Racist White Girl Videos

Now, before some of you step in my den and tell me that not all white women care racist against people of color (POC), stop! Nowhere in this post has mentioned that all white women are racist. I will say many of them are, and you are offended by that, then guess what. Maybe you’re one of those white women. Cry and deal with the truth!

Some of them are overtly racist against POC, and with the usage of video cameras and access to the internet, they are making it known how they feel about us gleefully. Check out these vids. One of them was done by a bunch of girls and how they feel about Mexicans. The other was done by teens and how they feel about blacks. Post-racial society anyone?


6 thoughts on “Racist White Girl Videos

  1. This is part of having ‘nature’s blessing’, you can post videos like this and when an uproar ensues, play the reverse victims. When the adverse remarks start poling in, you will have the assholes who take pity on these young white chicks. The victims of these tirades become the victimizers fro responding to these to broads and so it goes. If a couple of black chicks did this, the uproar would be deafening and the clarion call; “blacks are racist to!”, would be deafening. So it goes!

  2. One girl from the second video posted an “apology.” Thirty-nine seconds into the video she states that she didn’t think that people would have “gotten hurt by it.” Sigh. Not the brightest kid.

    1. By her so-called logic, she apparently didn’t think that black people were people and that they could get hurt by such comments. Plus, I see that she’s using the old “Innocent white girl tears” trick to gain sympathy.

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