The American triumph—in which the American tragedy has always been implicit—was to make Black people despise themselves.” 

-James Baldwin

It’s one thing to live in a society that teaches you that dark skin is a curse, but it’s depressing that some of the voices spreading that garbage come from those who share that skin. These brothas and sistas find some way to make it known that blackness is a badge of failure, criminality, illegitimacy, violence, and poverty the same way white people do. The black people who engage in such bullfuckery vent their inner hatred of black people and themselves in front of a gullible audience who will take their words as the gospel of truth without asking a single damn question

This is a nation that thrives on its sick pathology of making black people seem less-than-human while putting whites on the pedestals of humanity and “super” humanity. Everyday, there is a message or two telling the public how terrible black people are and how great white people are. Those behind the propaganda of hate will voice it in the media, in the classroom, and in the political arena. Since people are willing by nature to listen to anything someone or something of a “higher” power says about anything, they will likely take it in as lessons to be learned. And, since there has always been a campaign to hate all things black and African, people who are unable or unwilling to think for themselves will listen and process it. There are almost no questions asked, and there are almost no attempts to find out any validity behind such messages. Those that attempt to investigate will likely be negatively judged by the mainstream. 

The agenda has been going strong for many years. It’s so strong that some black folks, themselves, have taken up the reigns to spread the gospel of hate which will manifest itself depending on the individual. However, the loudest will use whatever means necessary to let the world know how black people are fucked up. With the age of social networking, the movement of blacks hating blacks crosses from the computer to the minds of naive listeners who share the same disdain. 

Why commit to such pain? The only reasonable explanation is that those involved actually hate themselves. They hate themselves so much they want people to hate themselves as well. That why, they won’t be so alone. They can all stew in their own broth together.  

I believe that this is a small minority of people within the larger group. Yet, these fools are still considered extremely dangerous because they thrive on a severe lack of knowledge and love-for-self. They don’t see anything “positive” concerning the black community. They will eat up anything negative concerning blacks and use that as their “research” no matter where it came from, no matter who is behind such crap. At the same time, they will ignore anything–anything–positive concerning blacks in their messages. However, they will hold white people to a much higher standard and paint them as examples of humanity. These self-hating negroes are toxic agents of destruction.

Some of these negroes are so sensitive that they hate to be questioned or proven wrong by brothas and sistas who call them out on their bullshit. When you show them that most, if not all, of their messages are not founded on truths but lies created by white America, they try so hard to fight back that they end up failing miserably just like the little, white, racist dopes who try to plead their case.  It’s more than sad on so many levels.

These self-haters are proof of how strong the black inferiority agenda is. Although black people are no monolith, and we all have individual thoughts and opinions, hating who you are and making others hate themselves is troubling. This ingenious modus operandi of making blacks hate themselves are part of the American construct that’s still going strong in a society that’s deemed by many as being “civilized”. America is anything but civilized. 

If I had to give advice as to what to do to counter this campaign, I would have to say that the best way to fight ignorance is will knowledge. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Don’t be hesitant to research yourself. Statistics and television are the worst possible sources of information as they help paint troubling pictures about blacks. Do not rely on either. 

Some black people evidently need major help to break them out of their mental prisons. Maybe one day, someone or something will slip them a key, and I hope they will use it. 


8 thoughts on “Self-Haters

  1. Brothawolf, this is an interesting article, though it misses out on one crucial, crucial fact: White folk hate themselves too.

    I wrote an article called “Africans should Love Everyone” ( which addresses this issue.

    I should admit, Brother, that you sound a bit negative to African folk yourself. For instance, I know that it’s the movement, but what good is there in making “Negro” seem different from “Brotha” or “Sistah?” We are all Negroes.


    1. Thanks for the response, Onitaset. The thing is I thought about making a separate post on the topic of white self-hatred as well. This topic is more of a rant than anything else, and is not wholly objective to the issue. I admit that I too have some issues with my people, but it mostly has to do in the context of white supremacy. Some of us internalize the messages they send us and the end result is low self-esteem (for some) and a disdain for one’s own people. For instance, you hear black men bash black women for stereotypical reasons and black women bash black men for the same reasons. You hear black folks throw their own people under the bus because of myths they believe in. It’s maddening, but not too surprising. I know we’re not the only ones who do this, but it’s something we can’t ignore.

      1. Hotep Brother BrothaWolf,

        My contention was with calling us “Negroes” as a derogatory term. I admit that I let people slide with it; but I mean to ask what your philosophy thereon is. Let’s admit that we are at war. The question becomes, what part of this war do you take when you degrade our own people by calling them “descendants of the people by the Niger river.”

        I know that Black folk have a thousand problems. But I also know them as our only warriors. Out of my love for you, Brother, I made the comment to remind you of which side you take in this war.

        And please–you have no issues with your people. We’re too beautiful for you to have an issue with us. 🙂


      2. I understand, and I admit having reservations about using the word. I was more frustrated than anything when writing this. That’s why I filed this under “rants”.

        I agree that there is a war of sorts. We are at war with white supremacy in all forms. I just think it’s maddening that there are some who take on the side of the mindset that hates them. However, I don’t believe it’s not unique as I started thinking that way myself some years ago.

        In the end I choose the side that is about truth, knowledge, and justice (true justice).

  2. First and foremost thanks for comment on my page, highly appreciated

    Now I gotta play devils advocate to a certain degree. I’m with about people who are obvious self haters, like the Jesse lee Peters of the world, but there are some who lean right, but genuinely want to see blacks do better. I’ll pose this challenge, of the following, who’s commited the greatest crime against blackness:1. Bob Johnson, 2. Bill Cosby
    3. The site owner of 4. Flavor flav 5. A random ebp in a comfy office or govt. Job

    1. The actual choice is not the crux of it, it’s the why, there are apparent faults for all of them, but what makes this discussion-worthy is the “why.” What makes one more heinous than the other

      1. The “why” behind it is rooted in white supremacy. In the end America hates black people who love themselves and want to uplift others. They love those who fit negative stereotypes and agree with them on why black people are so fucked up because they hate to face the ugly truths about their society and history.

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