Who’s Complaining?

I’ve noticed something common in any conversation or discussion about race and(or) sex. I’ve noticed that those with certain advantages or privileges over the group or groups within those talks have a terrible habit of objecting any form of experience, including horrible moments, from members of those groups. The message given is that no matter […]

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The Man Box

The following is based upon the video “A Call To Men” by Tony Porter. I also want to say that this is not a blog for pity or sympathy. I’ve used my past as an example to illustrate the point of this issue.  I’ve seen a video where a tall brotha was baring his soul […]

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The Sickness of White Pride

I’ve made this point before, and I will make it again. Now, I know most of the people I am referring too are minor, comical threats, but there are way more closeted versions out there that are dangerous. (This is for them as well.) It’s still worthy enough to make light about this ridiculousness that […]

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Young Love and Sex

Two recent events have been the talk of the blogosphere involving two black teens and sexuality. One involves a young boy, 17-years old, who asked a much older woman in her late 30’s to be his girlfriend. The other involved a young girl, 14-years old, who was performing oral sex on a teen boy at […]

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Honoring King

Recently, the Dr. Martin Luther King memorial statue was honored at the Nation Mall in Washington D.C. by President Barack Obama. Thousands were in attendance of a celebration that was supposed to have been held in August, but was postponed due to Hurricane Irene. The memorial is a testament to one of the Civil Rights […]

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The Whiteness Club

White supremacy, a faith and system to maintain the power of privileges of American and European whites based on the belief that whites are the ‘superior’ humans, can enter the minds of people of color (POC) leaving them to follow the lead. Some POC have been programmed with a range of lies and cons created […]

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