Black Stats

It seems like whenever you hear about any statistics regarding black lives in America, it’s always negative. In regards to education, employment, health, prison, and relationships black people get a bad rep. In most cases we are seen as the best of the worse and the highest of the lowest. We are seen as the most likely to die while we’re young, end up in prison, and(or) have children out of wedlock according to a set of numbers and other forms of data. To white Americans such statistics help boast their inner-racist egos.

Most whites seem to rely on statistics to tell them all they need to know about blacks and other people of color (PoC). To them, it helps confirm their deep beliefs that black people are inferior to them either by genetics or just skin color. Discussions related to the black American community often turn into arguments whenever someone, usually white, will use numbers and percentages to make their points clear that black people are the problem, not white racism.

The most favorite stats white racists use are those relating to violent crime. Most of the time, they are fixated on robbery, murder, and rape. They are even more focused on the ongoing fear of black-on-white violence. To them, black people, especially black males, are people to despise because they hate “innocent” whites, and have an insatiable lust for “pure” white women, a belief that has been around since this nation’s infant stage.

However, racist white men seem to be overly obsessed with black male rape and the victimization of white women. Even though interracial rape is rare, racist whites prefer to believe that black men are raping white women in outrageously high numbers. Some will commonly refer to the Department of Justice(DOJ) data to prove their case. They never use FBI arrest data which, for the past several years, have indicated that white males have been arrested more for rapes than black males.) Plus, the DOJ’s samples are based on numbers fewer than ten. So, interracial rapes are very rare.

I’ll admit, I do not have any experience in reading or calculating stats. However, I’ve learn that numbers alone do not a race make. According to the Department of Statistics of the Bahamas, statistics is a numerical discipline which involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. Those who have experience in dealing and calculating statistics use existing means of operations and formulas to gather their data. However, numbers and percentages can be misinterpreted, fixed, and even conjured up out of thin air. In the end they can never answer the deeper questions as to why.

The FBI arrest data mentioned earlier that most people arrested for certain crimes, including a few violent crimes, were whites. If we were to rely just on the numbers alone, one would conclude that the biggest criminals in this country are white. However, the numbers are not highly reliable. We must also consider the fact that many crimes go unreported. We can not assume that those arrested, regardless of race, is guilty. And most of all, we can not believe that justice is blind, especially colorblind, and is beyond corruption.

Some will go far as to conclude that since there is a disproportionate number of blacks in prison, then that means they are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime in this country. However, people can not simply conclude that a small section of the population is responsible for most of the crime in this nation, nor can they say that they are more likely than the majority, or anyone else, to engage in criminal acts.

Next, there’s the notion of what constitute as crime to most whites. They seem to believe in violent crime above all else, and who better to be violent than the savage black man? The “black brute” image is deeply ingrained in the white American psychie. It depicts black men as naturally violent, more violent than any other race. However, distant and recent history has placed white American violence at indescribable levels. Also, institutional racism brings institutional violence which will result in more pain, suffering, and death from the office to the streets. Sadly, the powers-that-be will likely get away with it without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Let’s not leave out the troubling fetish regarding white people’s fear of the black male rapist. Black men raping white women is a passion apparently so powerful enough that most racists will create statistics and false news reports to justify their racism. They will blow interracial rape out of proportion and will create probabilities that will make mathematicians laugh their asses off. Forget the fact that most rapes are intraracial, within the same race, and don’t even think of mentioning the fact that the greatest threat to white women are white men.

When you conclude that none of the numbers presented by these people hold much, if any, weight, and when you observe how much they hold on to those numbers, then the only explanation available is that something’s broken up there. It makes no sense why anyone would hold onto vicious lies that puts fear into their own hearts. It’s beyond logic why anyone would cook up false reports or pull fake numbers out of their little bag of tricks. Is the need to feel good and better than everyone else more vital than learning the truth and making amends? More interestingly, is it imperative to concentrate only on the faults and failures of PoC like hawks, rub it in their faces while gloating about it, and ignore the bullshit going on within white communities?

Statistics are not enough to answer either of those or other questions.


7 thoughts on “Black Stats

  1. Oh yes, yes indeed…this is a perfect and perfectly-timed post. I get so sick of the redundant reiterations of falsehoods regarding the phony rapes you mention above. I can post a few links here (and will, with your permission) of some of the white-on-white crimes that are in the local, daily news. Not only do white women need to fear white male rapes more, they also seem more common within families – and that’s quite disturbing.

    Note how the last guy has the classic ‘rape van’…disgusting.

    1. You have my permission and profound support to post as many examples of white-on-white crimes as you like. The more the merrier. The stories you posted are beyond disturbing, but they help prove the case that white people are NOT above violence.

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