Raging Youth

Since the first half of this June 2011 alone, reports of (flash) mob attacks by groups of mostly young black men in Chicago have become more frequent and known throughout the nation. Prior to this month, there have been other reports of large numbers of black teens assaulting their victims and robbing them of their goods in other […]

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Two Nights

I’m going to describe two scenarios that actually happened. I appreciate some feedback. Scenario No. 1: One Saturday night during the school year the local skating rink is open from 7 to 10 p.m. Kids, teens, and young adults (both black and white) were enjoying themselves while something happened. A teenage white male is arrested and is […]

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Young, Black, and Struggling

The following is an entry based upon an article in Black Youth Project entitled The Power of Flash Mobs: You cannot police hopelessness and despair!!! When black youth screw up, the faces of those involved become the poster children for what’s wrong with young black people. They are transformed in the public eye from invisible […]

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Real Race Realist Racists

Race realism is the belief some political, social groups and individual people that race is based upon biological factors which determine behavior and intelligence. To them race is not based on discriminatory idealisms rooted in social, political, or economic agendas, but by the genetics, science, physical and psychological make-up among races which determine “superiority”. In short race is […]

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Privileged Pariahs

The following is an entry based upon Zek J. Evets’ entries Ignorance is Hilarious and Pariah Complex and Ankhesen Mie’s Why It Doesn’t Work. Also, please forgive me for using the word ‘underprivleged.’ I’ve written a list of things privileged people think and do particularly when confronted about the privileges they have over certain groups. A few things […]

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Homophobia is the fear and hatred of gays, lesbians, transexuals, and bisexuals based solely on being romantically and sexually interested in the same sex or becoming part of the oppoite sex for the same reason. Depending on the individuals or groups, it can spark irrational fear, nervousness, contempt, discrimination, and even violence either interpersonal or societal. The fear […]

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Media Focused

Why do a lot of my posts target the media? Why do I go after the mainstream and local media outlets? Why does it seem that I’m making them out to be more powerful than they are? After all, all they do is provide information and entertainment, and it’s harmless, right? I go after the media because it is […]

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