Media Accomplice

For a couple of years, you’ve heard me make some harsh indictments of the Western liberal (white-owned) media in regards of race. And you will likely hear more as long as this issue remains an issue. It’s been documented for several years that the media’s perception of the black community has been largely slanted towards […]

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Notable Links: 4-27/12

Michael D. Antuono: A Tale of Two Hoodies “A Tale of Two Hoodies” (2012) is an oil painting by Michael D’Antuono, a White American artist.  It shows a white policeman in a Klan hood holding a gun on a little black boy in a white hoodie while he holds up a bag of Sweeties that looks […]

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Racism Breeds Immaturity

Recently, there was a study done by researchers that  linked racism, prejudice and bigotry to individuals with greater cognitive rigidity, less cognitive flexibility and lower cognitive complexity. In other words you can believe that those who are proud racists or even self-proclaimed race realists are not the brightest bulbs in the room. Surprised? Hardly, especially […]

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The Dartmouth Indian

Thanks Ankhesen.  Since the 1920’s Dartmouth College athletic teams have adopted the Indian as their unofficial mascot. In 1974 the Trustees believed that the Indian symbol was inconsistent with the advances of academics especially regarding Native Americans. Some students and alumni have followed suit and tried to use the Indian as their symbol. It should […]

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Justice For Marissa

No one could make a sound argument that this nation’s “justice” system is primarily geared towards the protection and benefit of certain people. Given the information and facts obtained within the last few decades, it’s no surprise as to whom those people are, and how they view the system as opposed to the not-so privileged […]

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Notable Links: 4-20/12

What if blacks talked about black-on-white murder the way whites talked about slavery or Trayvon? If blacks in America talked about black-on-white murder the way somewhites talk about the much greater interracial crime of white-on-black slaveryand racism, it would go something like this… Liar, Liar Among the attributes I most envy in a public man (or woman) is […]

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