Notable Links: 2-3/12

“Reason #20000000 I Dislike Religion” by A BlackMan’s View

…I believe in God and I guess my belief is based on Religion….but the shit that passes itself off as Gods word these days…I can’t fuck with. I have my church every morning on my way to work.. That is when I pray and talk to God. My belief in God has never been stronger.. But organized religion? Nawl son… I ain’t gonna be able to do it.

“Black Men, White Women” by Abagond

The racial and sexual stereotypes in America make it seem like the best possible match: white women are seen as the most beautiful while black men are seen as the most manly.

That picture, though, is more the creation of fear than fact. White men have long feared that black men would take “their” women, given the chance. So much so that they imagine that black men have larger penises – and make sure to keep black men at the bottom of society.

“How To Be Black” by African American Pundit

Over at Baratunde & his team will be posting a new question on identity every day of Black History Month (and beyond.) 

The “Vampire Diaries” Posts by Ankhesen Mié

I’ve bitten the bullet, sat down for the past few days, and gotten caught up on the goddamn Vampire Diaries. Oh…do I have a lot say about this one. In fact, this is about to be a series of posts.

“Arizona Students Organize Their Own Ethnic Studies Courses” by Black Youth Project

In opposition to a city-wide ban on the teaching of Mexican-American Studies courses in high schools, a group of Tucson, AZ Chicano students have organized their own weekly ethnic studies courses.

“Jerome Bettis’s Hall of Fame-WorthyFight to Save Kids from Asthma, NYPD Officers Shoot and Kill Three Black Men in One Week”, and “Why Microsoft’s So-Called ‘Avoid Ghetto’ App is Really American” by Colorlines

Since his days on the field (Bettis retired in 2006), Bettis has been an advocate for children suffering from asthma. He has asthma himself, and NFL fans probably remember the catharsis after many of his memorable runs when, whether for a tough-earned five yards or a 50-plus yard break away, he’d end up on the bench with an inhaler pumping into his mouth, trying to catch his breath. Bettis developed the health condition as a young teenager, growing up in Detroit, where the air above is often misted with soot and toxic metals from factory clusters. It didn’t stop him from becoming an outstanding football player both in high school and in close-by Notre Dame for college.

Ramarley Graham, 18, was shot and killed by a NYPD officer in the Bronx on Thursday afternoon after running into his home as undercover officers pursued him. He’s the third person the NYPD have killed in a week. According to the police spokesperson, he was unarmed.

Microsoft has recently been at the center of a whirlwind of controversy over a new app that critics allege is downright racist. On January 3, the company was granted a patent for technology related to its “Pedestrian Route Production” application, a tool that that the company says would navigate the user “safely through neighborhoods with violent crime statistics below a certain threshold.”

“Obama is Enslaving the White Middle Class? The GOP Ramps Up Its Racial Rhetoric” by New Black Man

Mark Oxner, a Republican congressional candidate from Florida, recently released a campaign advertisement that shows a group of entitled and wealthy people sipping from their gold cups. Celebrating “bank bailouts,” “health care for life” and “corporate subsidies” aboard the U.S.S. Obamaship. Amid the celebration, and captain Obama stifling any questions, the advertisement works to expose the underbelly and consequences of the entitlement society: enslaved children rowing the ship. With the ship venturing toward a cliff, Mr. Oxner announces, “let’s not enslave our children. It’s time to turn this ship around.”

The “Laura Scott, Female Prisoner” Posts by Prison Culture

As part of my ongoing series about Laura Scott’s life, today I will focus on how women prisoners in San Quentin were treated by staff and how they treated each other in the early 20th century. For this, I am once again relying on the first-hand account of an unnamed ex-San Quentin female prisoner published in the book “Crime and Criminals.” Let’s begin by exploring the apparent corruption of the staff at the prison…

Excerpt: On The NYPD’s Increased Spying on Muslims” by Racialicious

The report, drawn largely from information available in newspapers or sites like Wikipedia, was prepared for Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. It was written at a time of great tension between the U.S. and Iran. That tension over Iran’s nuclear ambition has increased again recently.

Police estimated the New York area Shiite population to be about 35,000, with Iranians making up about 8,500. The document also calls for canvassing the Palestinian community because there might be terrorists there.

“Banished” and “Brick City” by Racism Review

The film examines the history of racial cleansing in America, in which at least 12 different counties in eight states “banished” their black populations through the threat of violence.

Against great odds, Newark’s citizens and its Mayor, Cory Booker, fight to raise the city out of a half century of violence, poverty and corruption. Booker, an outspoken and charismatic mayor who many compare to Barack Obama, works with Police Director Garry McCarthy, youth mentors, Blood and Crip gang members and other citizens on the front line to bring peace and prosperity to their once-proud city.

“Featured Comment: To Align Black People Behind Policies That are Anti-Black In Their Support of a Black President” by We Are Respectable Negroes

Clearly racism is being used in a novel way here; to align black people behind policies that are antiblack, in their support for a black president. Diabolical. The irony is hilarious. Tea party on one side of the political divide working against their best interests in their support for the super-rich; and black people working against their best interests in their support for a conservative black president.


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