Notable Links: 1-27/12

From now on, every Friday, I will post links to other blog posts that I feel are beneficial and worth reading. I urge you all to check them out and join in on the discussions.

Well Meaning Whites” by Abagond

Well-meaning whites (c. 1787- ) are those who mean well when it comes to people of colour but might still be unknowingly racist in some way. Most whites in America seem to present themselves this way – and they mostly seem to believe it too. It is a phenomenon that goes back at least to the late 1700s and extends to Europe too.

Um…It Ain’t About Us” by Ankhesen Mié

I’ve often criticized Western media’s brazen BW/WM push for various reasons; each post is an exploration of what bugs me about the casting choices we’re seeing more and more in Western film and television.  I guess this is just another one of those exploratory posts.

“The Arkh Project: Cis straight white people are trying to shut Arkh down” by Ars Marginal 

One fucking rpg and we can’t even get that much.

“530 Young People MURDERED in Chicago since 2008” by Black Youth Project

According to a truly disturbing article in the Chicago Reporter, 530 young people have been murdered in Chicago since 2008.

More young people are murdered in the city of Chicago than any other American city.

A whopping 80 percent of these homocides occured in predominantly Black or Latino communities in Chicago’s South, West and Southwest sides. Keep in mind that just one third of Chicago’s population resides in these neighborhoods.

“White Teens Attack Black Student, Place Noose Around His Neck” by Black Youth Project

Three white Chicago teenagers have been arrested and charged with committing a hate crime, unlawful restraint and battery after placing a noose around a 17 year-old Black classmate’s neck, and threatening him with a knife.

“Join Junot Diaz and at Facing Race 2012 in Baltimore” by Colorlines

Facing Race is the largest national, multi-racial gathering of leaders, educators, journalists, and activists on racial justice. It’s taking place November 15-17 in Baltimore, and yesterday,’s publisher, Applied Research Center, announced the keynote speaker is Junot Díaz!

“Governor Brewer Gives President Obama The Finger” by Brothapeacemaker

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was recently caught on film wagging a disapproving finger in President Obama’s face in his recent visit to the state.  What do we know?  The President descends the stairs from Air Force One, the Governor welcomes him with a smile, a handshake, and a letter asking the President for more of his limited time to talk about issues pertaining to Arizona.  And then we see the previously mentioned photograph where Ms. Brewer seems to be in attack mode and Mr. Obama appears to be at the end of his patience.  After that, the President turns his back on the Governor and walks away.

“Why We Should Support CeCe McDonald” by Racialicious

CeCe McDonald, a black trans woman, has been facing 2nd degree murder charges since being attacked last summer by a group of white adults.

CeCe and several friends, all black, were walking to the grocery store on June 5th, 2011 when white adults standing in the patio area of a South Minneapolis bar started screaming racist and transphobic slurs at the youth. CeCe, who is only 23 years old, approached the group and replied that she and her friends would not tolerate hate speech. In response, one of the white women said “I’ll take you bitches on” and smashed her glass into CeCe’s face. The broken glass sliced all the way through CeCe’s cheek. A fight ensued between the adults and the young people after this initial attack and one of the attackers, Dean Schmitz, was fatally stabbed.

“An Open Letter From a Black Woman” by The Angry Black Woman

I hurt myself today. I was on Twitter talking about rape culture & this triggering victim blaming post at VSB. And it triggered the hell out of me so I’m just going to say up front that this is coming from that place. See, I said the things I needed to say, but now I have to say something else & it is too long for twitter. And although I am directing this specifically to black men, overall this is something I feel needs to be said to everyone. Black women (like me) are more likely to be victims of domestic violence and sexual assault than almost any other group (the numbers are also incredibly high for NDN women), and we are out here on the front lines every day. Black men expect us to have their backs in battles with institutionalized racism. And mostly we do. But, we’re not seeing a whole lot of return on that investment when it comes to institutionalized racialized misogyny. And that fucking hurts.


2 thoughts on “Notable Links: 1-27/12

  1. The opposition to Arkh does not surprise me. I rarely donate money to a project, but this time around I must. It looks so wonderfully drawn.

    Two days ago I joined the Arkh project on Facebook (after reading “The African Flying Machine Rests” tumblr ). Today, I see an article about it on Brotha Wolf.

    I must be sooooo late to the game!

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