2011 Notable Deaths

Joe Frazier, heavyweight boxing champion, Jan. 12, 1944 – Nov. 7, 2011
Heavy D, actor, rapper, producer. May 24, 1967 – Nov. 8, 2011

Amy Winehouse, singer, Sept. 14, 1983 – July 23, 2011

Clarence Clemons, saxophonist, Jan. 11, 1942 – June 18, 2011

Charles ‘Bubba’ Smith, NFL player, actor. Feb. 28, 1945 – Aug. 3, 2011

Wangari Muta Mary Jo Maathai, human rights activist, April 1, 1940 – Sept. 25, 2011

Steven Paul Jobs, cofounder of Apple, Feb. 24, 1955 – Oct. 5, 2011

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, U.S. civil rights activist, March 18, 1922 – Oct. 5, 2011

Franklin Edward “Frank” Kameny, gay rights activist, May 21, 1925 – Oct. 11, 2011
Dan Wheldon, IndyCar driver, June 22, 1978 – Oct. 16, 2011
Moammar Gadhafi, Libyan leader, June 1942 – Oct. 20, 2011
Bil Keane, cartoonist, Oct. 5, 1922 – Nov. 8, 2011
Patrice Lumumba Malcolm O’Neal, comedian, Dec. 7, 1969 – Nov. 29, 2011
Harry Morgan, actor, April 10, 1915 – Dec 7, 2011
“Macho Man” Randy Savage, professional wrestler, November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011
Phoebe Snow, singer, July 17, 1950 – April 26, 2011
Joseph William “Pinetop” Perkins, blues musician, July 7, 1913 – March 21, 2011
Michael Gough, English character actor, Nov. 23, 1916 – March 17, 2011
Betty Garrett, actress, May 23, 1919 – Feb. 12, 2011
Gladys Horton, singer, May 30, 1944 – Jan. 26, 2011
Mississippi Winn, oldest living African-American in the U.S., March 31, 1897 – Jan. 14, 2011
Elizabeth Taylor, actress, Feb. 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011
Mia Amber Davis, plus-size model, actress,  July 25, 1975 – May 10, 2011
Mary Vesta Williams, singer, December 1, 1957 – September 22, 2011
Nick Ashford, singer, May 4, 1941 – August 22, 2011
Gil Scott-Heron, poet, activist, musician, April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011
Nate Dogg, musician, singer, August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011
Rest In Peace…

8 thoughts on “2011 Notable Deaths

  1. I guess one of the messages here is that we really don’t know when our time is up – so …….

    My other thought is – what REALLY happens when/after we die? No one I know has yet *come back* and given me their report of their experience on the *other* side,

    I suspect that there could be more to our existence than – this plane. But what do I know, having not seen or glimpsed it myself? But, my intuition suggests there’s MORE than what we can presently perceive with our senses.

    Nonetheless, having survived a peculiar and particular church congregation, I can unabashedly inform you that I don’t want to wind up in a Heaven filled with no one but “white” people!

    It wouldn’t be Heaven..

    Wishing you a long – happy – prosperous life.

    1. You know? I’ve been wondering about that as well. Will we go to a place of paradise? Will we be reincarnated in another life, or will we just disappear?

      I don’t want to end up in a white heaven either, but the only way there could be a white heaven is if there was a white God. lol And if you did end up in white heaven, it wouldn’t be heaven, it would be hell. lol

      I wish you a long, happy, and prosperous life as well.

  2. It really is powerful to put them all together like this. I didn’t even know about Phoebe Snow or Pinetop Perkins. Gee. I really need to celebrate today more often. And quit complainin’ so much about workin’ my ass off. All these amazing people are gone and I’m still here (old as I am). As far as the “afterlife” is concerned, I got enough to do tryin’ to get through Thursday to worry about that. But I must say, a White “Heaven” would horrify me, as well. I mean, what kind of music would be playing in a place like that? :^/

      1. I don’t appreciate it. It seems like you’re praising the guy. I hope you’re not. Even though the man was for Pan-Africanism (which itself is debatable–he demonstrated somewhat of an Arab/Berber superiority complex), he was still one of the worst dictators of the late 20th Century. Shouting “I Love Black People” doesn’t absolve you of your crimes. It’s like praising monsters like Mobuto, Papa Doc, or Sekou Toure. Doesn’t make sense…

        If you’re not praising him, why include Qaddafi and not Kim Jong Il? Osama bin Laden? C’mon son!

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