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To reject yourself and others of your color is one thing, but to place people of other colors and ethnicities above members of your own while trashing your own people is a damn shame of the lowest degree. Some people may refer to it as internalized racism, intracism, or the colonized mind. I referred to it as a mental illness of colonization. No matter what you call it, it’s still painful to see and hear so much hatred directed at your people by your people, especially on the web.

With the advent of video blogging sites like Youtube (YT), you have people with access to a webcam and a microphone who will blog, or vlog, their thoughts online. Those who are suffering from the colonized mental illness will use such means to project their self-hatred and hatred of the group of the same color. However, some will express their dismal attitudes towards those of the opposite sex. Here is where you will have brothas  broadcasting their disgust of black women, most or all black women.

You have several  black men on YT who preach to the choir about the supposed evils of black women. Yet, they all share a deep sense of bitterness towards black women. These fellas are scorned men to the extreme, and they believe that the cause for the ills within the black community are due to single, supposedly promiscuous, bitter for no reason, black mothers who love thugs and gangstas and have an inability to take care of the many kids they had with just as many men. In other words, it’s all the black woman’s fault for the high crime and illegitimacy rates in black communities across the country.

Sad, isn’t it? These so-called brothas are quick to blame black women for everything and anything wrong with the black community. However, when you question them about the men who contribute to the destruction, again, it’s all the black woman’s fault. You can not tell these fools that you have jackasses who sleep with sistas, impregnate them, and then disappear like David Blaine performing a magic act.  You can’t tell them that you have black men who give up on their children willingly, and make little to no efforts to get back in their kids’ lives because they are mad at the mothers. Why aren’t they more angry at the males who are doing this? Is it comradery or something else?

These mentally ill negroes are so bitter that a mental block prevents them from realizing that it takes two to make a baby. They will argue that it was the woman who opened her legs for the male, but they can’t seem to fathom that it was the man who voluntarily stuck his dick in in the first damn place. Yet, somehow all the blame goes to the black woman.

You have some negroes that will present themselves as some faux-black leaders portraying themselves as “revolutionaries” advocating for the black community, but they will not hesitate throwing black women, who are vital members of the black community, under the bus. However, (and this is what’s fucked up) you have some brothas that believe that dating or marrying a non-black woman is the best thing for all black men because black women are no longer lovable or attractive. How the fuck is that revolutionary? If anything, to me, being black, male, and revolutionary means to love black women no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT! Now, I’m not dissing those who are in interracial relationships, but dating and marrying (for example) white women to spite black women is as far from a revolution as you can get. In fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s almost the same as betrayal.

These dudes on TY love to campaign against black women. Some will make numerous videos explaining why he, and other black men, don’t date black women. What’s worse is that they don’t want other black men to date or marry black women (possibly because they want all the black men to themselves). When other black men and black women criticize them on their videos and blast them for disrespecting black women, their suspected, closeted bitchassness is revealed. A few of them will act gangster and deny it vehemently when in reality, they are showing the world how much of a pussy they really are! When you question their ideals, they don’t want to hear it! When you give them information, they don’t want to absorb it! All that matters is their campaign for attention. Eventually, in the end they will end up looking so stupid, they will vanish without a trace humiliated and defeated.

The real deal is that these black men need some serious help, not to mention they need someone to take away their camera and mic. They are projecting their personal shortcomings for the world to see in the guise of making it seem like black women are wholly responsible. Yet, I betcha that some of these screwballs are the ones with children and are not caring for them. Some of them are the ones who abuse or violate women, and some of them aren’t willing or able to take care of themselves but are cared for by their mothers. In short these are mentally and emotionally wounded and underdeveloped males who’ve been seriously hurt.

Check this out. I know there are women who use and abuse men too. I am aware of this because I was a victim of it. However, at the risk of sounding like an Uncle Tom and using a collective pronoun, we as black men need to check ourselves more than we need to chastise our black women. How can we blame our sistas when we curse them out, hit them, beat them, rape them, and kill them? How can we demonize them when we use their bodies for pleasure and dump them in a heartbeat when we’ve created life in their wombs? How can we say that they have a problem with loving thugs and gangsters when the more serious problem is us harming and killing each other and ourselves? How can we say “It’s the system’s fault”, but still blame black women? How can we sell out our sistas for someone outside our color just to make them feel lower than shit? How can we allow ourselves to sound like white racist extremists who are saying the same exact things about black women?

(As a side note one brotha on TY was dumb enough to side with a white man when he made racist comments about black women. As a direct result his videos were deleted and his channel was cancelled.)

I’m not trying to portray myself as a know-it-all who knows little about this subject. However, I will say that I’ve been there. I’ve believed in the myths that black women love thugs and gangstas, and I believed that most women are bad (not in a good sexual way) by nature. I sometimes still feel that way every now and then, but I realized that I had no authority to place all black women into one box. I had to conclude that it was my own bitterness and ignorance that’s making me feel this way towards women. It was my own emotional pain from dealing with a handful of women in my life that turned me into a woman hater. I had to let go for my own sake. It was getting me no where, and this is what these bitter-bruhs need to understand.

Blaming black women is as useful as a yo-yo with no string. Nothing is done, and not only is nothing accomplished, but the bitterness doesn’t go away on its own, especially when you date outside your color. It may even grow bigger if you continue to let it fester. Advising other suffering black men to follow their lead will just cause more unnecessary misery. I’m not even going to give my opinion on why this is happening as there are pretty of good explanations. Not all black men have this mindset, but there are some that do. One thing is more than clear however. The anger will remain unless these brothas get some urgent help before their frustrations do further damage.