Privileged Pain

If there’s one thing most privileged people will do when engaged in a conversation concerning marginalized groups, it’s that they usually bring up their emotional pain. They believe that just as the marginalized are hurting inside, then they should share their hurt as well. However, usually privileged people bring up their pain to equalize or […]

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Notable Links: 2-24/12

“Do Hollywood Stereotypes of Blacks Matter?” by Abagond Do Hollywood stereotypes of blacks matter? Some say no, of course not, because everyone knows that Hollywood films and television shows are make-believe, that they are not true to life – not even the so-called reality shows. Others say yes, that they still affect how whites see blacks […]

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Chris and Rihanna

Most of the posts I’ve done here have been about the habits, mentality, and the overall dysfunctions and faults of whiteness and the people who uphold its many doctrines. I still believe that most of the problems that people of color (POC) face in this or any other white dominated society is due to having […]

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When Ignorance Speaks

Now, it’s no surprise that the Western media outlets seem to be hunting for the most dense people imaginable to comment on important issues or just to have their say period. Lately, the media seems to have gone into maximum overdrive with their operation. By now, you’ve heard of the recent debacle at the hands […]

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Wake Up

What’s wrong with black people loving themselves and each other? This may sound like a corny question to some people, but in this nation, in this day and age this is an imperative question. The United States is a one of the white racist nations in the first world enclave that have made it their mission […]

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Notable Links: 2-17/12

“Fragile White Ego Syndrome” by Abagond Fragile White Ego Syndrome is a personality disorder common in North America. Patients base part of their self-worth on pride in being white – but it is a false pride that is easily threatened and therefore fragile. It is a desperate front, a house of cards, that must be defended […]

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The Story of Afuraka

The following is based upon the writings of Nanasom Nhoma and the Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Religion Journal sent to me by Ankhesen Mié. Please note that much of what you will read is rooted in African mythology, spiritualism and deities.  When the Earth was young, all that existed on the surface was water. The Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit ancestors and ancestresses […]

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