When Brothas Hate Sistas

To reject yourself and others of your color is one thing, but to place people of other colors and ethnicities above members of your own while trashing your own people is a damn shame of the lowest degree. Some people may refer to it as internalized racism, intracism, or the colonized mind. I referred to it as a mental illness of colonization. No matter what you call it, it’s still painful to see and hear so much hatred directed at your people by your people, especially on the web.

With the advent of video blogging sites like Youtube (YT), you have people with access to a webcam and a microphone who will blog, or vlog, their thoughts online. Those who are suffering from the colonized mental illness will use such means to project their self-hatred and hatred of the group of the same color. However, some will express their dismal attitudes towards those of the opposite sex. Here is where you will have brothas  broadcasting their disgust of black women, most or all black women.

You have several  black men on YT who preach to the choir about the supposed evils of black women. Yet, they all share a deep sense of bitterness towards black women. These fellas are scorned men to the extreme, and they believe that the cause for the ills within the black community are due to single, supposedly promiscuous, bitter for no reason, black mothers who love thugs and gangstas and have an inability to take care of the many kids they had with just as many men. In other words, it’s all the black woman’s fault for the high crime and illegitimacy rates in black communities across the country.

Sad, isn’t it? These so-called brothas are quick to blame black women for everything and anything wrong with the black community. However, when you question them about the men who contribute to the destruction, again, it’s all the black woman’s fault. You can not tell these fools that you have jackasses who sleep with sistas, impregnate them, and then disappear like David Blaine performing a magic act.  You can’t tell them that you have black men who give up on their children willingly, and make little to no efforts to get back in their kids’ lives because they are mad at the mothers. Why aren’t they more angry at the males who are doing this? Is it comradery or something else?

These mentally ill negroes are so bitter that a mental block prevents them from realizing that it takes two to make a baby. They will argue that it was the woman who opened her legs for the male, but they can’t seem to fathom that it was the man who voluntarily stuck his dick in in the first damn place. Yet, somehow all the blame goes to the black woman.

You have some negroes that will present themselves as some faux-black leaders portraying themselves as “revolutionaries” advocating for the black community, but they will not hesitate throwing black women, who are vital members of the black community, under the bus. However, (and this is what’s fucked up) you have some brothas that believe that dating or marrying a non-black woman is the best thing for all black men because black women are no longer lovable or attractive. How the fuck is that revolutionary? If anything, to me, being black, male, and revolutionary means to love black women no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT! Now, I’m not dissing those who are in interracial relationships, but dating and marrying (for example) white women to spite black women is as far from a revolution as you can get. In fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s almost the same as betrayal.

These dudes on TY love to campaign against black women. Some will make numerous videos explaining why he, and other black men, don’t date black women. What’s worse is that they don’t want other black men to date or marry black women (possibly because they want all the black men to themselves). When other black men and black women criticize them on their videos and blast them for disrespecting black women, their suspected, closeted bitchassness is revealed. A few of them will act gangster and deny it vehemently when in reality, they are showing the world how much of a pussy they really are! When you question their ideals, they don’t want to hear it! When you give them information, they don’t want to absorb it! All that matters is their campaign for attention. Eventually, in the end they will end up looking so stupid, they will vanish without a trace humiliated and defeated.

The real deal is that these black men need some serious help, not to mention they need someone to take away their camera and mic. They are projecting their personal shortcomings for the world to see in the guise of making it seem like black women are wholly responsible. Yet, I betcha that some of these screwballs are the ones with children and are not caring for them. Some of them are the ones who abuse or violate women, and some of them aren’t willing or able to take care of themselves but are cared for by their mothers. In short these are mentally and emotionally wounded and underdeveloped males who’ve been seriously hurt.

Check this out. I know there are women who use and abuse men too. I am aware of this because I was a victim of it. However, at the risk of sounding like an Uncle Tom and using a collective pronoun, we as black men need to check ourselves more than we need to chastise our black women. How can we blame our sistas when we curse them out, hit them, beat them, rape them, and kill them? How can we demonize them when we use their bodies for pleasure and dump them in a heartbeat when we’ve created life in their wombs? How can we say that they have a problem with loving thugs and gangsters when the more serious problem is us harming and killing each other and ourselves? How can we say “It’s the system’s fault”, but still blame black women? How can we sell out our sistas for someone outside our color just to make them feel lower than shit? How can we allow ourselves to sound like white racist extremists who are saying the same exact things about black women?

(As a side note one brotha on TY was dumb enough to side with a white man when he made racist comments about black women. As a direct result his videos were deleted and his channel was cancelled.)

I’m not trying to portray myself as a know-it-all who knows little about this subject. However, I will say that I’ve been there. I’ve believed in the myths that black women love thugs and gangstas, and I believed that most women are bad (not in a good sexual way) by nature. I sometimes still feel that way every now and then, but I realized that I had no authority to place all black women into one box. I had to conclude that it was my own bitterness and ignorance that’s making me feel this way towards women. It was my own emotional pain from dealing with a handful of women in my life that turned me into a woman hater. I had to let go for my own sake. It was getting me no where, and this is what these bitter-bruhs need to understand.

Blaming black women is as useful as a yo-yo with no string. Nothing is done, and not only is nothing accomplished, but the bitterness doesn’t go away on its own, especially when you date outside your color. It may even grow bigger if you continue to let it fester. Advising other suffering black men to follow their lead will just cause more unnecessary misery. I’m not even going to give my opinion on why this is happening as there are pretty of good explanations. Not all black men have this mindset, but there are some that do. One thing is more than clear however. The anger will remain unless these brothas get some urgent help before their frustrations do further damage.


58 thoughts on “When Brothas Hate Sistas

  1. What’s worse, Brotha Wolf, is that there are some sistahs who agree with these fucking losers. I had an argument on FB, and she called me an angry, bitter BW because I called Tyrese Gibson’s ass out. What I’m sick of is what you’re describing. Personally, Tyrese can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. What I am tired of is people, especially BM, throwing sistahs under the bus because they were rejected by one or two who wouldn’t put up with their shit. I’m tired of BW being considered a monolith.

    And in that vein, BM aren’t a monolith either. Most of the bruhs I know don’t share this viewpoint, and would be quick to call these troubled men out. It’s all just tiresome at this point.

    1. Exactly. There are some sistas that take these words as the gospel without giving it a second thought. As far as Tyrese is concerned his advice is irrelevant.

      Black women do not have the hive mind anymore than black men are a monolith. I know a lot of brothas personally that would call out these clowns in an instant.

  2. Excellent post. I’ll add my thoughts/experiences later on; busy morning and I’m getting interrupted frequently!

    It is sad when brothas and sistas feel the need to hate on each other – that mindset is beyond self-destructive.

      1. I think I recall seeing this woman (or a couple who were similar) on talk shows like Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, Phil Donahue, and Oprah – back in the days when I actually watched that trash, LOL – and yes, it was amazing at the stereotypical ‘reasons’ she (or they) would trot out for hating others of her (their) own hue. Of course, any ‘reason’ given would nearly always be received enthusiastically by the majority-white audience. Once in a great while, the camera would pan to an isolated dark face here and there in the crowd, and the person shown would usually have the thoughtful, ‘shut-up’ pose: the one where one sits with one finger pressed on or near their lips, as if begging the speaker to STFU. I haven’t watched a talk show for years (or listened to one on the radio), and I’m not missing a thing! 😎

      2. Oh yea. Talk show racism was and IS present. That’s one reason why it’s trash TV and why it’s popular because people enjoy watching other people, and our people, make fools of themselves while the talk show host gets popularity and cash. SMDH.

    1. It is definitely a type of mental illness – I just don’t think it’s been quantified OR qualified in the DSM-IV-TR yet! Tyrese Gibson, Chad Ochocinco, Clarence Thomas, and Herman Cain are at the top of this roster, IMHO.

  3. This post is beyond excellent. This trend of miserable BP trashing other BP to feel relevant or profound somehow is just sickening.

    If they’re hoping it’ll help them score points with…well, whoever…they’re in for a big disappointment.

  4. I think I know the video that you’re talking about. Absolutely disgusting isn’t it?

    I have three brothers, One married( to a Black woman) two are single. They have had girlffriends that were Black and non-Black. Some they loathed others they liked. No matter how they were treated by these women, One thing I will give them credit about, I’ve never heard them down Black women at all( and they’ll probably get pimped slapped if they did)

    You used the right word indescribing these guys as having “mental illnesses”. What logical Black man in their right minds would side with a racist and bash Black women? I get so sick and tired of men like that coming up with all of their excuses in not being responsible it’s not even funny.t’s also embarrassing when they do this.

    Everytime I come acorss Black men like this, I sense what they are all about: irresponsible, insecure, wants everything to go their way and don’t want to deal with the real world. It’s Black men like them that the Black community can do without.

    1. “Everytime I come acorss Black men like this, I sense what they are all about: irresponsible, insecure, wants everything to go their way and don’t want to deal with the real world. It’s Black men like them that the Black community can do without.”

      That’s true.

  5. There’s a lot of pain that some in the psychology world will say is linked to our being enslaved so long ago, and our spirits being broken. The broken spirit is maintained by the American media that we listen to in a subtle way. It takes a certain amount of savvy to see through it, and many of our youth arent that savvy. Some of our middle agers and elders too.

    But in the midst of all the pain, we black folks will keep fighting to move up, and we continue to move up. We are known for it. We call out the wrong doers and reshape them by shaming them, hopefully.

    Let me encourage you all, and myself as well. These conversations that we are having all over the internet is that big collective psychological cleansing that we need. What we are doing is running with our healing and making the most of it. We are doing it big time! We are just sharp like that.

    Believe me, they don’t want us to have these conversations towards our healing. Even the foolish who spout out their ignorance and self hate are putting themselves in a better position. That man who sided with the white racist has to recognize the irony, (we hope).

    We focus on the negative because its so out there. But lets also remember and seek out the positives that we are doing, it’s healing to our spirits to balance the negative with the positive.


  6. I work with a dude that is exactly like this. He wants nothing to do with a Black woman..Matter of fact this dude is the only Black man I have ever heard of that had his WHITE wife leave him for a WHITE man. I ain’t never seen no shit like that. Usually if a White woman gets a taste of some Black dick, there ain’t nothing else that will work for her..and did I forget to mention that she gave him sole custody of their two kids…It’s like she wanted to erase the fact she was ever with the guy..But he still despises anything that is Black…Go figure…

    1. That is definitely ‘slave’ mentality – dumped and rejected by a white woman, yet still crawls after them and jumps through hoops for them, all the while crowing from the rooftops how ‘low, trifling, and worthles’ sistahs are. I used to wonder what the mothers of these men were like, but I realize now that it’s largely irrelevant…self-hatred has no logic.

      I have encountered many of these self-loathing men here in the Pacific Northwest – the percentage is amazing.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this!! I have been so frustrated about this very issue. What upsets me most is that people are actually stopping to listen to these men that have this idiotic point of view. Non-blacks are now bold enough to call out black women as well because of what some jaded black man said. The same goes for jaded black women.

  8. this is so sad to know that we are the only race that do this to each other, I never hear of any other race belitted each other like this. God help us all to stop hating like this. Black men’s we love you all..

  9. Brothawolf, i’m late on a lot of this rhetoric from both sides and including this post.

    But to be quite honest, it is not black men like Srgt. Willie Pete or those other youtubers that i think are the most dangerous–yes they have screws missing–and they still harbor affections for black women or else they wouldn’t spend so much time talking about them. The stuff they talk is a smokescreen and any thinking black man or woman can see right through it. In short, they don’t phase me.

    What i am most concerned about are the passive-aggressive black men who subscribe to this rhetoric. These are the ones that make statements like “just because black women exist doesn’t mean they inherently deserve love from black men”, or “times have changed and if black women really are determined to have a black boyfriend or black husband they need to be more positive because they now have to compete with “other women”, or “black men don’t prefer white women, hell life is too short, they just want a normal life”. . .

    Do you feel my drift? This is a sort of narcissitic, delusional frame of mind that discounts certain people as whole humans.It is saying that black women do not exist and ultimately that they never have. However, like i said over at Abagond, this phenomena i have only observed in the Western Hemisphere–this is not true in Africa. Now i dropped out of my psychology program in favor of a humanities one, but nonetheless i remember professors saying that narcisstic individuals make irresponsible, and emotionally distant and manipulative spouses and parents.They just don’t respect the needs and feelings of others outside of their own created conditions which are usually in their interests and no one else’s.

    So there is hope for the Sgt. Willie Pete’s and confused youtubers who at this point are merely emotionally scarred by a dating experience gone wrong with a black girl. Yet these other black men that i mentioned–i would encourage the white women that they seek and other women to get the heck out of dodge.

      1. Brothawolf, if i could be a bit more clear–what i find ironic is the fact that some of these black men really believe that white women are running past white men to be with them. Which is delusional at best because white women are the group that is least likely to marry out. This can apply to the BWE’s as well–they are delusional because white men are not leaving white women en masse to be with black women.Yes there are those black men who have white wives and vice versa–but these national averages are hardly high and the white driven media does a good job at hyping such unions up. Why? It serves their interest of maintaining control. My suspicion is that the number of black men marrying interracially would seem even lower if black men were not misrepresented in the penal system and had equal opportunities in education. Why? Because if most black men in this country did become educated and professional, the black family would be intact.

        Another thing is that a lot of these said black men jump ship from white woman to white woman and very few actually marry white women. This is very telling–they cannot committ to any woman be she white, black, biracial or Asian. This goes back to the narcissistic tendencies. They never overcame the phase in childhood when most children begin to understand that their needs are not at the center of the universe.

        I am all for people finding love where it finds them, but the reality is that what sense does it make for these people (whites) to all of a sudden be “right” for you when it was largely their policies that disenfranchised black men and women in economics, politics and education?

        Yes times have changed–in terms of rapid advances in technology, but any fool can see human culture is very conservative and it will be much longer before the minds of white people are changed. Even those who have taken the leap and married black people.

      2. It all goes back to the rigorous campaign to make white skin seem desirable which includes myths that they are somehow better mates. White folks themselves are deluded by their own self-serving polished images. So much so that they want everyone to believe it. It’s almost like a religion which is not too far removed from this mission.

  10. this is so sad to know that we are the only race that do this to each other, I never hear of any other race belitted each other like this.

    Actually, white men do this to white women all the time and vice versa. Let me just say this–in this point in time–many mem from many different backgrounds are dissatisfied with the women in their in-groups (check out sites like nomarriage.com and happieraboard, all the brainchild of white middle class American men encouraging other white men like them to leave white American women in favor of Eastern European, Asian and white Latin American women).

    I will say that unlike white men and women, black people have the weight of racism attached to our misogyny and misandry phenomena which makes it at least ten times worser than our white counterparts.

    1. That’s true. When it comes to dating, relationships, marriage and anything that goes on between individuals of different colors, the person of color is always watched very carefully for any and all screw-ups first and foremost.

  11. Brothawolf, thank you so much for providing me and other black women like me with a safe haven to express this. I love black people and will make no secret of it. This does not mean i do not love ALL people.

    When i say i prefer black men, i get accused of all manner of things by black women who supposedly have left the black community in favor of white love. If i could not have a black man as my intimate partner in life, then it would be hands down another man of color. But i have been blessed (perhaps by my ancestors) to not have ever experienced a shortage of attention or affections from black men.

    And yes, i do know that some of our in-group women can be a bit hard to deal with, but let my husband tell it–ALL women got issues, lol. Like, i have really big hair and i complain about it. My husband thinks i am crazy because in his opinion other women desire what i have. I say no, i want what they have and he then sighs and says “women”.

    Anyway… great post. Now you should do one about when sistas hate brothers cause that ish is rampant on the net now as well.

    1. Thanks…My blogs are always open.

      I will say that it’s hard for PoC in this nation to find love without it being colorized and questioned by our peers. I guess it is part of keeping PoC from being truly happy in this society without someone asking “why?”

  12. I also remember a teacher in college say that it is not a black woman or black man thing. . .that it is a systematic attack on the institution of the black family. Black women like to think its the black man’s fault and black men like to think that black women are favored in society because we are seen as less of a threat. Baloney! A smokescreen at best.

    The “war on drugs” is code name for the war on black masculinity and well-being and the “welfare queen” is the allegorical kept mistress of uncle sam. Our right to healthy family life and employment has been severely compromised by “unseen” forces. Instead of placing the blame where it belongs, we blame each other.

    1. That is so true. It is partly because putting the blame where it belongs will have those who are at fault dehumanize the victims further. We’ve seen where some blacks put the blame on white racism and be accused of “blaming whitey” or being anti-white.

  13. Dang, Brotha I must have been sleeping on this post. However I think this is your best one. you really brought light to darkness. I just don’t get these black men that are so negative about black women. I just left a place of worship where I was a member for 15 years. The reverend had some serious issues with black women. It all started when he was a little kid with his mother. He hated our hairstyles, makeup, clothes. I finally figured he was just one fucked up dude with serious mommy issues. But damn 15 years of my life I can’t get back. Even some of the men in my family are this way. I had an uncle jut like that Uncle Remus on The Boondoocks that hated everything related to black people. I had to finally admit some of my beloved family members were just messed up. I love your post on Sister Truth Be Told’s blog about the beautiful women. I just(heart) you for loving Miss India Arie and Miss Jill Scott and especially Miss Angie Stone very talented and underrated artist in my opinion. You like the thick as asnicker type of sisters with ebony skin. Love you for that.

    1. It is messed up. All I can say is that it’s a symptom of self-hatred. Somehow or another, in this society black-on-black love is a struggle itself. Some brothas and sistas are overwhelmed or pre-programmed to hate “blackness” and accept society’s negative definitions.

      I love thick women. I love curves in general, especially the pear and hour-glass figures.

  14. Another thing one of my best friends is in a relationship with a white man. I don’t have a problem with interracial relationships, But my friend made a comment that her white gentleman friend said that he thought black people had an unpleasant odor. You can imagine how in shock I was. Then I was so annoyed and shot back that I thought white people had a strange smell as well. Then she goes on to tell me how white people tell her at her place of employment that she is not like other blacks in her manner of speech and appearance. I just dont know what to think of my friend. I know she uses her fair skin tone to an advantage,. We had a disagreement when she made the comment about Serena Willams looking fat and ghetto. Help me with this Brotha.

    1. It sounds like to me your friend is taking those statements lightly.

      Anyway, it’s funny how the slightest hint of curve on a woman’s body automatically categorizes her as fat, and because of Serena’s appearance, that must obviously mean she’s ghetto? Can a black person not be categorized as part of a poor socioeconomic community? A ghetto is a place, and not an adjective. And she is not fat, she’s thick in the right places.

  15. Yet ghettos are traditionally a European neighborhood that housed a city’s ethnically diverse population. They weren’t necessarily “bad” places until the onset of WWII.

    Curves in central and eastern Europe are the norm. Those women are shaped like clydesdale horses. The traditional European is actually short and stocky, you’d have to be to survive harsh winters.

    This new phenomena of ultra skinniness is not natural to them. . .

      1. Whites are good at taking something that has been generally positive and turning it negative (for their own agenda)

        Even the French aren’t “thin”. . . they are just average built. But antyway, back to the topic at hand.

        Those black men who have a disdain for black women usually equate that to a not so good upbringing they had with their mothers. I’m not so sure if this is all that logical as your mom is not the only black woman in your childhood? And what say those who have very loving and caring black mothers? Was she the reason why you generally dislike black women? See either way just doesn’t hold up and it wounds up being an epic fail on these blogs–personally i think these guys have always had an orientation leaning towards whiteness and dissing black women–and other blacks–is just their way of finding comfort in whiteness.

      2. I think their upbringing regarding their mothers is significant especially if that’s the only parent they know. Before they know any other woman, they know their moms first.

  16. Excellent post, indeed Brothawolf! I know it’s a bit late, but I just came across this postingand wanted to add my 2 cents, if you will. As a mixed POC I myself admit to having ill-feelings towards Black men for quite a number of years, as I had moved from the South and lived in Cali for some years-and consequently, had some horrible and dehumanizing ordeals with some guys there in my teen years, and sadly they were all Black. As I got older however, and became more enlightened and healed from these encounters, it became apparent to me that their behavior was not due to their skin tone-but more rather accredited to the “gangsta-wannabe” culture that certain parts of Cali glorifies. I also realized that these issues were not just exclusive to these guys either, but rather many youth of various shades there as well. That being said, I too love all folks who are self-aware of issues like the one you mentioned so wonderfully here, especially my POC! ; )

  17. My pleasure, Brothawolf! It is not easy for me to talk about it, but since I find your blog/den to be a place of open, and honest discussion-I felt comfortable enough (for the 1rst time) to do so here..

  18. “I’m not even going to give my opinion on why this is happening as there are pretty of good explanations”; can you explain what this comment means, Brothawolf? Why do you suppose this is happening? It may not be all black men that hate black women, but I definitely think it’s MOST. The hate is constant and of epic proportions. It is everywhere you look. These guys give the excuse that black women “use to do the same thing on talk shows in the 90s” (and so did black men), but I don’t think there is any black women on this planet who has the hatred that black men generally (nowadays) have for black women. I don’t know where we’re headed as a race. It seems like all this anti-black woman hate will have disastrous results for black people in general and black men in particular. My psychic abilities are telling me that white folks/the government is watching these anti-black women diatribes and planning something…….. Concentration/internment camps come to mind (to carry out a larger plan/NWO). It’s getting to the point that I’m afraid to be on the streets in the presence of black men for fear of being attacked or brutally murdered. Every time I see a black man, now, especially at night, I have panic attacks, I cross to the other side of the street, and I carry mace and a taser. They are so aggressive and I can sense their anger toward the world/ black women. My fear intensifies when they try and get my number or yell things in my direction. I never want to disrespect them or anger them so I try saying “no thank you” with a smile or just ignoring them. One black guy yelled to me “I will shoot you, bitch, I will kill you bitch” because he just walked up to me and grabbed me and I told him to turn me loose. I was afraid to take the same route home :(. I don’t even date because I don’t want to date outside my race and every black guy seems to be so hateful towards black women. I can’t believe this is reality; it feels like one big, nightmare that I can’t wake up from. It really is depressing to see and hear hate all over the net, everywhere you go and now, it’s moving to outside the internet and in everyday living and interactions. I’m sure I won’t be getting married or having kids. I just want to move to another country and get away from this madness. I have always loved black men, but they have drastically changed for the worst. I liked the black guys from the 90s who were respectful and socially conscious. It seems like they will never be that way again. Deep down, I know I still love black men (though sometimes it’s hard to admit, I even hate myself for loving them, sometimes) but they have damaged me spiritually, in a way that cannot be fixed and that is certainly unforgiveable. I will say, they are succeeding in hurting many black women emotionally, but they are also destroying themselves. “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”? Thank you, Brothawolf for this post and much love from a black woman to a black man.

    1. Sadly I feel the same way. I was treated so badly by Black men in school and offline and online that I also hate myself for loving Black men. I don’t date outside of my race either although some non Black men do gravitate towards me though. But overall I think most Black American men hate Black women.

      1. You are correct, for the most part, it is Black AMERICAN men, but there are black English and Canadian guys are have begun to follow their lead. To learn that some foreign black men feel the same way is disheartening because foreign black men have always treated me with so much respect and made me feel very special. I have to admit that many foreign men approach me (black and other races but I prefer the black ones, especially Sierra Leoneans and Haitians) and I’m always glad to know they are from a different country.

  19. Glad you wrote this post. I don’t hate Black men at all but these are the Black men that I have encountered online and offline as a Black woman. They hate their race and themselves. It is sad

      1. Glad you love Black people enough to write these posts. I appreciate that. I love Black men but I don’t know if I would ever pursue a romantic relationship with one. I never get approached by them or even feel respected or appreciated by Black American men. I don’t want to pursue non Black men for romantic relationships but I feel like I get more respect.from non Black men.

      2. One thing my parents tell me whenever I feel like that when it comes to women is that you can’t lump all of them based on a few bad apples. Population-wise, the women I’ve met in my lifetime are a handful compared to the total population. Still, and they told me this, that if you don’t have love for yourself, no one will give you the love you want.

  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one here on WordPress who has touched the subject of the YouTube “movement”. It has turned into a major circus recently with losers like Tommy Sotomayor who’s just trying to make money. There are few bros on there who I strongly agree with, but most of them just wasted their time trying to help lost souls.

    I disagree that to hate other people who may have the same skin complexion as you equals “self hate” or “mental illness”. That’s equivalent to saying that you hate yourself because you do not believe in American pride/patriotism, yet you still live in America. Me personally? I am far from a “revolutionary” type who will “stick by the black woman no matter what”. This is as bad as white manginas who overvalue white women, saying life is not meaningful without a LTR or marriage to a black woman. For one, I live for myself. Two, I have read about the betrayals of black women that occurred in the early 20th century, the “Negro Bed Wench” mentality (as Tariq Nasheed points out), I know that black women are the true feminists instead of white women (it was labelled as “matriarchy” and there is nothing one woman do of another color that a black one cannot, except give birth to a full-blooded black child.

    Anyway, I can go on and on for nearly an hour just writing about this topic, but this is my summarization of the issue. Yes, most guys on YouTube are morons and clowns, just like white guys in “The Manosphere”.

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