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WARNING: The following contains graphic profanity and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised. Also, this is based upon a post written by Abagond entitled reading while white: black rape statistics and my past entry Black Stats.

Have you ever heard or read statements like these:

“Black men are more than (insert any high number here) likely to rape than white men.”

“Black men rape white women (insert any high number here) more times than black women.”

“(Insert any outrageously high number here) white women were raped by black men in (insert any recent year).”

Now, I’m no expert on statistics or how to read them, but I’ve been told that statistics can be fixed and misread. They are not reliable in explaining practically anything, especially concerning race and crime, but white people seem love them to death whether they are conducted by legitimate sources or if they are just imagined. And, they are infatuated when they somehow, by their conclusions and only their conclusions, that black people commit most crimes against whites, and one of those crimes is rape

White males are most of the people who will bring up with age-old myth that black men are raping white women in extremely high numbers. This myth has gone back after slaves were freed and during Jim Crow. The belief was that black male slaves needed to be controlled by the white man or else they would run amok and rape their “pure” white women. It’s no surprise that there are still many white men who still believe that black men are naturally violent and dangerous. It’s no surprise that white people will commit a heinous crime and then blame it on a “phantom black male”. And, it’s no surprise that white male rape (which has happened way more often in the past and present) is hardly mentioned or discussed with as much frequency as black male rape. Why?

As such you will have (mostly) white males who will bash black males on anti-racism websites with bloated, unproven numbers. They will even go so far as to create news articles as proof of the black male’s abhorrent behavior. At the same time, they will state that white males do not rape black women in high numbers. Some will even say that white men never rape black women, and some will say that white men don’t rape period. Still, the fascination seems to be with black men raping white women, and never the issue of rape itself. Again, why?

This is just a theory, and only a theory, but I honestly believe that white men don’t hate black male rape as much as they make themselves out to be. Actually, and this is a disturbing thought, I think they have a warped fetish towards it. I think they are aroused with interracial rape when it involves a black male and white female. That’s why white men bring it up all the time. They aren’t disgusted by it. They are enamored by it.

Proudchocolategirl, the author and moderator of her blog Black! Not White Dipped In Chocolate, brings up an interesting point in Abagond’s blog when she brings up interracial porn:

“I read an article about how white men are the largest consumers of interracial porn and a common theme that we discussed in my class within that porn was groups of black men sleeping with one white woman (i’m giving nice language) at the same time… and surprisingly these are largely consumed by…white men…so you might be on to something…maybe it is some kind of warped fetish…can’t really explain this appeal, but u might just be right…”

Bulanik, a commentator who also frequents Abagond’s blog explains in depth the premise of the Big Black Cock (BBC) in the porn industry and how it relates to the white man’s fantasy:

 “Black rape stats are exaggerated consistently by the white racist imagination because as I said above, the black man’s sex and sexuality is not “owned” by black men, or even black women, no. Black male sexuality seems to be the “property” of the white racist sexual imagination of both white males and females.

Black men used to be white men’s slaves in America, and the essence of this persists and lives on in pornography and the white racist understanding of rape. We can not be blind to this, and we can not underestimate its pervasive influence. The pornography industry is massive, it makes money because it feeds fantasy and is fed by fantasy. The Black Buck sells.

The black male is a powerful stimulant for the white racist imagination which feels “entitled” to pleasure from the dark body…that equates black skin with ‘animalism’, believes Africans are dark primitives. White racism is grounded in a sense of it’s own high civilization, yet nevertheless hemmed in and un-sexed by it. That’s why fantasy is so useful! That’s why exaggerated black male statistics are necessary .

One common theme is pornography is the cuckolding fantasy. The white man comes home to find the white wife in congress with her black lover, etc. Yet the white husband observes the proceedings with secret relish and does not disturb it. What is this, but white male sexual fear AND desire encapsulated and personified?”

But, why is it that white male rape is not as big an issue? Bulanik further explains: 

“The rape of black women by white men is not flattering to the reputation of the white man. It is his shame. The white man as rapist of the white woman is also inconveniently shaming. Portraying the white man as rapist is not the stuff of arousal or popular fantasy because there is too much shame. It is he black man characterization as Rapist that is utterly convenient, because it is vicarious. The white racist sexual imagination LIVES through this.

It is as if black sexuality is the receptacle into which the racist white imagination can pour it’s horror, shame and inconvenient truths. Let the black man carry the can for rape! Let the raped black woman remain silent and invisible. This way the shame-fantasy can be lived and played out at a safe distance.”

It is my conclusion that these white males who present themselves as protectors of white women against the black male rapist really don’t care about white women, damn sure doesn’t care about women of color, or the traumatizing effects of rape. In other words they don’t care about women in general. If they are so protective of white women, wouldn’t they also address high numbers of white men raping white women? It may be happening right now as you read this, but it doesn’t matter. While Trevor, Dylan, and John-Boy are raping Mary, Suzy, and Amber, these white racist morons are worrying about Pookie, Earl, and Deshawn. Why? Their racist, white male pride and interracial rape fetish are holding them back.

However, I will say this at the risk of making white men feel more proud then they deserve. We do have black male rapists within the black community. I don’t need to read any news articles. I know because rape is not assigned to a specific group regardless of race or color. However, we must admit that we need to join in on movements to fight against rape in all forms. As men of color we must realize that some of us have taken on the mindset of the people who enslaved us, murdered us, and raped our women in their quest for domination. We know why this is so, but we need to own up to the problem and stop it before another woman is harmed. Many brothas have already answered the call, but there is still much work to do.

As men we must learn that rape is not about sex or romance, but about power, oppression, pain, and dysfunction. Do these white males who bring up the subject of black male-white female rape realize they are doing a disservice by ignoring their own rape problem? I can’t answer that, but if it’s true they fantasize about interracial rape, it shows they’re not only racists but misogynists