Race realism is the belief some political, social groups and individual people that race is based upon biological factors which determine behavior and intelligence. To them race is not based on discriminatory idealisms rooted in social, political, or economic agendas, but by the genetics, science, physical and psychological make-up among races which determine “superiority”. In short race is real.

Some race realists do not believe their ideology is racist. However, they deem any movement or policy geared towards diversity, political correctness, and affirmative action is racist against whites. They are concerned with the preservation and advancement of the European white race, that they are superior beings based on “data”, and that nonwhites, particularly blacks, are intellectually inferior, savage, and inately more criminal minded. They also conclude that homosexuality is a an abnormality, that feminism goes against the natural order, and the mainstream media is controlled by the left (Some believe it is largely unfair to white people for some reason).

A few noted race realists are:

Christopher Brand: British psychological and psychometric researcher

David Duke: White nationalist, politician, activist and writer

Michael Levin: Philosophy professor

Charles Murray: Co-author of The Bell Curve

Steve Sailer: Writer for V-Dare

Jared Taylor: American Renaissance

There are several, if not numerous, websites that support the race realism cause which have a loyal following within the blogosphere. There are bloggers that uphold the white supremacist ideal (that’s what race realism is when you think about it) believing that whites are genetically more superior to everyone else, especially blacks. At the same time they are obsessed in demonizing and dehumanizing black people with not only the research made by noted race realists, but also by news reports and videos from the same media they accuse of as being to liberal or favorable to blacks. Anything that supports their belief that “blacks are more criminal” is like candy or an addictive drug to them.

Race realists prefer to believe that black people are intellectually inferior to whites as “proven” by I.Q. tests, academic performances, and drop out rates. They believe that blacks, black males mostly, are criminal prone, more violent, and a higher sex drive based on crime statistics (real or fabricated), crime rates (also real or fabricated), news reports (mainstream and local), music and entertainment, and even Youtube videos! Social, economic, and even historical factors are unacceptable to race realists. They want other whites to hate and fear black people and will use news articles and videos to make their case. To them black people are dumber, more criminal, and more violent because–they’re black.

There is no point in having an intellectual debate or argument with most race realists because they believe their ideals are true, so true that people are afraid of accepting them which explains the reason why progressives, liberals, anti-racists, and feminists object their views. At least in their minds. They object any and all evidence to the contrary of their thinking even when they ask for it. It’s rejected almost immediately, or it is ignored purposely. All that matters if whether you agree with them or not. Period. Almost any disagreement is suspected being being part of the liberal agenda or socialist or communist plot.

Racism has never been based on logic. So, to argue with a race realist is like trying to dance the Electric Slide with a man(girl) with no legs. There is no logical explanation for being a race realist, racist, or white supremacist. One may theorize that it’s a case of racial projection, that they loathe something about themselves as whites so much that they resort to belittling other races, and other groups, to feel better about themselves. Within their motives, they praise whiteness almost all the time, ignore and object any degrading behavior on the part of whites, and spread fear about nonwhites to cover their self-hatred. The reason behind their anger is unclear, but they are angry at black people for sure. In the end when their data, research, and findings are debunked, and they have, they still hold on the psuedo-sciences and the hatred and fear they have of black people.

Whatever the case, to be a race realist is to be unreal.

For your amusement, check out the following race realist blogs:

Unamusement Park: A blog whose owner obsesses with black criminality so much it’s seen as fetish-like.

Gucci Little Piggy: His proof of black inferiority is mostly backed up by Youtube videos.

Sofiastry: A Woman with a personality rivaling Ann Coulter’s that’s a mere cheerleader for race realists.