The Big Family

“I find it hard to believe that a race that prides itself in a false sense of supremacy now all of a sudden believes that humans are just one big family.” -Brotha Wolf People of color (POC) and some enlightened whites are too smart to believe that whites, after a long and bloody history of […]

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Wealth and Morality

Whenever there is a social or economic crisis going on in society, those within the circle of politics, wealth, power, and privilege will cast their disdain onto the poor, the minorities, and poor minority communities, particularly black and brown communities, for those problems. In light of the London riots Prime Minister David Cameron blamed the […]

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One Hundred Lies

This will be my 100th blog post as Brotha Wolf. So, I decided to dedicate this personal milestone by presenting a list. I will call this Brotha Wolf’s 100 Biggest Lies Ever Told. Some of them are funny. Some of them make you think. But, in the end it’s all true. They are not necessarily in descending order according […]

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First off, if you think the movie and book “The Help” is an excellent resource on race relations and that they are excellent pieces of storytelling, and believe that black people are the cause of this nation’s downfall by being violent and out of control, LEAVE! This is not a blog designed to agree with you […]

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Asians in White Minds

The white mind is perplexing to say the least. It has the ability to morph the world into a rhelm where whiteness is either normal or superior to others. It can also change the definitions of good and evil. It has the power to create and maintain powerful images to the benefit of society encased […]

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