When Ignorance Speaks

Now, it’s no surprise that the Western media outlets seem to be hunting for the most dense people imaginable to comment on important issues or just to have their say period. Lately, the media seems to have gone into maximum overdrive with their operation.

By now, you’ve heard of the recent debacle at the hands of XXL’s editor-in-chief Vanessa Satten and old-school rapper-turned-social media pariah Too Short. The rundown is that Too Short was asked to give fatherly advice to young boys. Instead, it ended up being the worst kind of advice imaginable to give to young black boys, how to turn a girl out.

Here’s a quote by the rapper as written on Black Youth Project:

“There’s a general area down there, a little spot that girls have that feels really good to them. Don’t kiss them down there yet, that’s later in life. But this is what you do. You push her up against the wall or pull her up against you while you lean on the wall and you take your finger and put a little spit on it and you stick your finger in her underwear and you rub it on there and watch what happens. It’s like magic. You gotta find her spot, they all have a different one, but it’s somewhere in there. Just go for it. When you feel like it becomes a little more moist that’s when you know you’re doing it right.”

So now, Too Short has (somewhat) apologized, and ColorofChange is calling for the ejection of Satten, who also somewhat apologized and claimed to be the “innocent” party in this whole miscarriage of journalism.

Then, we have the rise of Jeremy Lin, a rising Taiwanese-American basketball star for the New York Knicks. When this young star started shining, people were immediately coming out of the woodwork opening their black holes they call a mouth to suck up all of the positive energy Lin was bringing.

And two of those singularities came from ESPN’s employees who referred to Lin as a “Chink in Armor”. Of course, the network apologized. However, the stupidity reigned on with the help of an offensive fan sign showing Lin breaking out of a fortune cookie and Fox Sport’s columnist Jason Whitlock’s fascination with Lin’s supposed “shortcomings”. All of which are illustrations of offensive anti-Asian racism.

But what’s really disappointing – not to mention familiar – was that Lin brushed off the “Chink slur” by downplaying it. Colorlines’ Jorge Rivas reports:

“I don’t think it was on purpose or whatever, but they have apologized and so from my end I don’t care anymore,” Lin said in a televised interview after leading the Knicks to a 104- 97 win over Dallas yesterday. “Have to learn to forgive and I don’t even think that was intentional. Or hopefully not.”

However, Parkwood1920 at Colorlines made this important comment regarding how Lin should regard this treatment:

“Brother, it ain’t just about you. There are millions of Asian American children in this country watching you on TV and online, some of them on ESPN. Think about how a twelve-year-old child hearing that report is going to feel when his/her hero is called a racist slur, or compared to a fortune cookie. While you may have learned to navigate the minefield of institutional racism as a grown man and a celebrity, most kids ain’t there yet.

When I was a kid, there was nothing worse than seeing famous Black women brush off racist and misogynist treatment like it was nothing. Their face-saving only reinforced the acquiescence to bigotry that I saw from adults and older kids in my family and community. For years I internalized the idea that oppression against Black women didn’t matter, especially when anyone who did speak up was mocked or silenced. It took me nearly twenty years to find my voice. It’s why I refuse to be silent anymore.”

Lastly, there’s Pat Buchanan, a man who’s made it his personal mission to save the dying white race from extinction. News network MSNBC offered him a spot to spread his white supremacist, conservative bile to homes across America that would compete with the same vomit spewed from Fox News. Now, if Buchanan were to be hired by MSNBC or any other network, you will likely hear him say things like this:

“America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known … no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.”

And that’s just a sample, ladies and gentlemen. Buchanan believes that America is a nation for whites, slavery was beneficial for black folks, Hitler was a visionary, homosexuality is a curse, and interracial sex with whites will destroy white culture.

Thankfully, with the help of ColorofChange and online activism, MSNBC rejected Buchanan’s entry. But one thing is still bothersome, why would any network give Buchanan a job for which to spread his racist views? I mean after all, aren’t we living in a post-racial society?

These three examples describe a symptom this nation is facing. The sickness is not only that ignorance is running wild across this country, but that there are people who are willing to let spread it without so much as a forethought as to the consequences of such actions. Since this nation has been and mostly likely always will be a racist and sexist society, it’s hardly surprising that that kind of damaging mentalities are spoken of, displayed, absorbed, and circulated like venom from a poisonous snake.

Of course, the media is only part of the issue. Ignorance is a part of this culture, and its growth is accelerating like fungus. When society becomes infatuated with the Kardashian sisters, The Bad Girls Club, Mob Wives, Dance Moms and the Jersey Shore, the message given is that people don’t care about information or the truth. When music meant to give a voice to an invisible portion of the population is represented by talentless, materialistic, dick-brained, insecure, frontin, posers acting out parts to cover their weak-ass personalities, and is given undivided and profitable attention by young people, I think it’s clear that society has a serious problem when it comes to their obsession with a disregard for reality and scoff at any attempts for positive change. And when news networks that are supposed to be paragons of unbiased journalism become biased, and are willing to cover the asses of the powerful and corrupted for the right price, it’s obvious this nation is heading down a path that will lead to a hole straight to hell.

There will be more moments where the Western media will continue to brandish the worst of society for shock value, and this society will tune in or turn the page to get the latest in what’s pointless, what’s shameful but appealing, and what’s popular.


18 thoughts on “When Ignorance Speaks

  1. Wise and well-written as always.

    Ignorance has been given a megaphone lately and what I find interesting is that attitude of “no consequences.” Everyone thinks they can say what that want, do what they want, and there will be no consequences.


  2. Brothawolf,

    You condemn that which you have readily participated in creating.

    You’re a radical black liberationist WHO CAN’T BELIEVE that there are genuine “white” Supremacists WHO CARE about their ONE AND ONLY home and its rapid degeneration.

    You attempt to both agree and disagree and you also attempt to feign a disbelief in YOUR BELIEFS having deleterious consequences for other PARTICULAR persons.

    You’re not this oblivious ABOUT YOUR WORDS.

    You exist in a state of radical autonomy.

    You’re the enemy of Supremacy. Specifically, “white” Supremacy.

    But then again, you don’t really know what “white” Supremacy is BECAUSE you think Supremacy = degeneracy.

    Censor… The proof.

    1. Thordaddy,

      I knew sooner or later you’ll come here.

      Anyway, how did I help in creating that which I condemned?

      I am more aware that there are genuine white supremacists here in this nation. I wasn’t born yesterday.

      You say that I am a lot of things, but you have yet to show where exactly am I this or that. Plus, you assume I’m this kind of person who is in the dark about the real world. Lastly, you don’t explain what you are talking about fully. For instance, what do you mean when YOU say degeneracy in your own words? I am familiar with the term, but what is it in YOUR view?

      I will admit that there are many things about this world that I don’t know, but I will say that I am more aware now than I was ten years ago.

  3. Brothawolf,

    I’m disciplined. You’re “howling for change.”

    You are shaping the playing field in your favor while asserting your desire for “equality.”

    Are healthy-minded white men supposed to believe this? You seek “equality?”

    You have taken your unfettered conscious and literally went global.

    Yet, you scream oppression when you really suffer from radical autonomy.

    No where did I suggest that you where “in the dark” as it concerned reality. No way.

    Neither did I suggest you where all kinds of different things. I mean, you are a “black” liberationist, but that doesn’t really mean anything IN PARTICULAR other than you seek to liberate from “white supremacy.” And so you are sort of “all kinds of things” because you may use any means necessary to liberate from “white supremacy.” Yours is a simple “will to power” in order to maximize your autonomy.

    This is how you formulate the equation:

    Supremacy = degeneracy… Like left = right… Good = evil… and so on.

    Which means that when you claim to know of “genuine” white Supremacists, you are either deceiving us or deceiving us.

    You know of white degenerates and you CALL THEM “white supremacists.” This is something that can’t be reconciled with reality.

    In the real world Supremacy = Supremacy and any Man who truthfully strive towards it CANNOT BE a degenerate. That others choose against this path IS NO STAIN on the Supremacist’s character.

    Your fundamental beliefs…

    Nonsensical. Irrational. Product of radical autonomy. What you call “black” liberation.

    1. Look Thordaddy, if you don’t have anything new to say other than your criticisms about liberation and the like, then I’ll have to ban you. You don’t have anything new to bring to the table and you seem to think you know black people better than black people when you, yourself, are not black. You make yourself sound intelligent. Yet, you’re basically repeating yourself on the same topic of supremacy versus liberalism. Or am I wrong yet again?

      1. Lol…

        Brothawolf… You are FREE TO DO as you please as it pertains to this blog and no amount of pretending otherwise changes this simple fact.

        But you also stuck your “head” in the public arena. Do your words means anything? Are you not in battle? Aren’t you attempting to “move” people?

        In what way are you really “black” other than in “skin color?”

        You’re actually a radical autonomist whose “blackness” varies depending on the environment and how it will affect your autonomy.

        For instance, I have to pretend that you are intelligent for no other reason than this is your blog and you are “black” and I’m white. But then you get to “play dumb” and assert things like Supremacy = degeneracy.

        In your attempted liberation from “white supremacy,” which stands as the defining trait of ALL BLACK “American” males, you have ACTUALLY “liberated” YOURSELF from striving towards Supremacy and becoming a black Supremacist. Because this path is infinitely tougher to follow than the “road to nowhere,” you have instead based your entire “black” identify on destroying “white Supremacy,” instead.

        This is a totally LEARNED behavior.

        Your radical liberation is a win, win. Your “blackness” IS JUST a mechanism used to maximize your radical autonomy.

        Now tell me how I don’t make sense and you can’t understand me.


        You never heard of the black man liberating from “white supremacy?”

        What if he was NEVER under the grip of genuine white Supremacy in the first place?

        What if he actually became a black Supremacist himself and then his life was more harmonious and he had a greater peace of mind?

        Ah… Nevermind… Listen to all that insight Herneith offers up when he says “whatever the HELL [he] wants.” And you just keep “howling” thinking it will make others change to your benefit.

        You’re right… The black Supremacist is really a black degenerate.

        You on the other hand maximize your autonomy without so much as breaking a single bead of sweat.

      1. What better proof of your inherent anti-Supremacy?

        How many KOCs (kids of color) did Herneith just draw closer to self-annihilation? He “engaged” their little minds and made them “giggle” and “blush” and look at each other in self-assuring conformity. You know, self-sexualizing is totally normal and “equal.” This kind of radical sexual autonomy has no deleterious effect on KOCs with iPhones and instant access to porn. Yeah, this is some trivial matter for the black collective and its radically liberal black male versus its radically liberal black female.

        Dude, what’s wrong with you?

        Why are you so afraid to be a black Supremacist?

        You just don’t care?

        Or because a white man can do it better?

      2. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? Why are you so obsessed with what I’m doing? Why is it a big deal to you? And why is this the only subject on your mind?

        If you don’t have anything new or constructive to say, then I have no choice but to ban you.


    1. I vote for the drugs. It’s well-known that ‘white supremacists’ are notorious meth-heads, and tweakers tend to have a major breakdown of brain tissue at a rapid rate. The nonsensical rantings are proof of this – I’d wager that this is the personal ‘degeneracy’ it is referring to…

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