Self-Destructive Self-Hatred

The following is a response to the post Hating Ourselves Dead: Black Boys, Suicide and State Violence written by Mariame Kaba of Prison Culture. I believe that the system of white supremacy, the matrix of whiteness, the white racial frame, and the overabundant value of white skin is sinister, especially when it dehumanizes and demonizes […]

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WARNING: The following contains graphic profanity (more than usual) and a heavy quantity of anger and frustration. Viewer discretion is advised. Those of you who watch television may check out a show with a limited number of episodes. The show is good to watch, so good that you don’t mind watching the reruns in syndication. […]

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When Brothas Hate Sistas

To reject yourself and others of your color is one thing, but to place people of other colors and ethnicities above members of your own while trashing your own people is a damn shame of the lowest degree. Some people may refer to it as internalized racism, intracism, or the colonized mind. I referred to […]

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Brahms’ Lullaby

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for another show where our guest tonight is a “gentleman” that goes by the name “brahms”. Some of his thoughts on race include black men are raping white women, black-on-white crime is underreported, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the leaders of black people. Let’s see what else he […]

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The Fear of Independent Women

Back in my younger and dumber days, the name “independent women” always sounded dreadful to me. Like so many males back in the day (and today), I always had this dark picture of a woman who declares that she is now independent. To me an independent woman was a female who always concentrate more on […]

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Male Accountability

I honestly don’t have anything new to add to the latest news involving allegations of sexual harassment plaguing the campaign of black conservative Presidential hopeful and all-around sambo Herman Cain. I don’t have anything clever to say to follow up on the latest outrage regarding Penn State’s disgraceful duo Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky, an alleged pedophile, […]

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Black Stats

It seems like whenever you hear about any statistics regarding black lives in America, it’s always negative. In regards to education, employment, health, prison, and relationships black people get a bad rep. In most cases we are seen as the best of the worse and the highest of the lowest. We are seen as the […]

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