“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where one class is made to feel that society is organized in a conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

-Frederick Douglass

As news reports of flash mob attacks become more nationally known when the vicitm is white and the suspects are black, white folks have rallied around the internet for punishment against the ‘savages, animals, and thugs’ responsible. It got so chaotic that one news site had to close the comment section because of the racist backfire blazing because of one incident in South Carolina involving a white male assaulted and robbed by eight black teens, seven of them younger than 17. Apparently, this incident was important enough for the State capital to enforce an emergency cerfew for the city’s popular spots.

So far, this is being called a “hate crime”,  prosecutors want the juveniles to be tried as adults, a Facebook page was created for the recovering teen attacked, some people want the young men to be imprisoned for life, and some blacks are fearing revenge.

To those who persecute black people for committing crimes against white people, the incidents support their arguments that blacks are innately criminal minded because of what they are, and they are more likely to harm, rob, rape, and kill whites than anyone else for no reason. It’s come to be known as black-on-white crime.

Black-on-white crime and violence is the subject held by racists, racial realists, politicans, most whites who deny being racists, and even some black conservatives that blacks who commit crimes against whites do so under racist pretenses. Their view is simple, blacks commit crimes against whites because they are racist against them, and they need to be caged to protect innocent whites.

A few points are purposely missed whenever a black-on-white crime discussion or tirade happens:

First, black-on-white crime happens much less often than some whites, particularly racists, believe. However, white-on-black violence occurs more often and as history–the real history–shows, has occured in devastating proportions. Today, it exist in more institutional forms like prisons and gentrification, but physical violence still arises in the form of police beatings and gang assaults. To this day white-on-black violence largely receive the smallest of punishments while black-on-white violence is an outcry for the worst punishments imaginable. America has yet repented for its treatment of Africans and African Americans, and we are seeing signs as results of such darkness not only with these attacks, but in institutional failings.

Second, racists are solely focused on crimes committed by blacks and no one else, not even by some of their own! Any news report regarding black suspects is like candy to them, and any statistic, most likely created out of thin air, supports their stance. They don’t care about crimes committed by whites, violence against blacks by whites, and most of all, the history of white supremacy that resulted in human history’s worst atrocities. All of that doesn’t matter to them! All that matters is that black people commit crimes, black people commit most crimes in this nation, and that black people commit crimes against whites.

Third, and finally, racist whites never, ever consider their ancestors’ crimes let alone the legacy that continues to this very day. If they do, they will discount it and move on. So, they never realize the possibility that history has a way of coming back. Those who believe in karma will consider this as a form of historical karma. Whites have harmed, raped, and killed blacks for centuries. So, any isolated crime involving blacks against whites is historical karma’s way of saying, “What goes around, comes around even if it takes hundreds of years.” The white victims of these attacks, given the history of this nation’s racism, were historical karma’s sacrificial lambs due to this nation’s refusal to own up to its crimes against blacks and other people of color.

Black-on-white crime is not in epidemic proportions as some race realists proclaim. The underlying reason for that truth is that some blacks are highly aware of the odds stacked against them in the “justice” system if they were to harm a white person. They know they will be charged heavily if the vicitm is white, and not as severe if the vicitm was black. They know they will likely get the chair or life in prison if they murder a white person. Both prove how much this society’s “justice” system values white lives over black.

The young black males and females involved in these attacks are vicitms themselves. They are vicitms of this society’s continous disregard for blacks, especially their youth, and the institutional and social violence that plagues their lives. However, discussing such truths are not part of the media and political agendas. Already, the media fuels these and other incidents as definitions of black culture. As such it strengthens the public’s fear and hatred of young blacks, and encourages political and social policies against them focusing on punishment more than prevention. It’s predictable considering we live in a nation that values punishment.

The young people involved were angry, and they took their anger out on others. Why they are angry is unknown to anyone other than themselves and their families. I suspect they are angry because they have been shortchanged since they were born. (Being born black in a white supremacist nation is an automatic strike against you.) No one would hear them much less understand them. So, they let their fists and hands do the talking for them. They practically revolted the only way they know how against those with more privileges than they. They’ve transferred their anger onto their victims because after all, if they have to survive, why should they (mostly whites) get to live

The saddening part as a result of black-on-white attacks is the fear that comes from these crimes, not from whites, but from blacks. Not only do some blacks feel shame from hearing about these cases, but they also start fearing the possibility of white revenge. They know they live in a society where whites can do anything they want to them and virtually get away with it. It’s been done in the past and it is still happening in  the present. The fear has remained ever since our ancestors’ humanity was beaten out of them by slave masters and klan members who could beat up, rape, and murder blacks and not be punished. They are also aware that if a black person who’s so much as suspected of any crime against a white person, black communities will feel the wrath of white supremacy in some form or another, systematic or otherwise.  

Few people will not consider this as anything but a random attack. To most Americans this is a race issue, but America always had race issues from day one. Yet, it is stubborn to admit this problem. Will America learn anything from this and other tragedies? Hell no! Some people will; most won’t. More and more sparks will surround this powder keg until one will get close enough for an explosion. What will be the final spark that will cause a racial explosion, when will it ignite, and who will survive?


7 thoughts on “Black-On-White

  1. Brothawolf:

    As to point # 3 above, I had assumed that black folk took this into consideration when pondering black on white crime. Thank you for confirming this and your refreshing honesty. I think it was Abagond who once wrote that a white person in the process of being murdered by a black person would at least know that his death wasn’t completely undeserved.

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