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I’m sure you know about the race card. Supposedly, it’s a card where we people of color (POC) use whenever we accuse someone of saying or doing something that is racist or when we address a form of racism that occurred or is occurring. This is one of the usual arguments to avoid any form of racism on their part or society’s. It is a way of deflecting blame and guilt back to the person or group of people who brought up the subject. What is always missed on the part of whites in denial is that whites have used the race card so that they can win the game of life every time.

When the so-called race card is in their favor, it trumps virtually everything in regards to humanity especially when it comes to the lives of POC. It is both a direct and indirect cause of most of the conditions of POC in a white dominated society or a society that has been affected due to some kind of influence caused by, again, a white society. At the same time it can trap whites into a world where they can not and will not see how their histories, societies, and communities have shaped the world outside of their scope of perception. They become blinded by their own privileges. Their sense of morality can be drastically warped, and their sense of humanity can go off kilter.

When it comes to privileges, whites of this mentality are unaware that they have any. They will even confuse it with financial privilege. Most whites miss the point that white privilege is not about wealth, but about what the term suggests: white skin. A poor white person would still have advantages that certain POC of middle and upper classes don’t have.

White privilege can make whites fearful of losing the privileges most of them didn’t know they have. Plus, it makes them resentful when anyone outside of their ‘norm’ seems to be doing well, have earned something they didn’t, or living better than they are. However, some of those same white people will still claim how they are not racist or homophobic they are. Is it denial, extreme ignorance, or programming that make them behave this way? Perhaps it’s all three.

The sense of whiteness when it comes to morality has always been about the preservation of their people. The “justice” system is geared towards justice for whites. There have been stories from the past to the present that describe how a black person is tried for a severe crime (rape or murder) against a white person in front of a jury composed of mostly whites or all whites. There’s a great chance that the black person would receive the harshest sentence sought against him. However, if the victim or victims are of the same color, chances are that the sentence would be lighter by the same jury. But, if the victim is black and the accused is white, even in recent times, the white person would likely either be acquitted or given a very light sentence.  

What’s even more disturbing is that in some cases, the convicted are innocent of any crime. Nevertheless, the “justice” system will find ways to make sure  their brand of justice is carried about even if it means execution. It doesn’t matter if they were innocent. They will die regardless. To some within the system it doesn’t matter if those already executed were innocent. They’re lives are gone. So, let’s find another person to fry.  

The race card in favor of whites can get in the way of what is considered right and wrong. There are moments, some that I’ve witnessed personally, that if both white people and black people were to do the same act, white people would look at it differently. Let’s say, for example, there’s a group of white kids walking down the street together in a white neighborhood. The neighbors wouldn’t think that much about it. Some of them may even say “hello” to them. Now, replace that group with a group of black kids, and the white neighbors would be scared as hell. Some would stay in the house while some would call the cops. The cops would be there in full force with guns drawn. 

Lastly, the race card can change the definition of what humanity is especially in regards to race, class, and gender. Whites have been manipulated for centuries to believe that they are superior and everyone else is inferior and that the inferior races need whites to help them. That mindset continues today within white societies. Whites have been driven to obtain money and power at the costs of not only POC but their own people. Also, that same greed can cloud their moral judgment. So, those who have a lot of wealth and influence do not see anything wrong with what they’re doing or how they got at the top. White masculinity has created a world where those with penises are inherently better than those with vaginae. However, sense whiteness is practically equaled to gold, white femininity trumps any and all other kinds of femininity. This is why white women are more valued in just about every corner of society even if and when their morality is questionable

There are countless examples of how whiteness trumps progress. No amount of denial can silence that. None! As mentioned earlier if there is such a thing as a race card, it’s not because POC bring it up whenever racism against them is acknowledged or questioned. It is because of the fact that whites have used it since day one. However, that card traps most of them in a world everyone else understands except themselves. They may think there is nothing wrong with the way they live or think, but in reality, they are getting left behind because of their blindness and refusal to ask for help. Those whites are too addicted not to think critically, and it will cause them to miss out on much-needed knowledge, wisdom, and redemption.