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The white mind is perplexing to say the least. It has the ability to morph the world into a rhelm where whiteness is either normal or superior to others. It can also change the definitions of good and evil. It has the power to create and maintain powerful images to the benefit of society encased in the matrix of whiteness, and it can possess anyone’s mind. Only certain images of nonwhites are allowed within the white mindset, and those images are usually racist (negative) stereotypes.

That being said, we all remember UCLA’s Alexandra Wallace, the white girl who made a Youtube video ranting about Asians in the  Library. Well, now, there’s another white girl who made a video who stereotypes Asians to death, even going so far as painting her face with yellow mustard. To make matters even more painful, the video was dedicated to her Asian friend who was celebrating a birthday. The girl, who’s name is unknown, explains:

“So today is my friend Jess’ birthday and she’s Asian, which got me thinking ‘wow what’s it like to be Asian?’ so I did a little research and now I’m going to provide for you a tutorial on how to be Asian.”

Take a gander at this, and tell me this is equivalent as sending a time bomb as a birthday gift. I’ll give you a few minutes to check it out.

See what I mean?

The white mind is clearly shown in this video. However, this is not a case of a few silly, privileged, sheltered white girls who know as much about Asians as they do about American history. This moron, like Wallace before her, is possessed by the white mind that has maintained white supremacy in this and other white dominated nations all over the world, and this mind has an extremely exclusive view towards Asians.

I’ve decided to compile a list of things Westerners love to say, do, act, and think when it comes to how they view Asians in their mindset. Most of the time it’s done in the name of humor, humiliation, or both:

Squinty Eye: People love to do this when imitating how Asians look. People will use their index fingers to stretch their outer corners of their eyes outward to simulate Asian eyes. This may have had a significant part in why some Asians are getting double eyelid surgery.

The Bucktooth: People will depress their upper jaw to create an extreme overbite as the stereotype suggests that certain Asians have buck teeth.

Glasses: Self-explanatory, the belief is that all Asians wear glasses.

Shortness (In Height): Many people believe that all Asians are shorter than everyone else.

Camera Carriers: This stereotypes mostly Japanese tourists. It is the belief that they travel in small groups with cameras taking pictures of sights around them. Of course, everyone visiting a new place does that, but it goes along with the stereotypical image of the Japanese tourist which include some or all of previous images mentioned.

Westernized Asian Gibberish: Western people will imitate how Asians talk for belly laughs like saying “Chicky wicky chong wong tong.” It is the most offensive insult of Asian languages of any origin. This ties into the next image.

No Speak English (Good): If there are thing the Western world finds funny are accents, and nothing thrills them more than how Asian immigrants talk, and those that do not speak English are loads of laughs by the languages they speak (refer to previous note).

Non-Asian Nonsense Speak: The media is especially guilty of this. Characters will try to speak in an Asian language while subtitles display what they’re actually saying which turns out to make absolutely no sense. Sometimes they will make the joke of speaking long sentences while subttitles depict them as only a few words, and vice versa.

Western Media Asian Names: This is something else the media does. Movies and television comedies create made-up Asian names usually as puns for culture jokes.

Martial Arts Experts: Some people believe that most, if not all Asians, are good in martial arts. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people think any Asian they meet can destroy a truckload of bricks with his or her foot.

Math Experts: The stereotypes suggests that Asians are great in Math. Don’t be surprised if some fools would rather have them in their backpacks than calculators.

Lousy Drivers: People believe that Asians, especially females, are among the worst drivers on American highways. I guess they’re worst than drunk drivers, and people with road rage.

All Work, No Play: This stereotypes depicts Asians as always serious, hard working, and overly studious. They never have any fun it seems.

Chinese or Japanese: This one’s classic, but it’s still alive. There are people in the West that assumes, when meeting an Asian, that that person is either from China or Japan. It doesn’t cross their minds that there are other Asian nations such as North and South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand, to name a few. This ultimately leads to another ignorant assumption. 

Same Nationality, Different Names: A person from China is not the same as a person from Japan, and vice versa. That’s like saying a person from Scotland is the same from a person from Ireland or, again, vice versa.

Tech Savvy: This is another stereotype associated mostly with those of Japanese origin. They are supposed to be great at electronics. After all, they make computers, cars, and even giant robots over there.  So, that means they are naturally born geniuses.

Exotic Beauty: Asian women are seen as a special kind of beauty that women of European descent simply don’t have in the minds of white men. In a way it’s seen as an “other-worldly” kind of beauty that fits into into most men’s minds in the United States. In other words Asian women are exotic because they’re…Asian not White American.

More Feminine: Most white men see Asian women as more submissive, phsyically weaker than other women, and not as aggressive as a woman should be in their minds, an insult on numerous levels.

Less Endowed: A damaging stereotype to Asian men. It suggests that even though they are highly intelligent, they are not blessed below the belt.

Always Smiling: Another self-explanatory stereotype.

Model Minorities: Asians are the only minority within American society that is what white people think they should be: hard working, nice, well behaved, family oriented, intelligent, and peaceful. Hence, they are seen as the “model” for any and all minorities, especially blacks.

If there are any more stereotypes or if there are any habits done at the expense of Asians, you can list them in the comment section.

In any case the view the Western world has of Asians is narrow, and the information that is present is majorly distorted. Some may say that stereotypes that describes Asians as smarter or more hard working should be viewed as a complement. However, this is actually racist as it is the central core of the Model Minority Stereotype.  Asians, like any other ethnicity within this nation, are tired of being viewed through the distorted lens of racism. The list that I’ve created shows that the lens need to be replaced.