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As black people in this world we may have been freed from colonial rule, emancipated from slavery, have been granted civil rights laws, and have been “allowed” to enter mainstream society, but some, if not many, of us are still not free within our minds, and that is the way many whites prefer it. 

Some may refer to this condition as mental oppression, internalized racism, self-hatred, or the colonized mindset. Those who are still trapped within their mental prisons are referred as Uncle Toms, house negroes or house niggers, sellouts, coons, ect. Whatever you call it, and whatever you call them, they are mentally ill due to long and brutal periods of oppression at the hands of European whites.

For hundreds of years, blacks have been taught to hate themselves and anything and anyone else associated with their culture, their heritage, and their physical appearances. They are forced to accept themselves as inferior beings that deserve any and all harsh treatment. They are made to believe that they are the lowest forms of life. However, at the same time they are taught that their oppressors, European whites, are innocent, honorable, loving, admirable, and all-around superior among the human race. 

And the sickness is still alive today

The colonized mindset exists within black communities all over the world. Some members are suffering and don’t even realize it. Some don’t see it as an issue. Yet, they are clearly sick.  

Here are some of the symptoms: 

-Admiration for anything non-black.

-Admiration for anything that promotes negative black stereotypes.

-Assuming negative black stereotypes as a means of success in the entertainment industry, and seeing nothing wrong with it or finding a sense of pride with it.

-Believing most members of your race are violent, crime causing, drug dealing, drug using, promiscuous, lazy, welfare having, degenerates who are the cause of their own problems. In other words the negative stereotypes about blacks are true in your mind.

-Constant disdain for members of the opposite sex in your own race, but have interests and admiration for members of the opposite sex in other races.

-Fear of being around your own people, but prefer to be around non-blacks.

-Fear of yourself or anyone embarrassing your race especially around whites.

-Making fun of your own people at the expense of your own people.

-Almost never seeing beauty, accomplishments, or anything positive within your own race.

-An inability seeing yourself or others like you outside the box of stereotypes and(or) archetypes.

-The desire to make bleach your skin, and to a certain extent, your hair. 

-Avoiding any true knowledge about your people, but would accept false information from outside sources (mostly white) almost without question.

-Defending any person, particularly whites, when they’ve committed a racist act against blacks or said something that is clearly racist against blacks.

-Truly believing that racism is “dead”, and thinking black people should truly get over it.

-Thanking whites for kidnapping their ancestors from Africa long ago believing in the white lies about Africa.  

Not every black person is possessed by this mindset, and there is hope for those that are. One prominent suggestion is to learn more about the history of Africa and Africans. They can not allow or tolerate the messages sent from whites about who they are. They can only expect more of same dehumanization as it seems to be white society’s obsession. Blacks must rekindle an interest in who they truly are beyond the matrix of whiteness. It will be a long and difficult path, but chances are that they may gain a sense of self-respect that has been “denied” for so long. They will have nothing to lose except their centuries worth or historical and contemporary programming.