Notable Links: 2-10/12

You sir, are a bytch-ass nukka” by A BlackMan’s View

I have a problem with dudes…men. BOYS that don’t support their kids and disrespect the mother(s) of their kids. Especially dudes…men…BOYS that cry that bullshit about not having a father in their own lives. It seems to me if you had a bitch for a daddy, then you would do every thing you had to do to not be a bitch yourself. But that is just me.

White History Month” by Abagond

White History Month, unlike Black History Month, is the month that never ends. From Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” to “manifest destiny” to America as “the great melting pot”, American history is not merely taught from a white point of view, it is taught as if blacks, Mexicans and Native Americans do not truly count as people.

Contemplating  ‘The BW/WW War” by Ankhesen Mié

“I personally have been around Black women my whole life and I know many Black women have been seeing Black men with white women their whole lives…it’s nothing new to see that coupling and therefore I find it hard to believe that the majority of Black women are out there giving “angry looks” and making “snide remarks.” I personally think that this is a stereotype that is over-played by certain people and put solely on Black women, just one more inequality to add to our list. I also think some people tend to get off and get turned on by imagining that all Black women are after them because they took a so-called “good brotha,” or because they ARE a so-called “good brotha,” with a white woman. (lol)

Bill T. Jones American Master Choreographer – Abraham Lincoln – A Good Man?” by Anna Renee

This episode of American Masters documents Bill as he’s in the process of creating the dance piece. As a backdrop, Bill is trying to reconcile his five year old self who was taught to love “Father Abraham” unconditionally, to his fifty-six year old self who no longer believed in heroes. Often, Bill struggles with what exactly he wants the piece to convey about the President. Then as ideas come, his artistic mind has trouble expressing them to his young dancers in a concrete way they can understand. They are of a new generation who are not affected by Abe Lincoln in a sentimental way.

Brandon White, ATL Gay-Bashing Victim, Speaks Out” by Black Youth Project

20 year-old gay man Brandon White has finally spoken out after a viral video of him being brutally gay-bashed by three men spread like wildfire across the internet this week.

Pete Hoekstra’s Racist Campaign Ad Outtakes [SPOOF]” by Disgrasian

Two Wongs make a right! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. (Besides I am a “Wong” even though I spell it “Wang” so y’all can suck my wang if you don’t like it.) Here’s a…spoof of Pete Hoekstra’s Super Bowl ad starring a lady Wong, this time courtesy of the divine Ms. Kristina.

The Boxers Uprising: How Roland S. Martin And CNN Both Got It Wrong” by Racialicious

The only surprise was how long it took CNN to suspend contributor Roland S. Martin after the uproar he instigated during the Super Bowl this past Sunday. What’s not surprising is who hasn’t gotten the same punishment for similar offenses.

League of EXTRAordinary Black Men: Eric Tillman” by The Black Man Can

We bring to you a Black man who realized he has a niche for dealing with kids and showing them different avenues on improving and achieving higher test scores. This Black Man’s love for a child’s future extends beyond the classroom and hallways of a school. We proudly present to you Eric Tillman owner and founder of Advancing Young Minds (AYM).


6 thoughts on “Notable Links: 2-10/12

  1. @brothawolf:

    I really thought your comments on abagond’s blog regarding white history are excellent. What amazes me the most is Mik. Here’s this half asian and half white guy and he clearly demonstrates how much he favors his white side. Tell him to go to stormfront and they’ll call him a half breed. Jeez, you would think a person with his background would know better.

    1. Thanks…

      Yea, and it seemed like in one of his comments that he has a deep disdain for his Asian blood. What’s worse is that his comments are typical. We’ve heard other people use them before, and Abagond even talked about it in several of his blogs. When Mik mentioned that Africans were slave traders which reminded me of Abagond’s post regarding that response (Arab-Trader argument).

      1. I hear you. Mik has pretty much covered every argument in abagond’s blog. He says his family racially diverse so I don’t understand the irony of his statements regarding black people.

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