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WARNING: Suggestive content.

I saw it, but I couldn’t believe it!

A Youtube video shows a clip of what appears to be a concert in the Netherlands in 1993. Openly gay Dutch comedian, actor, and singer Paul de Leeuw performs a duet with a little boy (probably around his pre-teens) in front of an audience. The song is in Dutch, and there are no subtitles.

Singing a song with a little kid sounds like a beautifully entertaining thing to see. However, as what Leeuw did during the performance, what I saw was not beautiful or entertaining. What I saw was quite disturbing to say the least.

Leeuw was constantly in physical contact with his young partner. At first, Leeuw kissed the boy in a passionate manner while he (the boy) was on his lap, even grabbing on his clothes with his teeth as if to imply that he’s attracted to him. Within a minute, Leeuw wrapped himself around the kid; he even lifted his legs above the boy’s shoulders implying a sexual position. Later, Leeuw lifted the boy and positioned him upside-down. After a minute or two of more singing, the duo finished off with a bow to the audience, only Leeuw was behind the kid. Another disturbing part about all this is how the audience laughed throughout the performance and cheered at the end. I wonder what this boy’s parents thought about this.

Some people who commented were in shock not only at the performance, but at the audience’s reactions. Some were even in disbelief when the little boy was chuckling during his partner’s “performances” with him. Still, there were those that thought it was humourous, and others believed that it was all staged.  

There are suspicions that a Catholic church in the Netherlands was connected to this somehow. This post is not to condemn the Catholic, Dutch or LGBQT  communities. Also, keep in mind this took place in the early 1990’s in the Netherlands.

What are your thoughts?