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  1. * plops down in a chair and cracks open a beer *

    Nice place you got here! Love the ambience… 😎

    * Raises beer bottle *

    A toast to Brotha Wolf for this open forum! Also, a toast to Libya as they embark upon a new age. Ghadafi is gone! The pics on the BBC site say it all…

    * sips beer and cranks up Bob Marley *

      1. On that note, why is it that when it comes to newspapers the only time we will see black people on the front page is when they commit a crime? Also, why aren’t there as many brothas and sistas, especially within my own family, who are aware of this bullshit?

  2. What’s been nauseating me lately is the local coverage of the “Tri-state killers”. Some white-trash supremacist asshole and his skank of a girlfried murdered 4 people in 3 states. Two of the local TV stations, as well as the main newspaper, have been giving these scum front-page coverage. The guy is writing letters to the stations on a regular basis, and they are giving him the attention he wants; basically treating him like a fucking celebrity by airing his rantings. What’s really hilarious about the whole thing is that his letters are filled with the same long-winded, condescending nonsense that I’ve seen on another blog…also, people don’t seem to care about the black man in California who was murdered by these cretins, but they wail to the skies over the death of a 19-year-old Oregon boy. As far as WP are concerned, only the deaths of other WP should be mourned, and I find that absolutely disgusting.

    1. Damn. That’s fucked up. Then again, it’s not surprising in the least. The 19-year old victim was considered more important for news coverage than a black man. To them black men get killed all the time. So what if another one dies, but please, let’s give special attention to the white youth. SMDH.

      1. Exactly. People have actually been looking for the reason(s) why they killed the 19-year-old, but could care less about the obvious racism which led to the black man’s death. If these two miscreants had been non-white, you can bet that they wouldn’t be getting the same airtime or excuses! Makes me want to vomit with rage…

      1. Agreed. More and more, so-called ‘newscasters’ are nothing but pseudo-journalists reporting soft info-tainment pieces. ‘Hard’ stories like these are beyond thier scope or capacity, which is why they keep doing stories about every letter the scumbag writes, instead of doing what real journalists do and turning every piece of mail over to the authorities for proper processing. I get extremely angry at the way white criminals are made into heroes! Colton Harris-Moore is another – he didn’t kill anyone, but the “Barefoot Bandit” seems to already have a book or two in the works, and some idiots want to make a fucking MOVIE about his exploits! I’m literally snarling while I type this…

      2. “Colton Harris-Moore is another – he didn’t kill anyone, but the “Barefoot Bandit” seems to already have a book or two in the works, and some idiots want to make a fucking MOVIE about his exploits! I’m literally snarling while I type this…”

        Please tell me your joking.

  3. Jarron,

    I’ve never watched ‘Glee’ but looking at the promos alone, it looks pretty pointless. Still, I believe you when you say it focuses on white girls. I could see that in their promos.

    1. I’m agnostic as well, and after checking out the link you told me, it makes me wonder how some people will follow anyone or anything no matter how many times they are wrong or destructive.

  4. I have a quick question, what do you think is up with these racist trolls that appear on anti-racist blogs? What are they trying to accomplish other than derailing the conversation?

    1. I’ll have to think about that a bit – there could be many reasons for that sort of behavior, but not any that are really valid or make any sense. My initial answer would be that it’s some attempt at exerting control, or just a petty means of getting attention. Those people have no intention of being genuine or engaging in a reasonable, logical debate – they just want to do as much shit-stirring as possible by pushing people’s buttons. This is one reason I try not to engage them directly – it’s a waste of time and energy and just causes unnecessary frustration. I grew up around people with that same mind-set…amazingly ignorant, yet unashamed of being so.

      1. That’s the only logical explanation to an illogical thing. They want attention. I like to use these trolls mostly to amuse myself and to show the world that there are assholes with online access. To me they are mere circus animals.

  5. I have a quick question, what do you think is up with these racist trolls that appear on anti-racist blogs? What are they trying to accomplish other than derailing the conversation

    Why Wolfie, you are probably satisfying their masturbatory fantasies! Shit, they wouldn’t dare say that nonsense to a black person in real life. They can expound on their shit ad nauseum under the cloak of anonymity on a blog for the most part. In most cases they would be kissing the pavement in the ‘real world. Seriously, I think many of these fools have mental health issues. Unamused comes to mind. Maybe they have nothing to do on a Saturday night. They get tired of the palm sisters after a while. Maybe they ran out of Vaseline and Kleenex, who knows? I doubt 95% of these clowns have said more than ten words to a black person in their life and that’s a modest estimate. They base their ‘research’ on shit from pseudo-scientists and other gear boxes. These one handed typist, the palm sisters are their best friends! Now ask me if I give a shit.

    1. LOL! I’m just curious because it defies not just logic but emotion as well. I normally welcome them to show their emotionally fragile stupidity here to entertain the visitors. To me they are circus acts.

      I know most of these cats would never say the same shit to black people because they fear an ass-whoopin’, verbal and physical. So, they hide behind a computer in the safety in their own basements.

      1. So, what theme song do those racist asshats need when they show up – ‘Send in the Clowns’, or the traditional circus / carnival music that you might hear from a carousel or a corner organ-grinder?

        You know: “doot doot doodle-doodle doot doot doo-doot…” 😀

      1. From what I gather, her father was one of the attorneys involved in the O.J. Simpson trial, and her stepfather was an Olympic champion in the late ’70s – early ’80s.

        What’s really pathetic is that the only reason I know those things is because they’ve been mentioned on various comedies I watch. I could care less about celebrities, yet know more about them than I want to. I don’t live under a rock or hide from the world, after all…LOL
        Unlike those paranoid supremacist types, I take everyone at face value. Generalizing is too easy – what’s the challenge in it? 😎

  6. I’m also completely dying over this spectacle surrounding Herman Cain. That uncle tom is getting his just desserts! He who dared to claim that racism is not keeping anyone down, now claims to be a victim of a ‘high-tech lynching’?!? ROTFLMFAOPMP

    FauxNews went so easy on him, too…I’m not pleased with Obama at the moment, but you know very well that he would be crucified in the media if this story were about him. Just like the non-issue about Anthony Weiner’s weiner…John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger did far worse than that, but have been practically swept under the rug. Why is that, I wonder? What votes could he have swayed? I’m always curious when a mountain is made of a molehill…pun intended.

      1. I heard abot Coulter’s usual racist nonsense, but Trump’s latest insanity is news to me…As expected he brings out Jackson and Sharpton as if they are the leaders of the black people. Good flippin grief!

    1. LMFAO – exactly!! Just like Paris Hilton, the Gabor sisters, or any other WP who is ‘famous’ simply for having a well-known sibling…they’re famous because they’re white! Which, in itself, is basically being famous for nothing… 😎

      1. Don’t forget the Jersey Shore who’s famous for being party loving, tan spraying, muscle showing, booze drinking, short tempered, hair spraying, sex having, young white people.

  7. Finally getting back to this:
    “Colton Harris-Moore is another – he didn’t kill anyone, but the “Barefoot Bandit” seems to already have a book or two in the works, and some idiots want to make a fucking MOVIE about his exploits! I’m literally snarling while I type this…”

    Please tell me your joking.

    About the movie or the snarling? No, not joking about either…
    Barefoot Bandit book/movie:
    Dude has a Facebook page. People were rooting for him in every commentary on every news-site I read…it was nauseating. If he wasn’t white, there would have been a vastly different outcome to the story – and I sincerely doubt that it would be on a Wikipedia page.

    As to the snarling – not joking about that, either. I’m a fairly feral person when I get home from work. I shed my civilized self. That’s why I like your page background – it’s nice and easy on my eyes. It annoyed me when some cretin criticized it, but I suppose they’re entitled to their biased opinion. Just like I’m entitled to mine. 😎

  8. Is it my imagination, or did a whole lot of stuff get removed from Abagond’s blog? What I read before I left work, and what I just saw now, are completely different…go figure.
    I was getting entertained! Maybe he decided to fumigate, and I can’t say that I blame him. It was getting out of control, LOL

    1. I thought I was going crazy at first, but it looks like it…I don’t blame him either. Some of the comments made were ripe with derailment, especially from that troll Lara.

      1. No kidding. Then when ‘Myself’ was banned and tried to bring a sock puppet into the picture with more stupid, inane derailing comments about how the blog has ‘forced them to hate black people’…it didn’t even bother trying to change its writing style! What an asshat…

  9. “I’m no expert, but this sounds like the signs of mental illness at work.”

    Indeed it is. I’m a semi-expert in that field…I’m qualified to diagnose and treat such things, but remain uncertfied by choice. The last thing I’d need is some psychopathic white supremacist shitbag suing me for recommending medicinal lobotomies for the mentally rabid.

    That’s why I stated that Usagi, who frequently posts over at Abagond’s, is most likely a self-loathing, anorexic/bulimic, shallow narcissist who only values herself for her looks. She gets attention from many males after losing a lot of weight, so no other black female should complain about not being found attractive – it isn’t racism, it’s all about the weight!
    Pro-ana sites are where her type usually lurk. Fascinating that she goes to ‘race’-based topics to vent about being a size 2…

    It’s insanity unmasked.

    1. I never knew she had a weight problem, but I knew she always like to lump ONLY black and white Americans together, and refuses to listen to any explanation on why such things are the way they are.

  10. “Don’t forget the Jersey Shore who’s famous for being party loving, tan spraying, muscle showing, booze drinking, short tempered, hair spraying, sex having, young white people.”

    Bwwaaaahhahahahahaaaahh….YES!!! No fucking KIDDING!! I have seen maybe five minutes of the show itself, but learned more about it from the “South/Jersey Park/Shore” episode, as I call it – where Jersey Housewives and a creature called a “Snooki” threaten to invade and infiltrate every state west of the Adirondacks…LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  11. I’ve been wondering, what is she famous for besides the ass?

    Being able to lick the brass off a door knob?

    but Trump’s latest insanity is news to me…

    His hairspray must be toxic, or maybe he is facing bankruptcy again. Whatever the case, he is a clown!

    I’m no expert, but this sounds like the signs of mental illness at work.

    If it smells of shit, it probably is shit, excep if it’s Limberger cheese! Hence the term; Who cut the cheese?

    It’s insanity unmasked.

    Let the hilarity and fun continue!!!!! This is fun!

    1. LOL – I agree, milady! Let the wild rumpus start!! 😎

      I think you’re right about Trump, incidentally – one who uses that much toxic chemicals on their scalp has to have caused serious brain damage to themselves, and he didn’t have many cells to spare, to begin with! 😆

  12. Here’s an article about the neo-nazi scumbags who murdered four people in a multi-state spree. The guy had also fought in an MMA event where his nazi tattoos were obvious. Boycott the MMA and any other ‘sport’ that glorifies supremacist assholes.

    …and, check out this delightful gentleman:

    Must be something in the water…

    1. The first story I heard about. The second is new to me, but I’m glad you posted the links for both of them. This should be something White Watch should highlight.

      I don’t know what to say about the second story except WHAT DA HELL?! lol

  13. As an adoptee, this story was pretty interesting to me. I was born and adopted here in the U.S., by American citizens, yet still had a difficult time finding my biological family – but I was successful, fortunately. I can’t imagine having to deal with all of the red tape from two different countries, as well as extra difficulties posed by military red tape from two countries!

      1. Exactly. That’s the part that made my blood boil…we both know what the outcome would have been if this guy had been black; for some reason, though, white supremacist wastes of space get pardoned even when they have waived everything and want to die. Go figure…

        One of many reasons I moved back to Washington state. Oregon is a cesspool, much like Alaska was – beautiful landscape and hiking/camping/hunting/fishing places; the people, though, make it horribly ugly.
        Speaking of ugliness, here’s some charming details from a case in Spokane, WA, where a racist scumbag had planted an IED at a Martin Luther King, Jr. march earlier this year:

        It’s stories like this that reinforce my strong feelings on how racist scum should be dealt with: termination with extreme prejudice – pun wholeheartedly intended. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; those types should be put down like the rabid creatures they are.

  14. “I heard about that guy…I think this dude should be sodomized everyday of his life lol.”

    Very good point. On one hand, I think scum like that should be removed from the earth; then again, what you said makes much more sense. Death is easy; living with Bubba Buttplugg and his plunger handle for the rest of one’s natural life would be much more difficult – so I stand corrected, and gladly so! 😎

    1. Honestly, I kinda agreed with you that this fucker should be put to sleep. Then again, part of me thinks that would be too easy. He should suffer for the crime for the rest of his natural life.

  15. Have a great holiday weekend, one and all – time for some rest and relaxation; lots of food, football, and beer! 😎
    I love the song ‘Lowrider’ by WAR, so here it is for all to enjoy…it’s a remix, and not bad at all.

  16. This is just classic. Here is some kid who was going to “pull a Columbine” – in this day and age, he should have been labeled a ‘domestic terrorist’ and sent to hang, right? But, no…that isn’t to be:

    I’m betting dollars to doughnuts that this ‘kid’ is white, and his budding psychosis will be swept under the carpet by some ‘family physician’ who will testify as an ‘expert witness’ to the poor soul’s biological infirmities which led up to his wanting to kill many people. There’s always a convenient excuse for white people’s homicidal tendencies – that is the main reason I literally burned my master’s degree and refused to turn in the dissertation which would have landed me my doctorate. I did not want to be a tool for an injust system, plain and simple. What I learned in my quest for higher education, which I pursued just so I could be accepted, respected, and treated as an intelligent, accomplished human being, repulsed and disgusted me to no end. That, and the way I’m treated just because of the color of my skin, makes me sit back and shake my head at the obsessive rantings of Randy, Brahms, and the other trolls on Abagond’s site (which he refuses to chide or control, for some strange reason). Randy always says that one’s lot in life is all about behavior and other such nonsense. I’m living proof that it’s far beyond that, and I know I’m not alone in that respect. It just took me a while to realize this fact…

    Eh…beer makes me ramble. I have five days off and will enjoy every hour of them, LOL

    1. Something tells me with good reason that if this kid was black or brown, they wouldn’t have been as easy on him, nor would the report paint him with a lighter brush…I don’t want to believe that it’s all about behavior and choices as well. There’s much more to it. You have some that are too lazy to go beyond conservative idealism and racist assumptions. People like Randy, Brahms, Dave, Unaumsed, Piggy, and all the whimsical characters that spring up like mushrooms on other anti-racist sites and blogs are too stubborn or too stupid to think outside the box and hate to face their own bullshit when they are called out.

  17. Love your recent posts – I have MUCH to say but no time to comment yet; I will over the weekend. Busy as hell around here! 😎

    I like the new background! Lightning is one of my favorite natural phenomena.

    The background you had just before this was interesting, too – the brotha standing on the pillar / pedestal, reading a book; his left hand is extended in either the ASL letter ‘Y’, or the Hawai’ian “hang ten”…or, it means something else entirely!

  18. WOO-HOO!!!! No more fucking ‘lara’ turds to tap-dance around! I’ll never understand why some blog-masters feel the need to give trolls credit, cordiality or courtesy, but…I’m not one of those people, LMAO

    1. I was elated myself. The troll had it coming. In fact it was overdue. Assuming she was a white female, she was a self-hating bitch with no redeeming qualities. That’s why she comes around and hate on black people.

      1. Yes indeed – people like that have sereious mental issues. If you dislike something, why the hell would you go out of your way to be around it? It’s like despising a talk-show or its host, and listening to it every day and then calling the station that airs it, every day, to lodge the same complaint over and over again. Me, if I don’t like something, I change the fucking channel! I guess that’s too logical for some, eh?

        My experience has taught me that if one wishes to focus on negatives, that is all they will ever see. That’s how racists and bullies operate – they focus on the negatives they’re convinced ‘the other’ has, while conveniently overlooking and ignoring their own issues, and refuse to acknowledge any positives ‘the other’ has. That behavior generally comes from a helpless, self-hating mindset, because people who are confident don’t feel the need to tear down others. Confident, self-aware people don’t feel the need to control others. They take charge of themselves and their actions, for the most part…

      2. Yep. Lara was like someone who came to a club just to start some shit. She got her ass whooped, and she ended up being kicked out. Minutes later, she comes back, starts more shit, gets her ass beaten again, gets kicked out, come back again and repeat the cycle.

  19. This Lara turd was is one of the two; A white woman in an interracial marriage to a self-hating negro, a fucktarded white man. This ‘Lara” person was a persona created by one of the two. An asshole either way!

      1. Gah – ‘whites only’…hell, here in the Pacific NorthWest, LOTS of places might as well have that sign on their fucking doors! It’s evident when I walk into some of those places, whether it’s a pub, store, office, etc. – the staff and the clientele say it all!

      2. Pretty soon, we’ll have to start re-identifying the ‘Sundowner’ towns! Fuck-all…how pathetic is that?!?

        I sometimes feel as if we’ver reverted to 1912 or even 1812…when I walk down the street, it seems that people (WP particularly) expect me to walk in the gutter while they walk three, four, and five abreast and not single-file like we were taught in fucking kindergarten! The lack of manners and courtesy is fascinating. It’s like WP feel that they only need to have manners, or display courtesy towards, other WP…
        Oh, but I guess that’s a racist thing to say!!!! 🙄

      3. I feel ya. White folks seem to be so lost in their whiteness that they would side with other whites who would stab them in the back while making it seem we’re (black people) are the threat.

  20. I just saw this on the BBC news site…wow. Suicide is something that, while I understand feeling so hopeless that death seems like the only answer, well…at the same time, it’s always struck me as a bit cowardly. Then again, I’m not in that person’s shoes, so I can’t attest to how bad it really might be for them – that would be extremely arrogant. It’s a sad thing, period.

  21. Geez…this is the second time in a few months that a white guy, who is under investigation for some heavy, smarmy shit, blows his house up with himself and two innocent parties with him – in this case, the innocents were his two young sons.

    Why is it, then, that there are white, racist, paranoid fucks who truly believe that us ‘evil darkies’ are the ones committing crimes against them in record numbers?!? From what I see, they have far more to fear from each other than from us! We just want to mind our own fucking business and live our own lives without constant, needless scrutiny – amazing that it’s such a major concept for some to understand!

    1. Damn! That’s some extreme shit right there.

      All I can say is that whiteness has been so strong in its images of individuality and pureness that it trumps the fact that they are a threat to themselves and POC. This is why it doesn’t matter that they commit the most violence. In the end most whites and some POC feel more comfortable being about them than blacks and/or browns.

      1. In the end most whites and some POC feel more comfortable being about them than blacks and/or browns.

        That behavior appears to be some insane type of codependency that I can’t even begin to fathom…

        I prefer to utilize my own mind, not blindly agree with someone else’s rented opinion. This is why some ‘debates’ are frustrating – nobody brings anything new to the table.

  22. Here is a well-written piece by a CNN employee about her legitimate fears for her son, reinforced recently, but not solely, by what happend to Trayvon Martin:

    Notice the comments following the article – the trolls seem to be speaking verbatim from each other’s arseholes, don’t they? Same shite they spew here, on Herneith’s blog, on Abagond’s, and pretty much anyplace that dares to call filthy racism what it is. Those people are beyond sick and there really is no help for them. The commenter ‘destructure’ pretty much confirmed what I’ve believed about them for some time now, by stating that ‘they only post to amuse themselves’. Anyone who can laugh about, or be amused by, the murder of an innocent young life…well, they have no soul. No morals. No conscience. If a person’s outside could reflect their thoughts, then those white-trash losers would be massive, viral pustules oozing down the sidewalk – and you’d be able to smell them coming from miles away. The stench of a rendering plant, combined with that of a paper mill, and add the foul corruption of a decomposing body.

    My son lives in Arizona. I fear for him as well.

    1. I fear for my black male students and myself.

      These trolls would rather destroy themselves than face their problems. So, we may as well leave them to stew in their own muck.

      1. I sincerely wish that a majority of those trolls would merely self-destruct and remove their filthy selves from existence.

        I love the fact that certain people have attempted to jump on my case for using the term ‘white trash’, much like other people have tried to call you out for using the word ‘retard’ – they just exposed what bothers them! They uncovered one of their little hot buttons that causes a knee-jerk reaction. When I find a button, I tend to push it… 😎

      2. I don’t think even a psychologist understands this mentality. Those people are miserable and they want everyone else to be miserable with them. It’s the only conclusion I can come up with, and I could be wrong.

  23. I don’t think even a psychologist understands this mentality.

    You’re right about that – I don’t. I went into the field to try to untangle the morass. It’s impossible and an exercise in futility (and I got screwed by potential business partners), so I quit.

    There is no logic behind their actions. A sane, well-balanced person does not cheer, or make excuses for, the senseless murder of a child. The trolls are fucking crazy and are proud of it, because hey – their white skin makes them perfect and blameless in every way!

    Not having that Ph.D. degree on the wall doesn’t mean that I’m not qualified to diagnose mental issues… 😎

    1. I think it’s self-explanatory. Discrimination against the Chinese which seems to be (judging by the clips) government sanctioned is not unlike past and present discrimination against blacks in America.

      1. When i watched the film. I examined the movie and noticed that the discrimination was similar. Like the Japanese was looking down on the Chineses and at the time (Pre-WW 2)it was segregated. I just thought that I might share that

      1. sorry typo.

        I mean..with the racist white South Africans who didn’t belong there in the first place. How come noone never covered them along with Kony

  24. Wow…why the hell this worthless fuck gets to keep living is beyond me:

    Here’s a guy who shot another man in the face, with a shotgun, while on a ‘hunting trip’ which basically consisted of killing flightless, beakless quail-tards that had been raised in a pen from hatchling stage.

    I’ve always wondered…where, exactly, was the guy’s face at the time?

  25. I feel so damned privileged right now, I could just do a ‘Riverdance’! A troll finally did a massive cut/copy-and-paste job as a supposed ‘response’ on my blog…ain’t that sweet?

    I’m so glad that I can bar those fuckers from my inner sanctum…it’s truly amazing that they don’t stay at Stormfrom and their other chosen sites, but I guess they can’t stand being the tiniest turds in the bowl. 😎

  26. Thanks for this brothawolf it does seem that to a number of so called Christians God is white. It helps me feel sane in the midst of a nation in which I feel that many people in the dominant culture are having some kind of collective nervous breakdown. I have been a Christian for quite a while, and I notice in Christanity that a lot of racist thinking is coming to the forefront. I have enjoyed watching Christian programming, and listening to much of what the individuals who run these programs have to say, but I am absolutely dumbfounded by some of the comments these people have made concerning people of African descent. I see that the head of the baptist convention, and many others…are making comments about Black people that are totally uncalled for, and racist. I have been asking God why? I am praying for an answer, and all I can hope for is that God will give me the truth.

    My word to fellow Christians who claim to love God, but participate in the dynamic of racist thought and behavior: If God, who created this entire planet, and all life, everything in existance, did not create Black man/woman, and did not love us equally, then why do we exist? How can any of you look at his word, and claim to have the love of Christ for your fellow man, and persist in the behavior you do. Does the concept behind “you reap what you sow” not have any meaning to you? I no longer want to call myself a Christian, but I prefer to call myself a believer in God. One of the things that is lost on people like these religious leaders who make uncalled for statements and assessments, is that even in the midst of slavery, despite the slave masters using the word as a tool of oppression, my people saw beyond that to who God really was. Have any of those of you who profess to love God, and preach the gospel ever thought about this?

    I think that we are living in a time when what is happening, an attempt to suppress, and oppress POC isn’t going to work out, like those of you who are participating in using God and his word improperly, think that it will. I don’t know how God will work it out, but because those of you who do this are being wicked, you will fail. When addressing what they feel is the crux of our problems, they also need to address the evil, and poison, that is the crux of the problems in their culture, and get real with God. If the truth was told by people who think like this, then a lot of repenting would have to be done, and being truthful would result in a loss of status within their respective communities, and within the church body. So I guess this will never happen.

    Just remember, God punished Moses sister and brother for what they did when he married a Black woman. Jesus sat with societys undesirables and ministered to them. Jesus took a drink of water from a Samaritan woman, and Paul ministered to an Ethopian eunich. The Queen of Sheba who married David, was a Black woman. The country Jesus was born in was uniquely situated, and located closer to the the actual continent of Africa, and during his childhood he lived in Egypt in order to be safe from King Herod. During the middle ages the church was full of corruption, and wicknedness. I almost feel we are again in a similar time. History seems to be repeating itself.

  27. This is interesting:

    Things like this make me wonder why anyone with brown skin feels any affinity towards either (or any) established political party. Voting for the DemoKKKraps or RethugliKKKans isn’t getting us anywhere, and we’re all intelligent enough to see what and who the teabaggers are comprised of – I used to call myself an ‘independent’ voter until those douchebag fucktards stole the moniker…and they’re stupid enough to call it the ‘Independent Party’! LMFAO.

    Seriously, though, we need to organize and come together politically – unfortunately, the silly divisions between us all seem to make it an impossibility – and that’s sad.

    A person asked me once, “Why do you follow politics? You only make up 12% of the population, so do you really think your vote or opinion matters?” I said, “Because I like to be an educated voter, and not subject to being easily swayed by moronic, do-nothing talking points. I also do it so that cretinous fucks like you can’t accuse me of only registering to vote when a black man became a presidential candidate.” When they asked me who I voted for in the last election, I said: “The same people I’ve voted for ever since I registered to vote at 18 – Frank Zappa and Alfred E. Neuman. Besides, when I vote it gives me the right to bitch about politicians. If you don’t vote, you have no say, no?”

    That always shuts people up… 😎

  28. Brotha Wolf, I don’t know if you saw the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. But I just had to share this with you. The post you did on casting for the Japanese film, bought this thought to mind. In the film they have Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad helping the slaves escape. The White slave owners are the vampires, They cast this gorgeous light skinned woman as Harriet Tubman. I imediately thought. “Why does Harriet Tubman look like America’s next Top model? Then I thought well it probably goes with the prepostorous story line and hokey plot. Maybe it was just a joke like the whole movie.

  29. Brotha Wolf, I noticed in the comments about the Obama and Romney debate you used the word jollu. I’ve never heard of that word before. I looked it up what i learned it mean to oggle attractive women. to salivate. “Wow” You are so smart. I so admire you and Truth Be Told’s ability to master words on the written page. Thanks for the education my brother. I learned something new today.

  30. I meant to say I saw it on Abagond’s blogsite. I learn new things from you guys everyday. It challenges me to increase my vocabulary. about the word jollu. The image i get is like in cartoons when that wolf is oggling Little Red Riding Hood and drooling at the mouth. I get it.

  31. Brotha Wolf this paul Ryan running for Vice President said he embraces the philosophies of Ayn Rand. I didn’t know who this person was. I’ve heard of her but didn’t know what she was about. I googled her. What i’ read she sounds like some kind of sociopath. Areal real crazy mofo in my opinion. This man wants to help run the country and he embraces this woman’s teachings. That’s some scary shit to me. Tell me what you think of this await your response. Thank You.

      1. Oh good lord, Ayn Rand is a nutbar. Be careful when reading that crazy bat’s stuff, she’s liable to cause brain damage.

  32. Is it just me or does the black blogsphere seem to be filled with anti-intellectual, IRR crazed; dark vs. light skinned; anti-truth seeking black people???

    Or am i just paranoid?

    Btw Brothawolf, just got a Mac so it will be easier keeping up with your posts 🙂

  33. @phoebeprunelle; It certainly appears that way. I want to purge my mind of that toxic way of thinking. I doesn’t help our cause in the fight to dismantle white supremacy. Just my humble opinion.

  34. Honestly Brothawolf, i am not trying to turn your blog upside down, but i have got to post this for the girls..

    Do you all remember this scent:

    I swear this was out when i was a kid and i wore it in high school during the late 90’s early 2000s…the saxophone playing has haunted me for years…notice this was the only commerical from Covergirl at that time that has a black model with a natural!

  35. I’m posting this here in case i don’t get any feedback over at Abagond’s white women’s tears:

    Although this was not a case of white women crying–it may as well have been–

    I am one of only two black girls in my program–everyone else is white. My licensure partner is one of the white girls–by most standards she is average in attractiveness. She confided in me one day that she has never had a serious relationship with a man and that she was concerned about this. She asked me had i ever had any problems in dating–i told her that i was already married and she beamed. She then asked me to help her find someone. I could only suspect that she meant a black guy. When i told her that black guys were the men i knew personally she said she was open and that she really didn’t know what she liked and that as long as he was Christian, athletic and tall was all that mattered.

    I agreed to help her–looking back i should have realized this was an experiment on her part. The hard part and strange part about all of this is that when i would tell potential brothers that she was white–they would get shakey. Some even said “I don’t know about all that…let me think about it” or “Weeeeelllll” followed by a long excuse. I finally asked a married brother i worked with who said he “may” know someone who would be interested but to produce a picture so they could exchange.

    When i told my white classmate she agreed–but then by the weekend she sent me an e-mail saying “thanks but no thanks”..

    Since then, in class she has the intention of letting me know that her mentor has helped her find a decent white man. This is the part i think is hilarious–she also has stopped inviting me to their drinking outings on Friday after class–not that i cared that much anyway–remember i have a husband to go home and hang out with!

    My husband was baffled by all this–his theory is that she did not expect that black people–especially black women–had wholesome values when it comes to choosing a mate and that she was only expecting a booty-call and when she saw that that is not how black people operate–her “whiteness” kicked in.

    Funny because most of the sisters i have shared this with have chastised me about it by saying “i shouldn’t have agreed to help her in the first place”.

    Very odd as i still don’t know whether it was a hoax on her part???

    1. This is odd.

      One thing that stuck out was what this woman wanted in a man: Christian, athletic and tall. Nothing else. She didn’t mention educated, working, generous, or the like. She seemed open to variety, or so it seemed. This makes me think that we probably was looking for a booty call.

      This may have been an experiment to see how black people operate when it comes to dating. (I’m still trying to piece this together.) She was looking for a mate when she was “cool” with you. When she found one, she stopped being “cool”.

      I agree with your husband. She may have been shocked to see that black people have values when it comes to dating or finding love. She may have thought that all we look for are fuck friends. When she realized she was wrong for the most part, she couldn’t take it well as she stopped inviting you to outings. She probably didn’t think that white people do the same thing.

      It really sounds like a hoax to me. I can’t see any other explanation.

      1. She also said ” a guy who likes to stay home and watch movies and not a night on the town guy”…she didn’t say educated but “nerdy”…

        But no she didn’t say anything about preferring him to be professional or trustworthy.

        One thing i picked up from her personality is that she lacks confidence–in a way i’m sorta thankful that nothing worked out because i would not want to be responsible for introducing a brother to a woman who makes statements out of the blue like “nobody loves me”…

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