ultimately lead screw those at the bottom and will likely be the cause of crime at the lower levels of society.

Many whites are more concerned with crime occurring in black communities than in their own unless it actually happens. As such there are no movements or organizations to prevent crime and violence in their communities unless it was committed by a person of color, namely black and brown. That’s when it becomes a matter of grave concern as their fears of blacks and browns intensify with the wrongful acts of one or a few. That ‘few’ is then morphed into ‘most’ or ‘all’ of the black and brown population.

It is no longer a secret that the recent economic crisis was caused by total mishandling and shady deals committed by corrupt and greedy businessmen. Almost all of them were white males. However, their debauchery never stuck on to the entire group of white men.

This is not to say that white males are natural born incompetent businessmen, but this is to say that the mistakes of whites are the exception to the rule. Historically speaking, white men have been responsible for great destruction and misery around the world. The financial crisis of today was but another example. Yet, white men are hardly seen as “the problem”, not to mention that to say so is to be considered racist. They are rather seen as the more qualified and the most virtuous due to the white racial frame. In contrast that same framing makes it more acceptable to consider black men (and women) as society’s source of troubles.

Racism Review wrote an excellent piece on this white racial mindset and how it constitutes as part of the problem within the recession.

This same mindset fuels the argument that blacks commit more crimes than whites, and that most crime is committed by blacks. The assumption that black people are somehow “wired” to be more impulsive and violent is what most white people believe. Crimes against whites committed by blacks is the perfect proof they need to justify their fears and hatred even though interracial crimes of that nature are extremely rare.

It is out of the question to bring up the unflattering truth of the white race’s violence against blacks in the past. Somehow that is irrelevant and has absolutely nothing to do with the present. What does matter is that an innocent white person was a victim of a vicious ‘black attack’. This is a testament that blacks hate whites for apparently no solid reason. This is a matter of urgency that blacks need to be heavily watched, suspected, incarcerated, and even put to sleep like dogs.

However, if the perpetrator of the crime was another white person, the mentality changes. Only that person is responsible. Only that person should be thrown in prison. The criminal is not a representative of an entire race, rather he or she is the exception to the rule. Besides, they are believed to be only a few of the general white population whereas the opposite is seen with blacks.

No matter how you see it, there is a dichotomous view of society when it comes  to crime and violence and it’s mainly based on color. A white supremacist society like America sees black people as the cause of most crime and violence while it sees white people as the group hardly capable or even the preventers of crime and violence. It was true in the past. It’s a lie the media is obsessed with. It’s the subject politicians use that is hidden within their speeches and policies. And it the “reason” why the nation is in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression.

The bottom line is that unless this society sees crime without a colorized attachment to it, it will never truly heal. If it doesn’t own up to its pathologies, it will not last much longer. To deny up and down that this is a serious problem is in itself, a horrible crime.


26 thoughts on “Crime in Black and White

  1. I have to say, having attended a solidarity gathering yesterday in my city, no one there was derailing the entire incident by arguing about the ethnic make-up of the perpetrator. And I’ve been arguing with a bunch of whiteys myself, since I learned about it, that the identity of the victim is the critical aspect here — that this wouldn’t have happened if Trayvon was white. Full stop.

    A lot of people want change. A lot of people want justice. A lot of people are doing what they can to participate in a movement for both.

  2. Give it up. Statistically speaking Blacks engage in far more violent crime per capita than any other demographic in America. That’s a simple and inarguable fact. It’s no wonder that normal American society is concerned about you – yes, normal since you’re 12% of population and have a tendency towards not adopting the culture of the nation at large.

    The only “lies” are that Blacks present a credible threat to Whites and that it is somehow hardwired into you to behave that way.

    You’re your own worst threat, not ours and that’s solely a matter of culture and circumstance. If you’d become more like normal Americans, all the problems would end. Those among you who you hatefully call “Oreos” and “Sell-Outs” figured that out and do just fine.

    1. Should I, or shouldn’t I? Oh, what the hell.

      Check out these arrest records:

      Now, it would hard as hell to believe that a small segment of the population is responsible for most violent crime per capita. That is something you want to believe because you were brainwashed to think that way.

      I assume when you said ‘normal’ you mean white, huh? Whatever. White people are not the poster children for normalcy any more than you are shining examples of morality and decency. If you seriously believe that, you must be totally sheltered from the reality around you.

      The worst threat of the black community is white supremacy. White supremacy is at the heart of many things wrong going on in this society especially within communities of color. It is the same kind of supremacy that you support in your mind and heart, my young friend.

      The only way our problems would end is if by some act of magic we turn into white people, or more realistically, white people as a whole own up to their own fuck ups, but instead, just like what you demonstrated, you prefer to blame everything wrong with society on us. Granted, black people are not angels, and neither are ya’ll, not by a long shot. Some of us know that some of our problems are indeed our problems. So, what’s your excuse? Why not see that you have serious problems as well, especially considering how you see us?

      Seriously, you need to keep that rant on sites who will actually listen to your goofy ass.

  3. Really, you’re not a total idiot so go back and look at those stats you sent me – the same ones I use btw – and think about whether or not you want to keep your reply posted as is.

    They show a huge disparity in crime rates with Blacks not shown in what you would describe as a positive light. You’re 12% of the population and you account for 28% of the total crimes. For murders, your over 50%!

    As for the threat “White Supremacy” poses you – that’s crap and has been for generations.

    True, we despise your “culture” because it’s antithetical to America and self-destructive, but that has little or nothing to do with race.

    It’s really past time that you immigrated to America and assimilated into it rather than holding yourself separate and blaming us for not liking you because you have done so.

    If you can’t do that yourselves, at least raise your kids to get out of where you are, just as Whites generally do when they live in a bad place.

    1. Since you like to turn this into a race issue, allow me respond in the same manner.

      The stats that I sent you are arrest numbers which shows that whites have been arrested for more crime, including violent crimes, 4 to 1. Yes, we are ahead of whites in murders and robberies, but not that far ahead, at least according to this data.

      I almost didn’t want to bother with the stats because they don’t tell us much of anything. Plus, stats can be fixed. So, if you’re relying on statistics to tell you what black people are, you are the one showing ignorance.

      True, we despise your “culture” because it’s antithetical to America and self-destructive, but that has little or nothing to do with race.

      So, you’re saying that you hate blacks and you’re not racist. That’s an intelligent remark if I ever saw one.

      It’s really past time that you immigrated to America and assimilated into it rather than holding yourself separate and blaming us for not liking you because you have done so.

      If you can’t do that yourselves, at least raise your kids to get out of where you are, just as Whites generally do when they live in a bad place.

      Why the fuck should we assimilate in a place that doesn’t want us to? Why should we have to assimilate at all?

      And if you want to talk about making you hate us, let me tell you something. Your people have always hated us from the moment they saw us in Africa. We were just minding our business when you wanted to try to use us to build your societies. No. The reason why your people have always hated us is simply because we’re not white.

      As for the self-destructive culture we supposedly have, need I remind you of the races of most of the school shootings, serial and mass killings, murder-suicides, sexual assaults, rape, pedophilia, and other forms of violence against you by your own damn people? I don’t see you getting angry at them. I don’t see your people marching and organizing to stop the crime going on in your communities.

      So, while you’re busy telling us that we need to raise our kids, why don’t tell your kids not to go crazy and shoot up schools, rape women, and kill other white people just for the hell of it?

    1. Ah, yes…another ‘original’ troll with ‘enlightening, helpful’ statements dripping with condescension and psychosis. It’s really hard to take people seriously when they claim ‘superior intellect’, yet keep repeating debunked statistics that are over a century old.
      Wastes of time and space…

      * YAWN *

      1. Oh, BTW, unless you’re on the north side of 50…

        I almost forgot to point this out: the need to mention age indicates that this troll is in the throes of a major mid-life crisis. They feel that their job is threatened by (or have recently lost their job to) a younger, smarter, more competent individual who happens to be non-white.

        I’m sure that they pump themselves full of HGH and pop Enzyte like it’s going out of style…this is common for narcissists of that level.
        I’m guessing they’re awaiting their ‘perfect’ mail-order bride as I type this. 😆

        What jokes…how they expect to be taken seriously is beyond me.

  4. @brothawolf

    As usual a fantastic post. I haven’t looked but does the fbi have an arrested vs. convicted table by race? I have heard that Whites tend to get lighter sentences vs. other races but I’m not sure if there is any data to back that up.

    1. I don’t know, but it is true for the most part. Black and brown people get harsher sentences for the same crimes committed by their white counterparts. It’s true as with the War on Drugs fiasco.

      1. Same with public schools – black and brown children get harsher punishments for committing the same offenses as their white counterparts. What gets a white kid suspended for one week will generally get a black or brown kid suspended for a longer period of time, or even expelled.

  5. I don’t believe this rubbish. Blacks are 12% of our population and contribute to 52% of homicide and ARE the majority in jail so per captia there are more black criminails than white. I did the math 3 out of 10 whites will be scum but 6 out of 10 black will be scum so their numbers are alot higher than whites. Plus when a latino is a victim they count as latino but when talking about latinos commiting crime they count them at that point as white to inflate the white crimes. GOOGLE IT I DARE YOU.

    1. Tell me something I haven’t heard. Google is not a viable source especially if you can obtain those stats from sites like Stormfront or Chimpout. Plus, those stats, and I use that term loosely could be made up. Also, just because there is a black prison population doesn’t they are all guilty, nor does that mean that many of them are in there. Most blacks are in there for non-violent drug offenses even though most drug users are white.

      Nice try.

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